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Happy Holidays!

Holiday Gift Guide: Toys to Inspire Creativity

Help your child explore their creativity and imagination with toys that bring out their musical, artistic, and physical abilities.

mozartmagiccubeMunchkin Mozart Magic Cube
Finally an educational, interactive music toy that isn’t annoying to parents! This cube turns your kiddo into a composer by combining the sounds of several instruments to perform a variety of Mozart’s masterpieces. The soft edges make it safe for your mini-Mozart!

Thinkfun Roll and Play Board GameThinkfun Roll and Play Board Game
One small box full of endless opportunities, this gift is a great way to introduce your child to games. Complete with a soft, plush game cube and over 40 playing cards, this game encourages children to begin making word associations while also inspiring creativity. It requires some fine motor skills, but is appropriate for 18 months +.

ALEX® Toys—Bathtime Fun Water Flutes ALEX® Toys—Bathtime Fun Water Flutes
Combine music class with bath mats! These simple water flutes will entertain kids of all ages in the tub. Younger kids will have a blast changing the tone of each flute by adding varying amounts of water, and older kids can learn different tunes with the waterproof song sheets.

MindWare Imaginets MindWare Imaginets
Inspire creative thinking and encourage visual and spatial development with a toy that combines magnets with a dry-erase board. Kids can build anything, from cars to cats, out of magnetic shapes and accompany each creation by drawing a set on the magnetic board—which conveniently doubles as a dry-erase board!

 ZoLO Chance Creativity Playsculpture ZoLO Chance—Creativity Playsculpture
A toy that challenges kids to think outside the box! Rather than provide them with typical shapes and instructions, this gift requires kids to think creatively by building structures out of unusual or nontraditional blocks. A gift that makes it okay to ask, “What did you build?”

Hohner 6-Piece Rhythm Instrument Set Hohner 6-Piece Rhythm Instrument Set
Turn your toddler’s playroom into a stage with this complete set of musical instruments, designed to help kids develop fine motor skills and rhythm. Your little one will be a mini one-baby-band in no time.

Tumbling Mat Tumbling Mat
Why spend money on a gym class for kids when you can bring the gym to your home? Tots were made for tumbling, and these mats make your home a safe place for them to let loose. Plus, they’ll tire themselves out before nap or bedtime!

Rory's Story Cubes Rory’s Story Cubes
Sometimes creative storytelling can be difficult for kids. Take some of that pressure off by playing with these story cubes. While still encouraging imagination and inventiveness, these blocks facilitate the development of verbal, written and physical communication.

Marble Run Marble Run
With over 100 pieces, this marble run play set will keep kids entertained for hours. It not only introduces them to the laws of physics but also inspires problem solving. Great for encouraging kids to play together!

Dr. Seuss Oh the Places You'll Go! Game Dr. Seuss Oh the Places You’ll Go! Game
Choose your own fantastical future in this whimsical game. Spend the day skydiving in the Grand Canyon, make delicious sushi in Japan, train your own chimpanzees in the Congo…you never know where you’ll wind up in this adventurous game.

Strawz Construct Your Own Drinking Straw Kit Strawz Construct Your Own Drinking Straw Kit
If only there were a toy that could keep kids entertained during mealtime, and also inspired creativity and unknowingly exposed them to science… now there is! Plus, it helps kids work on their fine motor skills.

Magic Set Magic Set
Give your mini-magician a truly whimsical holiday present! Kids love showing adults—and teaching other kids—the remarkable things they can do. With a kit like this that inspires them to learn and practice techniques, they’ll be truly proud of themselves.

  • Plantastic

    and now you can grow the ZOMBIE PLANT at home and watch how it Plays DEAD when you Touch it! It is fun and educational. see it now

  • Plantastic
  • Rebecca Robinson

    My wolf cut-out was made on April 27, 2013. He is seven months old. My zebra cut-out was made on April 26, 2013. My coyote/Dalmatian cut-out was made on December 9, 2013. My coyote/Dalmatian cut-out is three days old. My wolf/Dalmatian cut-out was made on December 2, 2013. My wolf/Dalmatian cut-out is ten days old. My panda cut-out was made on April 30, 2013. My panda cut-out is seven months old. I am teaching my panda cut-out Chinese. I am teaching my wolf/Dalmatian cut-out Spanish. My mouse/elephant cut-out was made on December 9, 2013. She is three days old.

  • Daniela Escobar

    I’m always looking for educational gift for the kids! This list rocks!!!
    P.S: Barnes and noble has a “build a fort” toy that’s awesome!! Specially because all kids love forts!

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