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Ida Frosk channels iconic artists. On bread. Can you guess who hosts each toast?


Apr 9, 2013 18 Comments

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  • guest

    Good points, thanks!  The “downloadable booklet” link does not work…

  • guest

    Good points, thanks!  The “downloadable booklet” link does not work…

  • Food_Safety_Attorneys

    Our attorneys recently won $4.5 million for a young woman who got an E. coli infection from eating undercooked tenderized steak. Her E. coli developed into hemolytic uremic syndrome (HUS), which caused kidney failure. The lesson here is that all food served to children should be cooked well to kill any pathogens.

  • J-noh

    Perfect time to try this craft since kids are on spring break!

  • omgpop2153

    this is an awesome project to do

  • FunKid

    Had troubles makeing it. JellyFish Did Not Move The Way I Imagined -_-



  • Angelcris Emnace Sadili

    You have a long instructions. It would be better for the reader to make it short.

  • Doctor Who

    I am not sure if this is worth it. It sounds like kids can do better things with their time and skills.

  • Guest Ninomills

    Great idea for a sensory activity. My child has SPD and loves the calm of the little jelly fish “swimming” around. Very calming and neat discovery bottle. Might try adding this to our timeout basket. Did have some trouble getting it to move. Will try adding more water, think ours had too much air. Think we may experiment and try adding glitter glue or corn syrup to slow the movement down. Great idea thanks for posting!

  • apirl flores

    i love this for his school project.

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  • poop

    this did not work for me. and I tried everthing.

  • Yvonne Greene

    I would extend the lesson and teach them that trash such as plastic bags finds itself into our waterways as pollution where it can entangle wildlife (if that’s all then they’re lucky but more than like will die from it) or they can mistake it for food whereas they die from starvation or suffocation. (Lots of photos on Texas Parks and Wildlife site of this very problem). Then I would extend it even further buy teaching them the importance of the environment, picking up trash and using (or making) reusable grocery bags to combat this very problem.

  • Alison Ashley Formento

    I absolutely love this project and it’s a perfect share for teachers who do activities with my book THESE SEAS COUNT! (Albert Whitman & Co. 2012) In the book, the kids are cleaning a dirty beach and I love finding ways to repurpose items in a useful or artistic way, especially plastics which are harmful to our oceans and seas.

  • lolnan

    Tried different bottles and bags, just didn’t work for me. My grandchildren were disappointed.

  • Steven Lee

    Although you don’t want to get in the habit of forcing your kids to eat foods they don’t like or make them “clean” their plates, there are lots of healthy foods kids like. Parents often overlook these healthy foods and go straight to what they think are more “kid-friendly foods,” such as hot dogs, pizza, french fries, chicken nuggets, juice and soda.

  • Sarah Jane Fretwell

    I just made this and had trouble keeping water inside the jellyfish head so i stuffed some of the left over plastic wet inside and re-closed it and that has worked for me. Although I do think my jellyfish was too big for the bottle so i transferred it to a 2L bottle and that has worked better.