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Math Books and Resources

dad and son reading
This selection of books provides more ways to nurture your child’s early math development. In addition to math books directed at parents, the list includes books with math concepts that parents and children can read and talk about together.

For Parents:

beyondBeyond Facts and Flashcards: Exploring Math With Your Kids
By Jan Mokros

Games and activities help parents and caregivers develop their children’s logic and reasoning.

phobiaMath: Facing an American Phobia
By Marilyn Burns
This book explains how to encourage kids to discover math concepts on their own.

guideA Family’s Guide: Fostering Your Child’s Success in School Mathematics
By Amy J. Mirra

An explanation of today’s math curricula with suggestions for how families can help children learn to like math.

For Parents and Kids:

annoAnno’s Counting Book
By Mitsumasa Anno

Count through the months of the year.

jarAnno’s Mysterious Multiplying Jar
By Mitsumasa Anno

An imaginative, colorful book that reinforces counting skills.

clocksClocks and More Clocks
By Pat Hutchins

Which of Mr. Higgins’s four clocks keeps the correct time? The Clockmaker says they are all correct!

doorbellThe Doorbell Rang
By Pat Hutchins

This story about sharing cookies among more and more children emphasizes simple division.

eleventhThe Eleventh Hour
By Graeme Base

A good family math book with an exciting who-dunnit mystery.

monkeysFive Little Monkeys Jumping on the Bed
By Eileen Christelow

One by one the little monkeys jump on the bed only to fall off and bump their heads.

tangGrandfather Tang’s Story
By Ann Tompert

Grandfather tells a story about shape-changing fairies.

millionHow Much is a Million?
By David Schwartz

Fun text and pictures make it possible to imagine a million, a billion, and a trillion.

kingThe King’s Commissioners
By Aileen Friedman

The king learns some new ways of counting while trying to keep track of his royal officials.

curseMath Curse
By Jon Scieszka and Lane Smith

When Mrs. Fibonacci tells her class to think of almost anything as a math problem, one student is struck by ‘the math curse’, and starts thinking of everything as a math problem!

antsOne Hundred Hungry Ants
By Elinor J. Pinczes

One hundred hungry ants head towards a picnic changing their line formation to show different divisions of one hundred.

catsSo Many Cats!
By Beatrice Schenk de Regniers

A family adopts lots of cats. First they started with one, then two came by that they couldn’t resist, then there were three more….

  • Nancy Krasa

    You might be interested in my 2009 book, Number Sense and Number Nonsense: Understanding the Challenges of Learning Math (Nancy Krasa and Sara Shunkwiler, Brookes Publishing). It is a teacher- and parent-friendly explanation of how the brain learns math and how that process can go awry. It is written in plain English, with lots of case examples of real students and ideas for the classroom and home. The book has been very well received, particularly by teachers of students with learning difficulties.

    Nancy Krasa, Ph.D.

  • Matthew Collins

    I would also like to recommend a book I wrote – Raising Math Wizards and Witches. It is a very inexpensive ebook in which I share what I have learned from my experience helping others learn math in a one – on – one setting. I have literally been doing this since I was in grade school.

  • Barry Garelick

    For people curious about how the Common Core math standards are affecting teachers of math, (as well as students), you might be interested in my book “Teaching Math in the 21st Century”.

    I describe my experiences as a long-term substitute teacher at a high school and middle school while schools throughout California make the transition to the Common Core standards. It is the 50th anniversary of key historical events including the JFK assassination and the Beatles’ arrival in the U.S. It is also the 50th anniversary of my first algebra course, the technical and personal memories of which I use to guide me through the 21st century educational belief system that is infused with Common Core and which surrounds me.

    For a review, see:

    Book is available at Amazon:

  • RCraigen

    I concur with Barry’s suggestion of his latest book, and also his former book, which sets the stage, Letters from John Dewey/Letters from Huck Finn, which details his journey through Education school and is an eyeopener about what aspiring young teachers are being told about teaching math

    Here’s an interesting survival book for parents suffering the “new math” blues and (associated madness in other subject areas): Marc Lapointe’s Standing in the Education Gap. Full of very down-to-earth practical advice.

  • RCraigen

    While I’m at it, here’s the entire recommended reading list for this summer that we maintain at WISE Math:

  • Jenna Wilson

    I have been using this free educational website for my elementary grade students:

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