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Empowering Books for Girls

Raising a powerful, confident girl is becoming increasingly difficult; from TV commercials to magazine covers and even on the playground at recess, girls are subject to mounting pressure, unrealistic expectations, and perceived competition or threat. Take part in shaping your daughter to grow into the most amazing thing of all: herself! Help her realize the power of her own potential, guide her belief in herself at a young age and overcome the obstacles of becoming a woman with this exceptional selection of books for empowering young girls. Packed full of award-winning authors and classic favorites, these book lists are the perfect reading guides for girls ages 3-15.

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  • Familiatelloroig

    Great books for summer! awesome features.

  • James McDonald

    Ada, Legend of a Healer is a great book!

  • PJ LaRue

    The book list is a great resource for parents. I’ll pass this on to friends with children.

  • Vett

    Another great source – book for preteens, teens and college students written by college students!

  • Dad

    How about a list of empowering books for boys?

  • Paul G Day

    How about The Black Fairy and The Dragonfly. Lilly has been abandoned because she is black and must draw on all her inner strength to not only overcome the prejudice of the other fairies, but ultimately destroy the evil dark Queen. You want empowerment? This simple little fairy relies on perseverance, her inner courage, the memory of the love of her parents and a strange collection of new-found friends, all of which are as unique and individual as she is. It would be a mistake to assume this is just another fairy tale. It is far more than that.

  • rr22

    An adventure tale (in verse form) with a strong and compassionate young female lead:

    The Beast

    A “charming”, “heartfelt” and “thoughtfully whimsical” sequel to Lewis Carroll’s Jabberwocky. For adults and children alike. (Kindle ed.)

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