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Learning Disabilities

Writing Disabilities

boy writingLike all learning problems, a writing disability can be devastating to a child’s education and self-esteem and can dramatically limit what that child can achieve later in life.

Discover why writing is so crucial to a child’s academic success, identify signs to watch for as your child begins writing, and find strategies for overcoming writing disabilities.

  • The Importance of Writing
  • Writing Processes
  • Signs of a Writing Disability
  • Writing Strategies
    • Matt Ramsey

      In 1987, I sustained final (14th) AVM stroke, leading me to spend 30 days in Johns Hopkins University Hospital’s critical care ward, due to my system having been invaded, in Hopkins, by Viral Menigitis.

      I nearly died. Then, I was driven to The University of Western Ontario’s University Hospital, in London, ON, and in a 14-hour operation, my life was saved.

      After having returned home, I was mainstreamed, back into public high school. That December, I underwent a final surgery to replace the first shunt, installed at Johns Hopkins.

      Back in high school, that Spring, I resumed classes and the most productive and rewarding for me was Creative Writing: Poetry.

      I was published several times in my high school’s literary magazine and in other external magazines.

      Then, when I graduated, I attended several universities, as an undergrad student and was published in the literary magazine of each one of them.

      In 1996, I took a bachelor’s degree in Creative Writing.

      I have worked as a writer, editor and proofreader, until 2001, when, having moved home from the West Coast, I learned of opportunities to tutor writing on the community college level.

      I worked as a writing tutor at two community colleges, simultaneously, until the Economic Downturn.

      In order to find more tutoring work, I moved to the outskirts of the University of Maryland.

      I worked for one year at the school’s Writing Center and worked as a Writing Tutor/Mentor at the school’s Athletic Tutoring facility, while taking graduate classes.

      What made this such a good situation for me was the fact that, as a tutor and mentor, I was required to use what knowledge I had acquired long before I was disabled.

      The information I was presented in my grad classes was perfectly suited to work amazingly well with my memory deficit, as well; due to the fact that the information was pertinent to methods for teaching the fundamentals of writing and speech. These were well acquired by me, long before my first stroke.

      Eventually, I was able to work more than full-time and still maintain a nearly perfect grade point average.

      Following the acquisition of my M.Ed., in 2011, I have tutored in the Washington, DC region, attended Writing- and Disability-based conferences and am blogging, at:

      I can, most easily, be contacted on Facebook, at: or by phone or text, at: 443-413-2510.


      Matt Ramsey, M.Ed.

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