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Food & Fitness

Keep Kids Active

Girls playing with jump ropeThe number of overweight preschoolers has doubled over the past ten years. Try these tips for keeping your child’s day filled with activity and learning.

  1. Encourage outdoor games

    Classic games like Tag, Follow the Leader, the Hokey Pokey, and Hide and Seek will keep little ones on the go. Most young children are active learners, so games like Hopscotch and Four Square will help them learn their numbers while also keeping them physically fit.

  2. Explore the world around you

    Dig in the dirt. Chase after shadows. Throw sticks in a puddle. Plant a garden. The world is your playground.

  3. Make TV time active time

    Kids don’t need to slump on the couch as they watch favorite programs. Encourage them to sing, march and dance along as they watch characters like Barney, or the Boohbahs.

  4. Limit TV time

    When a program is over, turn the TV off and suggest one of the activities below to promote active learning.

  5. Provide healthy snacks.

    Active kids need the right fuel for their growing bodies. You’ll find kid-friendly recipes for nutritious snacks like Ants on a Log and Grapecicles that you can make together at the Zoom Café.

  6. Do chores together

    Dust. Sweep. Wipe off the table. Give dolls and trucks a bath. Not only will you stay active, you’ll make your child feel like a grown-up, responsible member of the family.

  7. Set a good example

    When you exercise regularly and eat healthy foods, you set an example that will shape your child’s habits for life.

  • Minfranco

    We dance together all the time. He loves to dance and when he sees me start my routine he yells out Zumba :)

  • Wllms_cassandra

    we love to dance and sing epecially with barney and seasme street . she likes playing outside alot and swimming.

  • Ale

    I very much agree with this methods. By inviting my daugther to do the chores of the house together she does feel like she is helping mommy or even become a grown up. 
    p/s loved this key points.

  • Link Building Services

    These are the good tips mention here for make the child active all time in some activities. But what the thing is that do not pressurised them for each and every activity. Allow them to do what they like and not what you like.

  • Chhorvypech

    these are really great tips in helping to keep my child active.


    These are such good tips to apply to my child, I plan on using them.

  • Kcadiz9

    These tips really helps me to makesure my child stays active and healthy

  • Samantha

    I’m interested in home schooling, but am having a very hard time finding a secular curriculum.  Any advice?

    • kelly

      try the local library. they are very helpful. everything you need can be found there

    • Rodriguezcalcoah

      Try CAVA–California Virtual Academy.  They provide all the curriculum, a computer and printer and reimbursement for ink and internet after each semester.  Yes, it’s free.

    • Kerry has a full listing of secular curriculum at their website

      • Madlen

        Thank you!!!

  • Jenbevis

    You forget the importance of keeping your kids moving. Great refresher ideas! 

  • Leslie

    I have appreciated Home Learning Year By Year by Rebecca Rupp.
    It helped me see that all the learning I wanted to accomplish could be acquired through the library,  especially the first few years.
    Since then I have found a lot of good, engaging curriculum from reading the reviews in homeschool curriculum catalogs like Rainbow Resource and Timberdoodle.  They usually comment on how much Christian content there is and many other aspects that are so helpful.  When the RR catalog comes out in the summer time I usually take it along to the beach with a highlighter.
    It’s huge so don’t get to overwhelmed.  Hopefully you have an idea of what you are looking for and you can start there.  You surely don’t want to read the whole thing cover to cover as all of it won’t apply to your child.
    Good success with your research. 
    Oh yah, you may also want to see if there is a homeschool association email loop or something in your area.  Other homeschoolers are a great source of info and what’s been tried and worked or not.

  • Zacjake05

    Great reminder to get the kids moving and exercising with Mommy!

  • Pikeange

    My little one loves to help do chores!

  • Rodriguezcalcoah

    As challenging as it may sometimes be, all the invested time with your child is worth it’s while.  It’s a brush up for myself as the coach; and as the parent, I have the opportunity to decide what curriculum dedicate more time and which to bird’s eye view–referring to teachings that are not according to Scripture.  CAVA–California Virtual Academy has a very good, hard core subject curriculum.  Yes, it’s free.  They provide a computer and printer and reimbursement for ink and internet, after each semester.     

  • busy mom of 5

    I like the tip of doing chores together!

  • Kristyk6

    Doing chores together starting at a young age can be fun and will help teach children good responsibilities. We also like to sing, dance, and act along with tv programs.

  • Tiffanypta

    These are great tips! I plan on using them!

  • nq7789

    my two year old loves to dance to yo gabba gabba and barney!

  • aimbridges

    Great tips and reminders!

  • Anne

    great ideas

  • Rhkuhl

    Great ideas!

  • Mizz8a

    I excercise evryday and my son enjoys working out with me.  If we make workouts fun they will join us.

  • Ashley

    I never thought about some of these ideas until i read them. Thanks, this helps alot!!!

  • Stellmans_girl

    Great tips! My son loves to clean with me, so we are constantly on the move throughout the day. Up and down the stairs doing laundry. Sweeping, mopping, etc.

  • Suzi13

    Great ideas…thanks!

  • Carisa Marie05

    These are very interesting. And wonderful to do with your childeren. I want my whole family to be active and for all of us to eat healthy. I want to do things as a family so we can all stay in shape and eaa healthy

  • Sv_yesenia

    great ideas, they love dancing and playing in the fort

  • Nisha1988

    I like these ideas they helped alot

  • gonzlucy

    It is interesting how much a child enjoys the basic things in life. Example, something as easy as hide and seek is a whole imaginary world for them.. ;.)

  • Jennifer

    I enjoy learning new things and ideas to help my child to be more active then sitting around playing games or watching tv.

  • Mayguti88

    great ideas…. very helpful

  • Amezquita_sara

    my son loves doing all these thing already. he is very eager to help mommy out with luandry and  other things around the house.he is alway a like ball of energy.we keep each other active.

  • 7-month-old’s Momma

    My baby is 7 months old and she loves to stand up (with me holding her hands) while watching “Cat in the Hat” and bounce with the theme song!  She also likes to walk around tables and things while holding on.  She’s a FAST crawler and loves to explore “hidden” areas like underneath the coffee table.  We put some of her toys in different hiding spots around the house so that exploring is safe and fun!

  • Mstsdolphindream

    this is wonderfully informational

  • leah

    my daughter is 2 &1/2 and an hour after she “helped” me fold the laundry she said, “I need to fold laundry!”.  That lit me up inside.  I can’t wait to have a little helper around the house.  Cute!

  • Gabehoogenboom

    my son who is 4, does not like toys at all. never has. we do, thankfully, have a treadmill, and during these winter months, as he is so very hyper, i have found he loves to go on the treadmill, burn off his energy while getting good exercise! and we put fun music on too :)

  • Tori Orgill

    great tips on keeping kids active. 

  • Jkmatek

    my son loves bath time i love the idea of washing his toys in the tub-thx!

  • Granny_dee1

    There are some things in here that I didn’t think of, thank you.

  • Lflores Gflores

    my 4 year loves to help put the dishes away and help fold laundry. she even likes to help clean windows. Shes a great helper

  • Nicaelm

    We turn on the stereo several times a day and have time, my daughter loves showing us her new moves.

  • Lynndanicole

    We’re fortunate and have a park directly across the street. I enjoy taking our son and encourage myself to make it a habit even when “I don’t feel like it.”

  • Terry

    We try to choose the active choice for our lives – walk to pre-school rather than drive, get in the water and play at the beach, rather than just sunbathing, etc.

  • Brandi1026

    My daughter is 3 and she likes to play basketball everyday

  • Tammy_tam21

    this is great information for raising our 15month old

  • Laurinda Lockhart

    I have an older sister, Elizabeth. My older sister entered Kindergarten in 1990. My older sister was born on January 15, 1985. I was born on January 24, 1987. My older sister got a 3.9 average in high school and graduated in 2003. My cousin John has an older brother, Matthew. I will teach my cow cut-out how to read. I had thoughts that my older sister, Elizabeth, would call me. I wanted to do school at home instead of Arbor Station.

  • Eden

    My sister Lana is always moving and can not stop only when the tv is on she sits and wacths it and becomes glueed to it you can not turn it off or there is a frighting match shes only 5

  • Kerry

    If you are a homeschool secular family who isn’t homeschooling for religious reasons, you are not in the minority anymore!

  • warattaya

    Every-time I start cleaning, my son will do the same thing :) And I always give him apple, strawberry, or muffins as his snack. Since he has stir fried different type of veggie for meal beside of eggs . 

  • Eva wehbe

    i cannot get my 22 month to stay put….its so funny but after i read the educational material i found a way to have him help clean, so in doing that it has helped me to keep a closer on him in not breaking things. luckily its a win-win situation for everyone 

  • Zachsmom0407

    Great info.

  • Reagin08

    We dance to Ellen every morning :)

  • MDSilks

    We had to buy my 22 month old son his own broom because when we sweep he would insist on taking the broom and sweep. So, we bought him his own special sized broom so that he can help. He gets so excited to be helping. 



  • Lauramirez1010

    My Daughter is 1 year , she loves being outdoors and gardening with her grandma, just using a small hand trowl.

  • Mvscanlan

    I’m pretty fortunate.  My daughter loves to dance so she is constantly staying active!

  • chester

    my son love to go outside and ply with his cars, trucks, and tractors. he tell me to come out and play with him and i do.

  • Mimimoe

    I wish there was more time in the day to let our little ones explore the world around them. To think this is only my sons 5 time of ever seeing May 22 throught his young life is truly amazing. Time to get moving and explore the world around us.

  • Furfe

    Great tips!

  • komom

    I do my best to make sure my kids are keeping active. They are going on 3 and going on 5 years and I try to keep them in one enrolled activity a month, minimum, that is physical. They do gymnastics year round, with maybe a month off here and there. I also enroll them in soccer and softball for preschoolers each season for at least a month. We spend a lot of time at the gym and my kids see that me and their dad stay physically fit. My daughter says that when she is a mom she is going to do workout classes like me. She  is looking forward to cross country next year when she starts school. We are fortunate enough to live with plenty of nature around us to explore.

  • Penny N Clint Stoltz

    Thanx for all the ideas!

  • Jhotpeaches1

    My children and I do chores as a family. I have three older children and a toddler. The toddler  also lilkes to help straighten up the house. My family and I live across the street from a park so we take strolls through the park and neighborhood quite often.

  • Lisa Y Aguilar

    I make it a game with my 4 year old. After I wake up, I tell her to get dressed, brush her teeth, comb her hair and make her bed and I tell she has 20 mins. We try and see who can get all these things done first, is the winner.
    Other days, we try and ride bikes togther or try to learn to roller skate or maybe go to the pool.

  • VictoriaKReyes

    My son and I always go outside to the tennis courts , to kick the ball .My son loves it , and so do ai.

  • Amyschoffler

    love the ideas

  • Mendozabrigitte

    my husband and I recently celebrated the first year ymca has been in our community and we found out that they have an excellent family program for less than 50 a month for a family of 6. so while our four kids are enjoying the classes ymca has to offer we workout in a class right across from them whether it is zumba, cardio, or weights. I feel so much better knowing my kids r with me and I don’t have to pay outrageous prices for my family to b healthy.



  • Varsityplaya_24

    My Little boy just turned 1 and loves to sweep, doesn’t matter where he is could be kitchen or the carpet in the living room.

  • Gotoexpert

    My husband exercises at home instead of the gym and our 3 yr old son imitates him so he wants to do push ups, jumping jacks and sit ups every morning before he has breakfast.

  • Fsdjeffreyford

    very interesting topics

  • Carlss13

    my 2 1/2 year old loves to pick strawberries from our garden

  • Damettria_lg

    My 20 month old son loves to dance to his nursery ryme cd. I love the idea of giving toys a bath I’m sure he will love that one since he loves the water.

  • Mich0779

    doing chores together is a great idea. i love the extra help and my kids feel involved. even my one year old likes to “help” do laundry with me!!

  • Mafunda84

    my son doesnt like to watch TV. he just wants to go outside and explore with his dad.

  • Sweetpea1033

    my son loves to help me wash the car!

  • Mam7

    She loves to ride her bike

  • Clara Wilhite

    My son is 2 and he is very active and always on the go. He loves to play inside and outdoors. We sing and dance, we jump and run, we play while he is in the tub. He is very limited when it comes to tv time and keeping him on a schedule really helps.

  • Linkonpark24

    My kid loves to do these things. Sometimes I think I need more energy to keep up!

  • Afadwan

    i take my twins almost every day to the park and twic a day swimming plus dancing with my oldest ..

  • Amowry

    It’s so important to keeping kids active. There is a great blog that posts regualary on this subject.

  • Amowry

    All great tips. To find other great tips and follow a family dedicated to sharing recreational outdoor activities to help keep kids active check out the following blog.

  • Tambam

    My 4 yr old loves to dance, so weither its just to the radio, my Zumba music or the Wii game…we always have fun with excersize!!

  • Sarahmcintyre79

    Being active is extremely inportant to my 3 yr old.  We have access to a playset and large yard so sitting down to watch tv is a bedtime thing….

  • Ajenkins1985

    My son and daughter love to help around the house. they both love to be outside to. they are 5 and 3 and they are very active. I feel very blessed to have active children till bedtime

  • Malmanfmly

    Love all the ideas, always great when kids help out with chores, makes them feal like they are big kiods as well.

  • Ciera Mcquay

    My daughter is 3 1/2 and loves to help around the house with chorse. She loves sweeping and folding clothes. After all her help we jump together on the trampoling.  She loves the out doors and so do I, it’s a great haveing kids involved in activities that we enjoy as well. Most commen out door activities which we do together are hiking and swimming.

  • Chels26

    I have nothing, but healthy snacks in my kitchen, my children are constantly on the go…No time for television.

  • firyal

    my daughter love dance with barney more than 3 time a day

  • Jamie

    My kids and I like to have dance party’s when they get out of school to get all of their wiggles out!! They look forward to it and its our special moment that I can treasure for the rest of our lives.

  • casandra

    my son 21 months old and loves to dance, h will get everyone up and jump around and run around. music is his great way of a physical activity…hide and seek is a game we like to play…he is happy when we play it.

  • Courtney

    my daughter is almost 16 months and she loves helping me do dishes and any other chores i do during the day.

  • g47

    Jillian my daughter amazes me everyday. walking at 9 mo she can throw a ball , keep a tune. fully understands how to use the vcr dvd tv so she watches a movie when she wants to. clime over anything , get to almost anything, not so good. she really keeps me on my toes. she makes hot apple cider in our kurig machine. when i yell STOP DANGER she stops and looks at me waiting for me to instruct her. she helps her mom with house work. she enjoys helping sooooo much it really does make her feel important and like a part of the family instead of in the way. We love her soooooo much. truly blessed. she is now 2yr 2mo

  • gmg

    My baby girl is so active she keeps me on the go. We do all kinds of fun things indoors and outdoors. Her favorite thing to do is singing in the shower.

  • melissa

    i love the tv limit because i find my self letting my daughter watch tv for a hour.

  • Odette

    Fortunately for us, we live in a military community where there are lots of playgrounds and there is one right outside my backyard. The kids can run and play while I get chores done and I can see them.

  • Sara

    With limited access to playgrounds, it’s always a challenge keeping them active. Great tips. :)

  • Cherry Grace Diaz

    I love the BJU book and their teaching videos offered by a local school in our country, especially because they are Bible-based. Sorry if this is offensive to non-Christians, no offense meant. :) peace!

    • Cherry Grace Diaz

      I meant the Bob Jones University Press books (BJU) :)

      • Cherry Grace Diaz

        My kids love them too! <3

  • Elena

    I make exercise fun for them like dancing or playing ball.

  • Holly

    We try to get outside and run around. My son loves to go to the park or on rainy days even run around the mall. He is VERY active, so he really needs to get out. Also, it’s good for me because it encourages me to exercise a little bit!heheh:)

  • JRyia

    My little girl is 4 and she rather be outside playing than sitting inside watching tv or playing games on the computer

  • Melissa

    Get creative wherever you are! Invent games that include anything that stimulates both the mind and body. Make sure it is safe and that there is always supervision around to keep everything in order.

  • Veronica

    My son is 2 1/2 and if its hot outside I put music videos on for him and he loves to sing and dance. Or we work on puzzles, just to try and limit his TV.

  • Catalina

    We do yoga twice a day in my house and I have two toddler boys. We finally bought a yoga mat and cut it in half so they could both have one!! =] THEY LOVE IT!!!!

  • jjrapjk

    I run at the park daily after my run its playtime at the park for my son.

  • Marcelle Benedict

    Great ideas!

  • Jessica

    My three boys and i do a lot of chores together it helps me with the chores and them to learn some responsibility. plus, it gets them active!

  • Monica

    It’s hard for me to play or do activities with my little boy because he likes to play boxing, basketball, football and boys activities but still do it and when it comes to do shores his very helpful and likes it.

  • Melissa

    I like to get active with my child while watching TV or listening to music! It makes everything funner!

  • Lourdes

    My daughter is 1 1/2 and loves t help me empty the dryer and the dishwasher. As an older mom, I appreciate her help picking up her toys from the floor :) We also go to the playground whenever the weather is nice, and it’s especially fun when her little playmate comes too! We play in the backyard every day with her little riding toy. My daughter’s favorite games are catch and bowling with soft balls :)

  • shiori

    I very much agree with this methods. By inviting my daugther to do the chores of the house daughter is 2 &1/2 and an hour after she “helped” me fold the laundry she said, “I need to fold laundry!”. That lit me up inside. I can’t wait to have a little helper around the house.

  • Linda Johnson Tucker

    My kids and I are moving to Texas in February, and my 12 year old is very nervous about starting school with only 5 months left, We talked about homeschooling for the rest of 7th grade and then returning to school in 8th grade. Is it even possible for m to do that?

  • angela

    my grandson loves to play outside he could stay out their allday all night if you would let him

  • Anne Gregor

    The hardest part is to decide if you are going jump into homeschooling and commit yourself to be a big part of your child’s education. But once you see the advantages and benefits homeschooling brings, it’ll be all worth the time and effort.


  • Eumeka Pledger

    My girl are overactive I need ways of slowing them down so they can go to be before 12 midnight .

  • Iliana

    I always do my best to make sure my boys are active. I love to work out at home doing videos and my boys love to dance around with me all the time. As soon as summer starts I will definitely take some of the tips and play a lot of outdoor games. I’m sure they will enjoy it!

  • lacey

    My kids are usually good nit sitting watching tv we do alot of crafts

  • Ashley R.

    My daughter is 2 and she loves to help switch laundry from the washer to the dryer, she helps put away dishes, and take care of her toys. She sings “clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere” when she picks things up haha.

  • joe

    I’m thinking about home schooling my son …. I live in NY can anyone help me get started? Or steer me in the right direction…..

  • Russ

    Need help with filling out and making home school forms look professional for colleges, check this out:

  • Angie

    I had to pull my 8th grade granddaughter out of school due to being depressed and not able to be at school at this time I am looking for an online home school that is accredited in Kentucky can anyone help me I can not afford a lot free would be awesome please help

    • Claudia Ritter

      Have you looked into your local k12 program? It’s free public school. The quality varies by institution, but you generally get everything provided for you, including a loaner computer and printer.

      • Chanda A Baird

        K12 isnt free in kentucky. Actually its 5k .

    • Michelle Ramer

      Alpha and Omega publishing has several different types to choose from. We choose Horizons. Check it out!

  • Ashley Wright

    I loved your post, and it was a huge encouragement to me.A friend posted a link to your blog. I thoroughly enjoyed reading about your day. I never feel like we’ve accomplished enough.

  • chris james

    I would appreciate your views regarding homeschooling. Thank you for sharing ideas. This would definitely help all parents and children who are thinking to get enrolled for homeschooling. Homeschooling has a greater flexibility and it allows the children to learn and gain education.

  • Rajendra jaman

    How I can get started

  • John Lincoln

    any info on louisville ky home school would be helpful. who to trust, thanks. john lincoln

  • Ann Boyanton

    Want to homeschool not sure where to start

  • Dana Keenor Kowalski

    I am trying to homeschool my 9th grader and have no clue where to start with free resources im in illinois any links or advice to where to begin would be appreciated thanks

    • Nikki Capshaw


  • Candice Potts

    Question, my daughter wants to try homeschooling and Im not sure how to get started. can anyone tell me if we can do homeschooling online? and does she need a teacher online? Any advice how to get started, thankyou

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