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Happy Holidays!

Gift Giving for Kids

Kids making Christmas craftsSo much of the excitement during the holiday season is all about receiving presents. How can we get our kids to develop the same enthusiasm for giving? One sure way is to help kids experience the joy of giving. Let them take part in:

  • Choosing just the right gift.
  • Getting the gift – either shopping for or making it.
  • Wrapping it in festive paper and with ribbons, bows, glitter and stickers.
  • Making a card to go with it.
  • Presenting the gift and seeing the joy it brings.

In a sense, it’s a present for them as well. What greater gift can we give our kids than the experience of bringing joy to someone else? It’s a powerful feeling.

Besides family, who can children give gifts to? And what gifts can they give? Many kids want to give something to their teacher. After all, they spend hours every week with her. It’s only natural that they want to give her a gift during this giving season. It doesn’t need to be expensive. In fact, the school may even have guidelines. Ask! It’s important to respect them. The point of this gift is to engage your child in giving, to show the teacher how much you appreciate what she does all year long and to express a sense of caring.

Here are some suggestions for teacher gifts. But don’t limit yourself to these. They are simply ideas. Also, talk with your child. After all, it’s his gift to his teacher.

  1. A gift of cookies, homemade jellies, jams or salsa packaged in holiday wrapping with a card written by the student is always appreciated.
  2. It’s easy and fun to take photos, make and decorate a cardboard frame, put names and dates on the back, and give to the teacher to enjoy.
  3. A small plant or good luck bamboo in a small vase brightens up her desk and the classroom for the rest of the year.
  4. A mug full of nuts or an individual pack of hot chocolate mix. Add a candy cane for a special mint hot chocolate treat. If the teacher has been in the business for fifteen years, she may already have a zillion mugs, but a new teacher may be just starting her collection.
  5. If you know of a special interest the teacher has, shop for an ornament or box of note cards that reflects it.

Wrap any gift in festive paper and help your child write a note to go with the gift. If she is too young to write, have her color the message part of the card and “sign” her name. Before the day gets started at school or after school, go with your child to see the teacher and help her give the gift. That way you can share the experience and joy of giving together.

  • Nick

    very good post

  • Greg

    My parents are both agnostic. They homeschooled me because public schools these days are crap, not because they dispute science.

    • Zephod Beeblebrox

      Same here – just because the books are secular doesn’t mean
      the people presenting are…not all religious folks interject their beliefs,
      but from k – 1st grade we spent so much time correcting negative fed back our
      son was getting because his teachers did not understand scientific method or
      had a decent background in science – it was healthier to pull him out. Holidays were hilarious – the whole Santa/easter bunny thing was very hard for him.

  • Kamile Ko

    I am always considering, what would be the best present for my kids, because I want it to be not only funny, but also useful :) I would never thought that this kind of presents- Avytė can be attractive for my kids, but believe it is :)) SSo my suggestion would be from early days try to get used your kids to appreciate this kind of stuff :)

  • salty

    Home school is the original school. All public school is, is a place to deal with harassment, bullying, drugs, and to be baby sat. The only people that get more out of it are adults who sell the government materials and parents who would be horrible teachers. Sad fact is due to the requirement for two incomes (which is a product of public schools) parents can not really be dedicated to the family. They have to send their kids to the system in order to provide.

  • Albert einstien

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    execute a prime role in protecting children’s health, this site to match the
    parents and their children’s diet.
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    oxide help build muscle?

  • Guest

    Great site to get kids moving – these are 30 minute videos that get the kids exercising!

  • John Bishop

    I have been understudy teaching for the past semester and I will finish (and graduating!) in a few weeks. I’d get a kick out of the opportunity to give fairly goodbye gift to my understudies to let them know the sum I esteemed their tenacious work. They are genuinely my untouchable, so they have been excellent to me I don’t have an extensive measure of money (I don’t get paid to understudy train) to spend gifts. I was thinking about potentially a cake for the whole class or something. I’d get a kick out of the opportunity to hold it under $15….any contemplation?

  • Aley Adam

    I have been understudy educating for the past semester and I will complete (and graduating!) in half a month. I’d get a kick out of the chance to give reasonably farewell blessing to my understudies to tell them the whole I regarded their persevering work. They are truly my untouchable, so they have been superb to me I don’t have a broad measure of cash (I don’t get paid to understudy prepare) to spend blessings. I was considering possibly a cake for the entire class or something. I’d get a kick out of the chance to hold it under $15….any examination?

  • sad

    Sometimes, kids don’t do well socially. This is true for home and public school environments. These kids would probably be crucified and tormented in the public schools…like I was. I am not the social type either, and frankly, I don’t NEED to smile more or come out of my shell. Some people don’t include people who are different. I know, I was one of those different people. I wish I could have been removed from the hell that was public school.

  • Zephod Beeblebrox

    Maybe they are being homeschooled because they have social issues? That is one of the many reasons we homeschool….

  • sand

    Bigoted, much? I am a “fundie evangelical” and I also have multiple science related degrees. After 27 years of education, including post doctoral, and fellowship, etc etc, all in the biomedical sciences, I can say that it matters not one bit to me what people believe about prehistory, geology, or evolution. Most scientists that I know don’t use those ideas in their daily work. I can also say that your “god’s punishment for gays” slur is not worth contradicting. Because it is difficult to have a rational conversation with a bigot. Sorry your mind is closed so very tightly.

  • Zephod Beeblebrox

    Where is your research Erik? If you had bothered you would know almost half of all home schollers are secular homeschooling thier G/T special needs kids due to inadequate schools in affordable neighborhoods. Instead of antidotal, misinformed media based opinions you might want to use that scietific method and actually get to know the subject you post about. My 7 y/o is now more deeply involved in science (via robotics club, quantum mechanics,cosmology meet group, gardening/weather watch) than he ever could be in a
    traditional school setting – especially for his age.

  • Zephod Beeblebrox

    Very sorry this happened to your child – but the child that did this could have been public schooled as well – many of my secular friends homeschool becasue of the bullies and physical abuse their children endured in public school. This is one child who happened to be homeschooled – she did not do what she did because of the homeschooling.

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