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Reading & Language

What is Phonics?

Many parents of beginning readers have heard about phonics, and many have questions. What does my child’s teacher really mean when she talks about phonics? Does my child need to learn phonics to learn to read? Is phonics most effective if taught at a certain age? How can I tell if my child’s teacher teaches phonics?

In the articles below, you will get answers to these questions and more. You will learn the facts about phonics, why learning phonics is important for your child, how to tell if your child’s teacher includes phonics in his beginning reading program and what the most recent research on phonics says. You can also test your own phonics knowledge with our phonics quiz and explore further resources on phonics.

Select a Topic:

  • Thuso

    Is reading an article provides my learners with phonics knowledge?

  • Katherine

    Where are the answers to the test of phonics knowledge?

  • Dan

    If you want to teach your child read using phonics to help them in ahead visit to learn how you can help.

  • Meghan

    If you want to help your child to read (for free) -visit – we teach children both sight words and phonics through youtube videos and free worksheets. My two daughters learned to read using the program – it is great!

  • Jessica Jacquet

    I am teaching my animal cut-outs phonics. Phonics is one of my favorite subjects. I also like Spanish. I also like astronomy. I am teaching my wolf cut-out phonics. My wolf cut-out is seven months old. One day I almost hit a girl with a water bottle at Walt Disney World. I didn’t like waiting in line. I am teaching my zebra cut-out phonics. My zebra cut-out is seven months old. My zebra cut-out likes phonics. My wolf cut-out also likes phonics. Someday my wolf/Dalmatian cut-out will learn astronomy.

  • Christie

    does anyone know how to cite this article (APA style)? need asap…

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