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Reading & Language

Second and Third Grader Activities & Games

These games, stories and printable activities from PBS KIDS help second and third graders practice and improve their reading comprehension and story, play, poetry and letter writing skills. Most second- and third-graders will be able to do these activities independently.

Arthur: Binky’s Facts and Opinions
Choose who is telling fact and who is stating an opinion.

Arthur: Buster’s Movie Maker
Help Buster fix his movie by adding and changing different scenes.

Arthur: Francine’s Play Maker
Step-by-step directions on how to make and act out your own play.

Between the Lions: Synonym Sam’s Lab
Assist Sam by finding different words with the same meaning.

Chuck Vanderchuck’s Explosion!: Hip Hop Lyrical Solarium
Choose lyrics to write a hip pop song that Chuck will put to music and sing.

Electric Company: Prankster Planet
Shut the word-sucker down to save Earth!

The Electric Company: Shock’s Beatbox
Make your own music using beats and letter sounds.

Maya and Miguel: Paco’s Passport
Earn stamps in Paco’s passport as you complete minigames.

Oh Noah!: You Catch it You Keep it
Learn new words in Spanish and then collect the correct items for the words you hear.

WordGirl: Comic Strip Capers
Create your own WordGirl comic strip by choosing different vocabulary words.

WordGirl: Miss Power Face Off
Help WordGirl defeat Miss Power’s words by finding their antonyms (opposites).

Use the PBS Parents Activity Search to find more reading and writing projects, games and stories.

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