Where in the World Is Carmen Sandiego? is an American children’s television game show based on the Carmen Sandiego computer game. The program aired on PBS from 1991 until 1995. Greg Lee hosted the program in the role of “The ACME Special Agent in charge of training new recruits.” He was joined by Lynne Thigpen as “The Chief” and acapella performing group Rockapella, who served as the show’s in-house band and comedy troupe.

Want to hear that catchy theme song? Here ya go!

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Can We Help You?


Well, fancy seeing you here.

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Incredible Edibles



Ida Frosk channels iconic artists. On bread. Can you guess who hosts each toast?


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The Mapping House

These images come from Family Fandango, who laments, “Does this ALWAYS work? NO! But at least it gives me something to point at when I’m trying to get him moving…”




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Seven Little Monsters was part of the PBS Kids Bookworm Bunch from 2000 to 2002. It was about a family of seven monsters and their mother. The series was created by Maurice Sendak and based on his book. Each monster is named after a different number from 1 to 7, and each has unique physical characteristics.

Here is the theme song, sung by Barenaked Ladies:

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Daddy the Diaper Changer


Illustration by Jasper Rietman
Source: New York Times

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Sagwa, the Chinese Siamese Cat, aired on PBS KIDS in the early 2000s. Set c. 1900 during the Qing Dynasty, Sagwa has fun in her day-to-day life while learning and teaching valuable life lessons.

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Bad Dog?


“Ok, five more minutes… but then it’s bedtime!”


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Toy Stories

Children everywhere love to play, but it’s HOW they play that is drastically different. Here are a few examples of children from all over the world with their most prized possessions, their toys. Photographs by Gabriele Galimberti. He is featured in the last photo. Click the sourced link below to find out which child’s country of origin.

Source: Fast Company
Gabriele Galimberti:

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Throwback Thursday: Clifford’s Puppy Days

Do you remember Clifford the Big, Red Dog before he was big?! Clifford’s Puppy Days is an animated children’s television series that originally aired on PBS Kids from 2003 to 2004. A spin-off of the original Clifford the Big Red Dog, it is set before the original series, and features the adventures of Clifford during his puppy days before he grew.


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