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Science Games for Preschoolers & Kindergarten

at computerTry some of these free science games for preschoolers and kindergarten featuring PBS KIDS characters to boost your child’s early development of science skills and interest in science.

Sid the Science Kid:

  • Kitchen Magician
    Pick which food Sid’s Grandma heated up in order to make Sid’s meal.
  • Sorting Box
    Sort the different rocks by color.
  • Collection Jar
    Explore and organize the objects in Sid’s collection jar in many different ways!
  • Say What?
    Listen to an animal sound and then click on the animal that makes that sound.
  • I Sense
    Choose the object that Sid is describing using the five senses.
  • Gerald’s Weather Wheel Dress Up
    Help dress Gerald for different types of weather!
  • Vegetable Planting
    Follow different directions to plant some vegetable seeds and help them grow.
  • Curious George:

  • Mix and Paint
    Help George mix paints to make to different colors and paint a picture.
  • Blast Off!
    Click the numbers from biggest to smallest to launch the rocket.
  • Flower Garden
    Help George count the number of flowers he has in his garden.
  • Big Picture
    Match one of George’s pictures to the picture under the magnifying glass.
  • Sesame Street:

  • Oscar’s Trash Collection
    Help Oscar sort his junk into different categories.
  • Exploration Earth
    Explore the Earth and learn about different creatures with the Martians.
  • Caillou:

  • Matching Game
    Match one of your leaves to the leaf that Caillou shows you.
  • Caillou Gardner
    Pick out a plant and help it grow, then you can take a picture of it!
  • Caillou the Cook
    Help Caillou and his grandma find the right ingredients to make their favorite recipes.
  • Mama Mirabelle’s Home Movies:

  • Photo Safari
    Take “pictures” of all of the different animals that you see while you are on safari.

  • Boohbah:

  • Bubbles Bursting
    Practice using your aim and reflexes by trying to pop the bubbles with the extendable hand.

  • Toopy and Binoo:
    t b

  • Animal Sound Mixup
    Match the correct animal sound balloon to the animal that makes that noise.
  • Balloon Mountain Size Matching
    Give the elephants the correct balloon for their sizes.
  • Differences Between Elephants
    Spot the differences between the two elephants and change them so that they match.
  • Zoboomafoo:

  • Going to the Closet
    Search the savannah or the rainforest for different animals to photograph.
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