Cutie on Keys

Meet Ryan Wang. All the way from Canada, this adorable 5-year-old is as cute as he is talented!

Source: Ellen TV

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Funny Kid Friday!

These quadruplets think their dad is four times funnier than he actually is…


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10 Things Every Mother Should Know

Happy Mother’s Day from Kid President! Here’s a sneak peek: #1. Put down your phone! Unless your kid’s name is “Phone.” #2. Don’t name your kid phone!


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Speed Dreamer


Do the dolls have tires for limbs?

Via reddit

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Criminally Cute Photos


I never thought “baby mugging” or “baby mugshot” would be as hilarious as THIS is. Thank you, Mommy Shorts.

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Most Adorable Birthday Video Ever

Brad Copeland, writer and director of CollegeHumor’s upcoming movie Coffee Town, made this video of his kids for his friend Allison’s birthday. The result was amazing.

Source: College Humor

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