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Learning Disabilities

Reading Disabilities

boy in libraryOf all the skills children learn, reading is arguably the most important. It is a means of gaining knowledge about many different subjects and of understanding the world. Today, especially in the developed world, it is considered a fundamental skill required for success. Unfortunately, for many children with reading disabilities, learning to read is one of the most arduous and frustrating activities they will ever face. All too often, the barriers they face outweigh their desire to read and, without proper guidance, they never overcome them.

Learn about the importance of reading, processes our brain must undergo in order to read, signs to watch for and reading and literacy strategies to help combat reading disabilities.

  • The Importance of Reading
  • Reading Processes
  • Signs of a Reading Disability
  • Reading and Literacy Strategies
    • Cynthia Cowart

      My son is twelve and is reading at this time a first grade level what can we do to get him on grade level

      • Charan Langton

        Our book has been used by a lot of parents of autistic and otherwise delayed kids. It is easy to use and you might want to give it a try. The name of the book is “The Reading Lesson” and you can easily find it on Amazon. My husband who is a child specialist (Michael Levin M.D.) has used this book with a lot of his patients. Give it a try. There are some free lessons on our site at you may want to look at.

    • Lisa Landis

      I developed autism when I was little. I am teaching my animal cut-outs how to read. They are reading at preschool and kindergarten levels. I am teaching them Spanish. I am also teaching them French. I would like to be a phonics teacher.

    • Rachel Romanova

      I am teaching my animal cut-outs to read at preschool and kindergarten level. My trout cut-out is five months old. I am teaching her the alphabet. I let my animal cut-outs watch Mustard Pancakes. My Alaskan Malador cut-out was made on January 5, 2015. She is twenty-one months old. I am teaching her Spanish. My dark brown teddy bear cut-out is also learning Spanish. I am teaching her history. I am teaching my dark brown teddy bear cut-out to read at preschool and kindergarten level. I will read Nandy’s Bedtime to her. The Nandy’s Bedtime book my family has is up in my bedroom.

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