Monthly Archives: August 2015

Studying the Link Between Literacy and Children’s Media

I remember the first day of second grade for our youngest daughter. She was wearing the outfit she carefully picked out the night before, her backpack was filled with her new school supplies, and we had taken the obligatory first-day-of-school photo in front of our house. As parents, we were worried about the normal things: […]

Your Child’s a Poet, and Here’s How to Show It

There’s a really easy way to spice up your child’s ordinary reading and writing routine: poetry! Sprinkling some poems into your usual mix can keep reading time feeling fresh and fun for the entire family, while dramatically boosting your kid’s literacy skills.

How to Start Playing On-the-Go Literacy Games

On the way to preschool, my four-year-old asked if we could play the “Grandpa Wandpa” game. It’s a silly wordplay I made up one day when we were stuck in traffic and the kids were getting cranky. “What if every name in our family began with the W sound? So Mommy would be called… Wommy! […]

Making More Time for Imaginary Play

Imaginary play is one of the hallmarks of childhood, and it’s more than fun and games: Pretend play boasts important benefits when it comes to child development.