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How to Find Harmony When Parents Disagree

Parenting is complex work. Many parents have different perspectives about how to raise kids — based on their own upbringings, beliefs and values, and expectations for their children. Fortunately, there is a lot you can do to increase parenting harmony.

3 Words That Reframe, “How Was Your Day?”

Every day has ups and downs. Every day we experience a rainbow of feelings. By sharing our yay, oops, and blah moments, we normalize the fact that nearly every day contains all three feelings.

How to Raise Strong Girls

When parents encourage assertiveness and teach coping and problem-solving skills earlier, girls develop the self-confidence they need to build emotional strength and resilience.

Strategies for Teaching Kids Self-Regulation

Self-regulation is a foundational skill of early childhood. It’s the seed we plant that allows children to grow into adults who can manage their emotions, thoughts, and behaviors.