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    DIY Spinning Carousel

    Want to make a fun DIY toy that moves? This kinetic carousel spins wildly and demonstrates potential and kinetic energy.

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    Easy Italian Cheesecake

    In this recipe, the cheesecake filling can be made in a blender. (A great opportunity for your kids to help!)

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    From Our Sponsor

    Learn more about Mighties™ kiwi, the easy-to-eat, nutrient-rich healthy snack.

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Get crafty with the Kratt brothers with these activities & printables.

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  • Zahara Zucha

    My wolf cut-out likes Kindergarten math. He also likes Kindergarten reading. I entered Kindergarten when I was six. My older sister entered Kindergarten when she was five. I was a six-year-old girl in 1993. I was born in 1987. My older sister was born in 1985. My zebra cut-out likes Kindergarten curriculum. My zebra cut-out is seven months old. My wolf cut-out is also seven months old. I was in second grade when I was eight and nine. When I was in second grade, my older sister was in fifth grade. My coyote/Dalmatian cut-out likes Kindergarten curriculum. He also likes preschool curriculum.

  • cassie

    My kindergartener is learning so much more than what is stated in this article. They have already learned 2D and 3D shapes. They have learned to count to 100, can write their numbers to 100 and can count to 100 by 10s. At the beginning of the school year they were given 220 sight words to learn to read them and then to spell and write them. My daughter already knew how to read all of the sight words before starting kindergarten. She is now spelling most of them and writing them. In class they are writing sentences about pictures they draw. By the end of kindergarten they are expected to be able to write a short paragraph and to be reading on a level D. They are learning addition and subtraction. They have learned all of the seasons, all of the months of the year and have learned about other countries. They have learned letter sounds, their vowels and can spell words by sounding them out. They have been taught about silent letters and how two words can sound the same yet be spelled differently and have different meanings. This article really should be updated to reflect the new common core expectations which are so much more advanced than the things stated in this article.

    • Mag

      What your describing is the standard curriculum for kindergarten which you can view the detailed outline on your states educational website..this here is meant to be an overview and to give you an idea!

  • Ami

    Poor baby :( let your kid enjoy being a kid! :(

  • Anju Nava

    This website is very useful, Thank you very much.

  • Alex

    This is a post that I sought out for a guideline in teaching my children. (I will be one of those that crosses your “line.” I am a parent that plans to homeschool- not sure where that fits in your parents-aren’t-teachers idea.) Anyway, in search of some added help and support, possibly from fellow peers, I started reading the comments section of this blog. I have to say, the maturity level of those of you that insist your opinions need to be heard, offensive as they may be, is truly baffling. I say this, not to offend in the same manner, but to hopefully bring attention to a real problem and make a plea for a higher standard. Please grow up and refrain from adding unnecessary, impolite imput, for the sake of those of us who need this inforamtion. Thank you. “If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”

  • Tom

    What a condescending attitude! Parents make pretty good teachers. They are a child’s first teacher and should have an active voice in a child’s education. Get off your high horse!

  • John

    Omg. Give me a break! You are a kindergarten teacher. You may feel very high and mighty because of this but most parents could easily teach their child what you do even without your education and special training. Sorry but not impressed…

  • spitfire

    “please play mom and not teacher, we know better than you thanks!” What a self righteous and self important comment! When I was A CHILD in school I frequently, and successfully, proved my teachers wrong on work that they had incorrectly graded and I’m not a genius.
    Plus, I can’t tell you the number of times that my child’s teachers sent home misspelled and grammatically incorrect notes. Just because someone is a teacher doesn’t mean that they know better!
    I do have to agree though, that her child does sound very advanced.

  • Teaching is awesome!

    Weird response. Sounds like ler is not a professional. I am a teacher and would never respond like that to a parent or anyone for that matter! Very disrespectful. Cassie sounds like a teacher’s dream as she seems very involved in her child’s academic progress. Makes me sad to read that ler :(

  • Tom Taiwan

    I am a parent, a teacher and a kindergarten owner in all in one. Apart from your disrespectful attitude, I see you have actually never stayed with a few kids all by yourself for an extended period of time. Had you done that, I’m sure you wouldn’t be saying the things you said in your message. Excuse my language but you seem ignorant to say the least.
    Honestly, with your attitude I doubt many parents would happily leave their kids to your care! And remember, kids learn by observation and copying. I wouldn’t like my child to become an individual like you.


    Most parents, eh? You have much to learn. You’d have been accurate had you wrote some parents believe it’s a school’s — and only a school’s — job to teach children.

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