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Reading & Language

Book Clubs for Kids

Moms and daughters read togetherBook clubs, meetings where adults get together in person or online to discuss books that they have read, have gained popularity in recent years. Book clubs for kids and their parents, including mother-daughter book clubs, father-son book clubs, and parent-child book clubs, have also become popular. Book clubs are a great way for parents and children to share books together. By reading books and discussing them together, you can share special time with your child, while helping him develop a love of reading and important language and literacy skills.

Find out how to start a parent-child book club, get tips for organizing and maintaining a book club and suggestions for ways to have great discussions, and learn about the benefits of parent-child book clubs.

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  • eeeasyas12345

    Reading for your kid is a great thing, I encourage all parents to do it. Starting a club is an excellent idea where parents can share ideas and discuss new books together.

  • georgia

    I think joining your child in a book club is a great thing it get your child ready for the school years ahead of them.

  • Dale Hayes

    My name is Dale Hayes, I wrote and self published my first children’s book, ”KC..The Good Little Diggy Dog Who Does Naughty Things…is going home”. It is a story of adoption and unconditional love. KC used to live in a shelter and like all the Diggy Dogs, he dreamed of being adopted. Then one day, Mommy and Daddy came to the shelter and picked him out of all the other Diggy Dogs. He was so happy to be going home to begin his new adventures. His lovable, curious and adventurous nature often gets him into naughty situations. This is the first in a series of children’s books that I am writing about our adopted puppy that will inspire imagination, spark dialogue and create teachable moments for young children. They will enjoy sharing in the exploits of this energetic, vivacious little Diggy Dog.

    My book is currently available from Friesen Press at

    I would like some information on what the process would be on how to submit my book to the Kids Clubs. For more information please do not hesitate to contact me

    Thank you for your time.

    Dale Hayes
    (450) 510 2462

  • Lisa

    I’m writing on behalf of a colleague, the author of Pencil Monster, who is a teacher in the Bay Area. She is trying to promote reading comprehension and make reading fun by creating books that kids need to interact with. Her latest idea is making stories for the iPad. Check out this one: It’s purposely a short book because students need to illustrate the pages which takes a while…not to mention it’s geared toward the attention span of an 8 year old. I like to use it for early finishers. I think parents would like it because it promotes reading and creativity. 99cents and keeps my kids busy for hours! Please help her promote it if you like it. Thanks!

  • Jocelyn Sophia Poesnecker

    Greetings! My name is Jocelyn Sophia Poesnecker. I am the author and
    illustrator of a brand new children’s book entitled BESSIE SUE HELPS HER
    PARENTS. In this full color storybook, a character named Bessie Sue is
    a girl who lives in Bosnia, and is always helpful and optimistic. When
    her parents are cold and hungry one spring morning, Bessie wants them
    to stay in bed, while she goes out and milks the cow. She stays patient
    after the cat tips over the pail of milk, and milks the cow again.
    Then she heads for the house, and still wants to be the one to heat the
    milk and make hot chocolate for her parents.

    The text is rhyming
    and clever, with a lush vocabulary. The illustrations are beautiful and
    very appealing to children. I have three more BESSIE SUE books ready,
    so the children have a continuation of Bessie Sue’s adventures to hope
    for. I invite you to give this book for all the beloved children in your life, and include it in book clubs.

    The book is only available from Please search for the title: BESSIE SUE HELPS HER PARENTS.
    email is: and my phone number is 267 300 8999.
    I hope to hear from you soon. Sincerely, Jocelyn Sophia Poesnecker

  • Facebook User

    We are announcing the latest line of books in STEM education and informatics for K-12 students and the first years of college. Some of the the books currently available in Amazon (U.S., Europe) at
    All the books will be available latest in 1.5 weeks. Send us comments and let us know you think.

    • Jodie

      Books already available. Purchased a few and they are good. Pass the message along.

      • Nathan

        Teen informatics, and all the cyber books as well as STEM education cannot get any better than this. Kudos to the author for a job well done.

  • Sydney’s Book Club

    Join us over at Sydney’s Book Club – a place for parents and their preschoolers! and like us on Facebook at

  • Phillip Aiken

    My name is Phillip Aiken, I wrote, illustrated, narrated and self published my first children’s book, ”The Adventures of Billy Danjorus: And The Red Crystal”. (Book 2 will be on the store soon).

    It is a is an action story of a young boy, an only child of a single parent home.

    Billy likes to be dangerous, or at least he does in his imagination. He wants to be an adventurer but can only imagine using his favorite toys. A hat files into his yard with a distinctive look of a famous adventurer he always dreamed of meeting. He keeps the hat and makes a wish, suddenly he goes on an adventure beyond his imagination. The next morning, when the owner of the hat arrives, he is unprepared for how his dream becomes the beginning of a real live adventure.

    Examples of courage, bravery, honest and persistence will delight you as you go on the adventures of Billy Dangerous.

    Book 1 of a series.

    -Deep, engaging and original story written for “rugged” boys

    -High quality illustrations

    -Read aloud enhanced narration with word-by-word highlighting

    -Sound effects and dramatic music for an action-movie-like effect

    -Entire book was written, illustrated and narrated by the author

  • Melisa Singh

    For those (like me) who are curious about starting an adult book club, I found this article quite useful:

  • Pami

    My book just got published. Name of book, Counting Smiley Faces by Pami L. wahL its for 9 months to 2 years old. its on and on the Nook, ebook and the Kindle. Also you can order it from Barnes and Noble bookstore. Or any Local Bookstore. Also you can order from the publisher company Trafford go online to the book section.
    Hope you enjoy my book. if you have facebook please facebook it and tell others about it. Its coming out in Spanish and German version soon great way to teach your child something new.

  • Pamela Valemont
  • Pamela Valemont

    New book release for children:

    The Little Ginger Hen needs a rooster. How else will she have chickens? But when Farmer Hayseed finds a suitable partner for Ginger, Reginald Rooster from the produce store declares he is a confirmed bachelor. Oh dear. What are they to do?

  • kandra ferguson

    Published a children’s picture book called KenKay Hair I Am. The story I about a little African-American girl who does not feel accept because her hair is different. The book was written to give insight to how a little girl feels when she is teased because she is different. Wonderful tool to begin a dialogue with children of various ethnicities. It can be purchased on amazon or Barnes and Nobles or any other local book stores. When you purchase printed copy receive a free kindle copy by emailing receipt to I will be in Las Vegas area touring Nov 12-18, if you would like me to do a reading, feel free to contact me at the same email address.

  • Ann Morris

    I’m an award-winning Bilingual Children’s Author looking for people who enjoy wholesome, educational children’s books. My website is

  • Cassandra

    My name is Cassandra Black and I am the author of “Twinkle The Only Firefly Who Couldn’t Light Up,” third edition. It is a chapter book that deals with teasing and bullying amongst girls in the fantastical world of Insectropolis where the children attend Insectamentary School. It is available on Kindle, Nook, Barnes and Noble and local independent book stores in the Los Angeles area. I also have a game app, “Fun Jokes Match Game for Ages 6 to 96.” It is a game of good humor and good memory that is full of clean and corny jokes. It is available on iTunes, Google Play, Nook, and Kindle. For more information, visit my website at

  • Nyashia

    is this Barbados

  • Debra Simpson

    I’ve just published a book titled: “Dear Hayden and Mason: Notes form Grandma” and it is available on @

    Told through a series of notes from Grandma, this story is about two special grandsons and their relationships with family members and each other.

    Reading level is appropriate for six to eight year olds.

    Great bedtime reading for younger children with plenty of colourful pages.

    Thank you for allowing me to post on your site.
    D.J. Brown

  • Frances Altman

    Crunch! Do you like potato chips? That’s one of the stories in my new book that was just published called “Mister Umbrella Man–Stories About Inventions.” Yes, potato chips were invented by Chef Crum and were called Saratoga Chips. Shortly afterward people were copying him by thinly slicing potatoes and frying them in big kettles in their back yards. A new food and industry were invented. You can read about Chef Crum and other inventions in “Mister Umbrella Man” for 3-4 graders available from and on Kindle. You’ll learn about Dr. Peanut Butter, the safety pin, boots and balloons! Enjoy!

  • Lisa Jackson

    I self published two children’s books that deal with children with an incarcerated parent. The books are entitled “where is Daddy? and “What do I tell people?” The books deal with the journey and emotions that follow the children while growing up. They are available on, barnes and and

  • Pamela Valemont

    McGuyver Starr’s Amphicar
    By Pamela Lillian Valemont

    McGuyver Starr was a Taxi Driver, whose life was really pretty dull. Actually, each day was fairly bleak and secretly he wondered if he was ever going to go very far, until the day he bought his brand new, second-hand, Lagoon Blue Amphicar! He’d never really thought about it, but deep inside McGuyver had a raging surfie streak; he was searching for a set of wheels to match his identity; something that spoke of the sea, yet made a statement that he was unique! By the time children read to the end of this book, they will be veritable authorities on the remarkable German-built Amphicar, which rolled off the assembly line in 1961 but had ceased production by 1968.


    My book, “MATILDA, THE MOST EXPENSIVE PIG IN THE WORLD” is for a six year old or a parent’s read for younger children. It is about a pig with a big snout who is an expert at digging for truffle mushrooms in Provence, France. Truffle mushrooms are the priciest food in the world and this makes Matilda, the most valuable pig in the world! It is available on Amazon. Please tell your friends, family, mention on facebook, etc. I have two other books published – “MY LIFE AS A DOLLAR BILL” and “THE CHOCOLATE PONY” available on Amazon,, Indigo, itunes, Kindle.

    I would be willing to donate a few of my books to book clubs, libraries, children’s hospitals, schools, etc.

    Would love to be covered in a media news article, podcast, tv show or online news.

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