It worked, until mom saw this note…


What happened when reddit user Habitantsfan left her husband in charge of the kids, pets and house for a few days…

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Speed Dreamer


Do the dolls have tires for limbs?

Via reddit

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Criminally Cute Photos


I never thought “baby mugging” or “baby mugshot” would be as hilarious as THIS is. Thank you, Mommy Shorts.

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Some Good Advice


This is your a 6 year old’s brain on stress.

Source: Ltravis on Reddit

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Shop ‘Til You Drop. Or Nap.


If “IKEA is like a triathlon to a toddler” as Reddit user CeriLKilla suggests, then props to this toddler because I have yet to finish a triathlon sleeping and with one shoe!

Source: CeriLKilla on Reddit

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Springing Into Action!


This little flower child tried our tissue paper blossoms craft at home! Have you tried any crafts from our Crafts for Kids blog? If so, send your pictures to! If not, find inspiration HERE.

Pictures courtesy of Mary Hope Garcia

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