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Going to School

Social Groups & Cliques

Our experts have analyzed the social groups that form at school to help us understand how each child functions as a social person in the school environment. “Everyone who has ever gone to school is aware that there is a social status hierarchy in school. It is very painful to think that our own children are being ranked in some way by the group, but it happens. However, these groupings should not be used as measurements for comparing or changing kids to make them more popular,” advises Michael Thompson, Ph.D.
The following groupings are based on research organized by Michael Thompson Ph.D. and Lawrence Cohen, Ph.D, and originally reported in “Children’s Peer Relations: A Meta-Analytic Review of Popular, Rejected, Neglected, Controversial and Average Sociometric Status.”

Very Popular Kids
Popular kids are generally “alpha males” and “queen bees” who may be more athletic, talkative, attractive or simply controlling than other members of a group. These kids generally have social skills that draw others to them to have fun, and are considered leaders of a group. As kids get older, sexual activity can also become a factor in a kid’s popularity or coolness factor.

Accepted Kids
The majority of kids fall into this group. They are not “leaders,” but they are considered popular. Accepted kids are generally smart and outgoing and not likely to be overly aggressive or disruptive in school.

Average or Ambiguous Kids
These kids are not ranked by their peers as very popular or unpopular but certainly have friends.

Neglected Kids
A small number of kids are truly neglected by their peers. These kids tend to be quiet, good students, but not active socially at all. Teachers often don’t worry about them, because they do well in school. While it takes a long time for these kids to make friends, research shows that they generally do have friends by middle school, but they need attention from parents and teachers.

Controversial Kids
Both liked and disliked, these kids are often the class clowns; likable kids with embarrassing habits (like excessive nose-picking), bullies who instill both fear and loyalty, and rebels who stand up to teachers and talk back.

Rejected Kids
At the highest social risk are “rejected kids.” There are two types: rejected-submissive kids who become sad and withdrawn to avoid attracting attention and rejected-aggressive kids who can become emotionally explosive if teased excessively. “These kids are not necessarily violent kids, but they are the kids who frequently lose control in school, act up excessively, and wind up in the principal’s office,” says Michael Thompson, Ph.D.

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  • Tbaum


  • asdf

    I guess I would be none of the above.

  • Enderlord

    I would be none of the above there are more social groups, alot more

  • Dieanosis

    I’d say the accepted controversial class clown, (who doesn’t have habits) and the accepted kid who always back talks to the teacher.

  • TechnoGeek

    I’d always said to myself that ‘social hierarchy’s’ don’t even exist. They honestly don’t. No-one’s on a social ladder at school. It’s all in our minds.

  • Lea

    I believe there should be a new class: oddities. Like the kids who is noticed by everyone, but has no friends- all the while not being bullied because they are excessively talented in one way or the other. Me.

    • Lindsay

      This is so me it’s crazy, at school everyone pays attention to what I have to say like I’m popular but no one bothers to actually get to know me or be my friend.

  • Albert einstien

    Thank you so very
    much for providing great information. I have been impressed from this source.

  • Chloemillerquagliano

    I guess I would be a queen bee aka popular kid everyone feels what I will do to there social status and wonders what I will were next and how they can look like me I always have the best looking guys in my school so oops I was born this way deal with it but I’m also nice and sporty

    • Anzali

      excuse me u think u r popular when u r really not

  • Rocket Zoom

    I think there should be a rank for the outsiders (goths emos, scene kids, alternative) I’m a mix of goth, emo and scene (alternative). So it should be a ranking

    • kys


    • Daniel Abbott

      i got you

  • leah

    i’m an accepteded kid :DD

  • bryce

    lucky for me i’m a very popular kid

  • bryce

    and lawton

  • Lawton Smith

    im pretty farmer

  • Day

    This DOES exist in school, but it is not that obvious especially nowadays in some schools. In my school, if your neglected or below you are special (as in special education, or just different in any way).

  • Ty

    Interesting… I was either 1 of the very popular kids or under the Controversial kids category, class clown so I was only liked vs both liked and disliked.

  • William

    I went from neglected to accepted.I just need to play basketball to be popular.

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