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Science Games for 1st Grade & 2nd Grade

at computerTry some of these free science games for grades 1 and 2 featuring PBS KIDS characters to boost your child’s early development of science skills and interest in science.

Sid the Science Kid:
sid and friends

  • Super Fab Lab
    Help Sid, May, Gabriela and Gerald play a series of games all about weather, temperature and more!
  • Muscle Memory
    Learn how to follow directions by clicking on the body part that Sid’s dad tells you to move.
  • Vegetable Patterns
    Use the vegetables in the baskets to complete the pattern of vegetables on the counter.
  • Super Duper Antibodies!
    Help Sid use antibodies to fight off the flu virus.
  • I want to be a Scientist!
    Learn about different types of scientists and the tools that they use.
  • Mystery Lunchbox
    See what different kinds of food do as they spoil over 15 days.
  • Weather Surprise
    Put the animals or objects in the place that has the right weather for them.
  • Roly-Poly Roundup
    Help direct the Roly-Poly’s into their new home.
  • Snowflake Match
    Click on a snowflake half and place it next to the other snowflake half that it matches.
  • Pan Balance
    Use weights to balance with lots of different rocks.
  • Snow Search
    Use a map to help Gerald find items that are buried in the snow.
  • Gerald’s Fun with Friction
    Experiment with different types of floor to see which are more slippery than others.
  • Curious George:

  • Feed Gnocchi
    Help the chef feed his cat by adjusting ramps in order to get his meatball on a plate of spaghetti.
  • Pogo-A-Gogo
    Stack boxes in different ways to help George reach the bags that he wants.
  • Zoomazing
    Use a map to help lead animals at the zoo back to their homes.
  • Super Bouncy Blastoff
    Guess how many balls there are in George’s rocket, and then check your guess by counting them.
  • The Cat in the Hat:

  • Such Great Heights
    Help rescue Cat’s lost hat by climbing a tree like many different animals.
  • Weather Transformer
    Add different things to the backyard to see how they deal with different types of weather.
  • The Great Nocturnal Hat Hunt
    Help the Cat in the Hat find his lost hat with the help of animals who are awake at night.
  • Now You See Me, Now You Don’t
    Search to find animals that are hiding by blending into their surroundings.
  • Dinosaur Train:
    dino train

  • Hungry Hungry herbivore
    Guide Tank the Triceratops to find yummy plants to eat while keeping him safe with his herd!
  • Sesame Street:
    sesame street

  • A Twiddlebug Tool Adventure
    Use different tools to help Timmy the bug get home.

  • Arthur:

  • Buster Baxter Lung Defender
    Go inside Buster’s lungs and help him catch all of the things that may upset his asthma.
  • Alien: Assembly Required
    Build your very own alien.
  • Groovy Garden
    Learn about different ways that you can “be green” and help the environment while caring for a garden.
  • FETCH! With Ruff Ruffman:

  • Water We Doing?
    Learn about all the different ways water can be used as you fill in for Chet.

  • Caillou:

  • Caillou the Paleontologist
    Help Caillou uncover and rebuild a dinosaur skeleton.

  • Cyberchase:

  • Cyberchase Squares
    Try and find the person who gives the example that makes each statement not true.
  • Inventor’s Workshop
    Invent all kinds of things and then go through some crazy courses!
  • Mama Mirabelle’s Home Movies:

  • Where in the World
    Help animals find their way home by clicking on the pictures of their homes.

  • Zoboomafoo:

  • Snack Machine Game
    Choose the food out of the snack machine that each animal will like the best!
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