A Mother-Daughter Tribute







A beautiful tribute from daughter to mother by Ugne Henriko. She writes:

“This project explores a relationship between my mother and me. Through genetic and characteristic similarities I am trying to look into the general idea of being a copy of somebody else. To achieve this I have recreated my mother’s old photographs with myself in them, as a reflection of her. My aim is not only to show how much we look alike: I am trying to observe what is similar and what is different between two generations.

All of the images on the left side are my mother’s, taken approximately in 1975 and images on the right side are photographs of me taken 37 years later.”

See more here: http://ugnehenriko.co.uk/mother-and-daughter

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Gnocchi? More like, Yescchi!

Join Chef Jesse Smith and his cute daughter Avalon in the kitchen to make your own gnocchi! Subscribe to Deep Prep HERE.

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Happy Tuesday!

Tuesday? Or Juice Day?

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