This kid will be a [ringo] Star!

His cover of this Beatles’ hit will NOT “let you down.”


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Just a Baby Cobra. NBD.


Not so scary NOW, is it? Actually, it still kind of is.


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Convos With a 2 Year Old

Matthew Clarke states on his new (hilarious) YouTube channel, “Actual conversations with my 2 year old daughter, as re-enacted by me and another full grown man.”

Catch more episodes at

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About Time He Admits It…


His name should be “Frankly” instead of “Frankie.”

Source: Reddit user allenme213

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Funny Kid Friday!

These quadruplets think their dad is four times funnier than he actually is…


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Is this anyone else’s morning?


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10 Things Every Mother Should Know

Happy Mother’s Day from Kid President! Here’s a sneak peek: #1. Put down your phone! Unless your kid’s name is “Phone.” #2. Don’t name your kid phone!


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Funny Kid Friday


Probably worn out from the tire-d swing!


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