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How Do Our Phones Affect Our Parenting?

Let’s look at our relationships with our devices, and think about why we do what we do – asking ourselves questions on how our media use affects us and our families.

Helping Kids Navigate Scary News Stories

We cannot fully “news proof” our home when unsettling events happen in the world, but we can help kids navigate what they hear through simple, responsive, reassuring conversations.

A New Way to Set Media Rules

As with many things in life, protecting our kids is good. But empowering them is great. This is especially true with media.

How to Model Media Use for Your Kids

Studies have found that the single, strongest predictor of children’s media use is parents’ media use. These findings suggest that we have an amazing opportunity as parents to guide that media use.

Online Safety Tips for Parents

We can protect our kids from many risks and help them enjoy the benefits of Internet use through our guiding efforts.