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Six Ways to Help Kids Tackle Test Anxiety

With the increase in tests and assessments at the elementary school level, more and more young children are experiencing symptoms of test anxiety. There are a few steps you can take to help your child tackle this problem before it becomes overwhelming.


Picture This: Using Art To Explore Math (and Math to Create Art)

When we help kids see the overlap between art and math, we not only strengthen their skills in each, we expand their vision of what it means to be an artist and a mathematician. Math can be creative! Art can be analytical! Both can inspire our imagination.


How to Watch the Solar Eclipse with Your Kids

Dr. Amy Mainzer, a NASA astronomer who is better known to kids as Dr. Amy from Ready Jet Go!, talks about helping children understand and safely experience this amazing astronomical event.


Helping Children Overcome a Fear of Bugs

Developing a better understanding of insects, spiders, and other bugs goes a long way toward making them seem less scary. Here are some ideas for helping your child.