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Apr 8, 2013 44 Comments

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  • GrandmaRuth

    why doesn’t it give amounts of each ingredient?

    • Mr. Copas

      It says “equal” amounts, in other words that would be a 1 to 1 ratio. (example: 1 cup glue to 1 cup starch) food coloring would depend on how dark you desire.

  • Bonnie Sawyer-Banda

    it says equal amounts in the first paragraph

    • Keith Lander

      By weight or volume?

      • Teri Davis

        it is liquids so volume

  • adrienne

    if you don’t have access to the liquid starch mentioned, can you make some from water and corn starch? if so, any idea proportion amount?

  • lilly

    lets just say I have No access to any of those things

  • Cristen

    I don’t have access to the liquid starch , and why doesn’t give the amounts for the ingeredents.

    • TheSilverFox99

      you can use nail polish remover or borax

  • Poopidy scoop candy lover mmmm

    How much glue

  • Cableguy

    It does tell you how much.
    Its in parts.
    Equal parts to be specific.
    If you’re still not sure what this means, Its 1 part glue, and 1 part starch= equal parts.
    A part could be a random cup in your cupboard. Or a gallon jug

  • keyera

    you can also use nail polish remover

    • Teri Davis

      but then it is no longer non toxic and pets will eat it and it will burn their mouths and throats acetate is not for children

  • Nikki Parker

    This sounds like a really easy weekend craft project after a quick trip to Wal-Mart. Or I might be lazy and just order everything from Amazon :) I guess I’ll start with 4 oz each of glue & liquid starch to experiment with.

  • Heather Grady

    it says equal amounts in the first paragraph

  • Alicia

    I followed the recipe to a t and it didn’t work :( very sticky.

    • ginni

      neither did mine

      • dgsd

        One buck for a package of silly putty at the store. Just sayin….

    • Gabi B

      ikr btw im a kid :)

    • Lori B

      ours didn’t even get sticky

    • dgsd

      One buck for a package of silly putty at the store. Just sayin.

      • Someone

        but this ways more fun

    • Mary Hbic Ramage

      I know this recipe says to make bouncy balls but it actually makes better silly putty

  • Gabi B

    my friend Trevor got silly putty stuck in his back pack so since it was mine i had to help him!

  • Lori B

    I used the identical ingredients and it DID NOT WORK. I tried 3 parts glue to 2 parts starch and also equal amounts. I tried both Elmers Glue All multi purpose and also craft glue with the Sta-Flo. None of it worked!

  • Irene

    Most recipes I have seen called for 2 parts glue to 1 part liquid starch. For those who need measurements, try 2 tablespoons of glue to 1 tablespoon liquid starch. If it is too runny, add more glue. If it is too sticky, add more starch. Be nice, folks…people just offering ideas here!

    • Jess

      Can u just use laundry detergent

  • Dean Goss

    Liquid starch works, but nowhere near as well as borax…although borax isn’t safe to eat.

    4 oz white glue, 4 oz water, 1 oz borax, 2 oz hot water. Mix the glue and cold water until an even consistency is achieved. Add borax to hot water and stir until completely dissolved. Mix cold and hot liquids together and watch the magic happen. Color with a few drops of any food color that strikes your fancy.

    • kayla watson

      that’s what I did

  • Donald

    Tried this at back to school night with my students. I ended up having to use a glue to starch ratio of about 1.75:1, not quite equal parts, but also not quite twice as much glue. Worked out great.

  • Alexis Jade

    You can make silly putty with Alka seltzer
    Add some glue and dissolve the tablet with water

  • Prielle

    Thanks so much Alexis!!! It works!

  • Stacie Gardner

    Hello I am character “Torey” from Bill and Bob Moyers Industrial Educational Films…mid to late 1980’s……….thanks for bringing back silly puddy. Seems cheap, my community 90062 CANNOT AFFORD the purchase nor the benefits of it, thank you to the creators for allowing us to “know” about it, if YOU KNEW WE ARE THE WORLDS POPULATION COMING UP FROM UNDERGROUND-Extra Terrestrial Earth Quake, are you aware of requirement of that level of assistance? Now, what is silly puddy to the minority communities?

  • Kellyk

    I also tried this recipe and it didn’t work. Proceeded to double the glue amount. Still didn’t work. Then just added a teaspoon of Borax mixed to 1/3 cup warm water. Added that and just turned it into slime.

  • Person

    i’ve done this before and its fun

  • Brandi

    To all the people saying “I don’t have these things” either go buy them or don’t do the project. Seems simple enough. The items are easily accessible at most grocery stores. It’s not like you have to order them from a lab.

  • jennifer

    how do you make cornstarch liquid?

  • andrea

    Can I use clear glue or is it only all purpose

  • monica rubi anaya

    This is awsome

  • jo_ella

    We have made this for my grandson. You can also use cream rinse instead of liquid starch. Here is the recipe we use, this works very nicely.

    1 cup warm water
    1 cup clear elmer’s glue
    1 cup liquid starch

    Mix glue and warm water first thoroughly then add to starch mix, mix and mix if wanting to add glitter put in with water glue mixture before adding starch.

  • Me annderson

    No funcionó

  • Me Annderson

    I don liked ISO long if yuo don’t do it

  • Anonyomous

    DO NOT put the starch in first
    It will fail.