Share Your Strength

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We Are Together

Regardless of your situation, you are not alone. Though it may sometimes be hard to remain hopeful in the face of challenge and change, your entire family will find strength in your positive outlook. Take time each day to remind one another of the love that you share. Together, you can make it through difficult times and grow even stronger as a family.

Reaching out and helping others is a great way to feel good together as a family and to remind you just how strong you are.

  • Share your story
    Talk to other families about what you are going through. Sometimes talking about tough times can help relieve stress or can spark ideas and solutions.
  • Volunteer
    Identify the causes that your children or family cares most about. For example, children might like to help out at the local animal rescue center, or perhaps your family can visit an elderly friend at a local nursing home.
  • Create a giving circle
    A couple of times a year, tour your home and work together to identify items that your family no longer uses or needs. Gather these items in a bag and then go together to your local Salvation Army, Goodwill, or homeless shelter to donate these goods.

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