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Crazy Horse's Vision
by Joseph Bruchac
Young readers will enjoy this biography about Crazy Horse, one of the best-known Native American heroes. Written with great respect for Native American life and illustrated with brilliant paintings, this book provides an overview of the historical events in Crazy Horse's life.
Ages: First-grader, Second-grader, Third-grader
Themes: Biography, Multicultural
Types: Read Aloud
Danitra Brown Leaves Town
by Nikki Grimes and Floyd Cooper
How can Zuri and Danitra share their summer vacation when Zuri is at home in the city and Danitra is visiting her family in the country? These two creative friends decide to write letters and poems to each other. Your child will enjoy finding out about the events each girl experiences, from a family reunion to a block party and much more.
Ages: First-grader, Second-grader, Third-grader
Themes: Friends, Multicultural
Types: Read Aloud, Read to Self
Dear Mr. Henshaw
by Beverly Cleary
Ten-year-old Leigh Botts is coping with many challenges in his life. Recently, his parents divorced and now he must adjust to a new school and different living arrangements. Fortunately, he finds solace and advice in his pen pal, Mr. Henshaw, who also happens to be one of his favorite authors. Children will enjoy finding out how this story unfold through their letters. Newbery Medal, 1984
Ages: Second-grader, Third-grader
Themes: Friends, School
Types: Read Aloud
Dinosaur Bones
by Aliki
This book's clear text and attractive illustrations make it an exciting introduction to the discovery of fossils and the study of dinosaurs. This is a great addition to the library of a dinosaur lover.
Ages: Preschooler, Kindergartner, First-grader, Second-grader, Third-grader
Themes: Nonfiction
Types: Read Aloud, Read to Self
Do You Remember the Color Blue?: And Other Questions Kids Ask About Blindness
by Sally Hobert Alexander
Author Sally Hobart Alexander candidly answers children's questions about blindness. Ms. Alexander describes how she became blind at the age of 26 and how she has adapted to this change. She responds to such questions as, "How do you read?", "How did you become blind?", and "Has being blind changed you?"
Ages: Second-grader, Third-grader
Themes: Biography, Family, Special Needs
Types: Read Aloud
Doctor DeSoto
by William Steig
Doctor De Soto, a mouse dentist, must help a cunning fox with his dental problems, and the fox is much more interested in eating Doctor De Soto than in having his teeth cleaned. Children will be fascinated by how the dentist and his wife outfox the fox.
Ages: Preschooler, Kindergartner, First-grader, Second-grader, Third-grader
Themes: Family
Types: Read Aloud, Read to Self
Dog Friday
by Hilary McKay
Ten-year-old Robin is terrified of dogs and is desperately trying to overcome his fear. His courage is put to the test when a new family moves in next door with a dog.
Ages: Second-grader, Third-grader
Themes: Feelings
Types: Read Aloud
Dust for Dinner
by Ann Turner
Jake and Maggie face many hardships when the Dust Bowl destroys their farm and their family is forced to move west. Children will enjoy learning about the Dust Bowl and how one family endured during these difficult times.
Ages: First-grader, Second-grader, Third-grader
Themes: Family, Nature
Types: Read Aloud, Read to Self
Ella Enchanted
by Gail Garson Levine
When Ella was born, a fairy presented her with the gift of obedience. However, this gift becomes a curse as Ella grows older. This award-winning novel, based on the story of Cinderella, is a must-read for all children.
Ages: Second-grader, Third-grader
Themes: Fantasy
Types: Read Aloud
Emeka's Gift: An African Counting Story
by Ifeoma Onyefulu
On his way to his grandmother's, Emeka counts various items in the village market that his grandmother might like. However, with no money, he can only give her a hug in the end. This unique counting book provides a look at life in a Nigerian village through stunning photographs and informative narrative text.
Ages: Kindergartner, First-grader, Second-grader, Third-grader
Themes: Family, Multicultural, Letters and Numbers
Types: Read Aloud, Read to Self

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