Gnocchi? More like, Yescchi!

Join Chef Jesse Smith and his cute daughter Avalon in the kitchen to make your own gnocchi! Subscribe to Deep Prep HERE.

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Now for the Garbage Pail Kids…


Have you ever had the urge to turn your child into a Cabbage Patch doll? Now you can!


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Throwback Thursday!


Today’s post is brought to you by the letters TBT! Check out these fun versions of Sesame Street characters: the dog picture comes to us from Ren Netherland, animal photographer, and old school big bird is actually a drawing on the door of our “Sesame Street Conference Room” here at PBS HQ! Enjoy!

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Daddy Issues


“Dad… I’m not sure that’s what mom meant when she said ‘wear orange.’”

Found this gem on:

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A crumb-free baby is a happy baby?


I ended that with a question mark because I can’t see the baby’s face for confirmation.


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Manic Monday


Yeah. We’re not happy it’s Monday either.


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I Did It All For The Cookie

Cookie Monster? Is that you?


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Throwback Thursday!


Today’s submission comes from Kris Irvin: “My best friend and I dressed up as the aliens from Sesame Street back in 2006 for Halloween. She sewed the costumes herself. They were epic. The only problem was, the fur from the fabric got EVERYWHERE (including in our eyes!) still, they were definitely the best Halloween costumes ever.”

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It’s About Time…Line


His mother knew by second grade that Joshua would be a minimalist.


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