Once Upon a Diaper



Wedding photographer Wendi Riggens places babies in fairy tale worlds! I think you’ll be able to tell, but here are the stories represented in order of presentation: Snow White, Alice in Wonderland, Little Red Riding Hood, Wendy of Peter Pan, Cinderella, Belle of Beauty and the Beast, Goldilocks (without the three bears!) and Rapunzel.

Source: http://wendiriggens.com/

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Most Adorable Birthday Video Ever

Brad Copeland, writer and director of CollegeHumor’s upcoming movie Coffee Town, made this video of his kids for his friend Allison’s birthday. The result was amazing.

Source: College Humor

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Le Petit Prince



Slovenian photographer Matej Peljhan uses his imagination to bring joy to Luka, a boy with muscular dystrophy in his touching series called “The Little Prince.”

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Ah, Friday.


Take a tip from this tot and enjoy your weekend!

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Theodore Tugboat was a Canadian children’s television series about a tugboat named Theodore who lives in the Big Harbour with all of his friends. The show ran from 1993-2001 and dealt with life learning issues portrayed by the tugs or other ships in the harbour.

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Fred Rogers on Scary News


In light of the recent events at the Boston Marathon, we thought this was particularly fridge-worthy today.

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Talk to the Hand


For the record, these moms are still friends.

Courtesy of Diana Goldberg

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