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The Electric Company is a group of friends from a New York neighborhood bound by a love for language and sworn to do the right thing. The Electric Company solves problems created by a mischievous group of neighborhood pranksters.

The Electric Company takes place in a mixed and vibrant neighborhood, where you can (and do) meet all kinds of people. The Electric Diner is the headquarters for The Electric Company. The Company has a regular booth where they hang out, tease one another and hatch plans. Each member of The Electric Company has the ability to produce, control, manipulate, and play with words and letters. Like The Electric Company, the Pranksters like to play with words. Unfortunately, they use their word skills to create chaos in the neighborhood.

In the beginning of each episode, The Electric Company encounter a problem and sound the call to the entire Company: "HEY YOU GUYYYYYS!" The Company meets in the Diner to find the source of the problem (usually one of the Pranksters). Then they hit the streets to look for clues. The gang uses their wordplay and reading skills to help solve the problem. The Electric Company always prevails with their superior word skills and teamwork.

Whenever the Company is in transition, heading from one location to the next or as a result of a time lapse, we will drop into an "educational commercial" break that teaches phonics goals and strategies for reading. These breaks feature animations, music videos, and comic sketches designed to help children sound out words and understand text.

Each episode is playful, funny, and musical. Each story has specific vocabulary that supports its episode's theme. Among the themes the show explores are: the body, animals, games, and space.