Throwback Thursday!


Today’s submission comes from Kris Irvin: “My best friend and I dressed up as the aliens from Sesame Street back in 2006 for Halloween. She sewed the costumes herself. They were epic. The only problem was, the fur from the fabric got EVERYWHERE (including in our eyes!) still, they were definitely the best Halloween costumes ever.”

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Jun 13, 2013 1 Comment

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  • Rebecca Robinson

    Courtney Campbell from “Mustard Pancakes” has an amazing older brother. Someday my zebra cut-out will like “Mustard Pancakes”. My zebra cut-out is eight months old. My wolf cut-out likes “Barney and Friends”. My Hawaiian Butterfly Fish cut-out also likes “Barney and Friends”. I am a twenty-six-year-old woman. My older sister is a twenty-eight-year-old woman. My wolf cut-out also likes “Kipper the Dog”. My Amazon Parrot cut-out likes “Barney and Friends”. She also likes “BabyFirst TV”. My Amazon Parrot cut-out is eleven months old. My panda cut-out likes “Barney and Friends”. She also likes “WordWorld”.