Picture Perfect Monday

Because sometimes Mondays just don’t go as planned…


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Farm to Table Family is Live!

Check out our new web series, Farm to Table Family! It showcases meals made with fresh ingredients that the whole family will enjoy. Watch and let us know what you think.

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Making New Friends is as Easy As…


Kicking them in the face…

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Kids are Always Watching…

road rage

A drawing for mommy: Road Rage edition.

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No More Pictures

family photo

All her parents wanted was a nice family photo, but this little girl has had enough!

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It Feels Like a Spark

Listen to what these kids have to say about love!

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Words of Encouragement


Some of them aren’t technically “steps,” but they all make sense to us!

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Private School, Here We Come.


Reddit user Miss_Interociter had to sign this permission slip recently…

TOUCH MUD? What is this – a farm?! ::sigh::

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