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Preschool & Kindergarten Math Games

boys on computerBrowse through these games for ages 4 and 5 and check out Math Tips for Parents for ways to adjust these preschool and kindergarten math games.

computerPattern Matcher
These silly pictures make patterns that repeat.Can you find the patterns that repeat the same way?

rabbitsAnimal Lost & Found
Help owners find their lost pets. Count eyes, ears and other body parts to help make a match.

sandcastleBuilding Sandcastles
Ready to play in the sand? We give you some wet sand and shapes and you match the shapes with their outlines to build different castles.

pbs kidsPBS KIDS Online Games
Children will enjoy more fun math-related games featuring their favorite PBS KIDS characters. Check them out.

  • Eestes4

    my sister loves playing these games and she is going to kindergarten soon

  • Eestes4

    my sister solved so many problem today i am so proud to all those people out there

    • rikerlover

      so has mine and I mean I don’t have a kid that is my lil sister

  • Eestes4

    thumbs up if you have a sister or brother

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  • lucystar18

    this page is really helpfull and when shell finish a game sshell always want to play more and never stops thnx

  • secret

    super like

  • mimi


  • Crissy hickson

    My firend sis Got a math promblem right it was an easy one

    • daisy yayyyyyy

      My daughter is also starting to do math herself thiese games were very helpful yayyyyyyyy go all the children its amazing how smart they are

  • yayyyyyyyyyya

    my little brother loooooooves these games

    • rikerlover

      so does my liltte sister

  • yayyyyyyyyyya

    yes good bye

  • emily109

    this is a great way to see my kids do math and learning acctivities my mother helped me i wanna raise my kids the same way she did me. if you take the time to watch your kids you will realize that they do pick up alot from us.admit it.

  • Jiserz

    my brother is in kinder and loves these games, i am in college and i love them too!!!!!!! GO PBS!!!! Bring New Shows

  • rikerlover

    I think this is good for kids to learn my kid likes this

  • rikerlover

    I like to play these games
    dgegvdggfg nnbmnnnc hhfrnhdf vredl ih54gjhjenjmjrbfjhnmgghjdhg ftyt hgvvbddgfgfds ggdffvdfvfffrhut fvfdgffvvgcvbhhrhfh fhr kldkkfkklld
    by my lil sister she had help speling the words at the top

  • daisy yayyyyyy

    My daughter will be 5 soon and these games she loves the best thumbs up

  • Nivagia Noam

    Math Game online is considered as one of the best games which are designed to aim at children. I saw that my children loved this game genre much more. It’s possible to say that it helps them to discover many things related Math and learn how to cope with puzzles. How interesting!

  • Niki

    You should also try It has various learning activities from Letters, Numbers and more all sorted out by grade level, from PreK to 5th grade. Kids love it!

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