Adventures in Learning!

Introducing Adventures in Learning; a blog and video series that encourages parents to spend meaningful time with their children while sneaking in some learning.

In the first episode, encourage your kids to look to the stars by making pocket star guides. Then go out stargazing to explore the night sky.

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Say ‘Nine Times Tables’ Nine Times Fast!

Learn a neat trick for solving your nine times tables with Mya, the Full-Time Kid! Perfect for back-to-school season.

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Making New Friends is as Easy As…


Kicking them in the face…

Source: College Humor

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Private School, Here We Come.


Reddit user Miss_Interociter had to sign this permission slip recently…

TOUCH MUD? What is this – a farm?! ::sigh::

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It’s About Time…Line


His mother knew by second grade that Joshua would be a minimalist.


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Teacher Appreciation




Teachers DEFINITELY don’t get paid enough for this.

Source: Funny or Die

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Interest Rates Have Gone Up!


Makes you wonder if the father’s name is Bill Collector Senior…


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About Time He Admits It…


His name should be “Frankly” instead of “Frankie.”

Source: Reddit user allenme213

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