No More Pictures

family photo

All her parents wanted was a nice family photo, but this little girl has had enough!


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Throwback Thursday

Remember these adorable dancing twins? Instant good mood!


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It Feels Like a Spark

Listen to what these kids have to say about love!


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Man’s Best Friend

baby dog 1

baby dog 2

Too cute not to share. This dog and baby have been friends for two and a half years! Thanks to Reddit user bleed-black for making us smile this morning.

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Cutie on Keys

Meet Ryan Wang. All the way from Canada, this adorable 5-year-old is as cute as he is talented!

Source: Ellen TV

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Throwback Thursday!


Today’s TBT might just melt your heart. And that’s okay.

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Just a Baby Cobra. NBD.


Not so scary NOW, is it? Actually, it still kind of is.


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