A few weeks ago I asked Savory Sweet Life Facebook fans, “What are your kids’ favorite healthy snacks and meals?”  The many responses were not only impressive, but they also provided a glimpse into the world of adventurous eaters.

Several parents stated apples and peanut butter were popular snack among families – mine included.  Who can resist crisp, tart and sweet apple slices smeared with creamy, slightly salted peanut butter?  It’s the perfect sweet and savory snack packed with protein.

I asked my own kids what their favorite snacks were.  Strawberries, edamame (soy beans), trail mix, popcorn, carrots and ranch, and other various fruit were mentioned.  Pretty standard kid snacks if you ask me – hardly what I call adventurous and I’m okay with this.

Then there was Chelsie C. who chimed in about her daughter’s favorite snack. “Believe it or not… caponata.  Put some on a baguette and she’s in paradise,” she writes.  In all honestly, I had no clue what caponta was so I did what all parents do when they don’t know the answer.  I Googled it.  Capanota is an Italian dish made of cooked vegetables including fried eggplant.  Wow… Chelsie’s daughter eats caponata!  Talk about adventurous eating.  I admit, I was a bit jealous because I love eggplant but my kids don’t.  I hope this will someday change.

Heather P. is a mother to a two year old daughter.  She also shared how much her daughter loves to eat fresh, raw vegetables from the garden including broccoli, beets, spinach, beans, and carrots.  She attributes her daughter’s healthy vegetable eating ways to the garden. She writes, “I think gardens help kids to be less skeptical of veggies because they engage with them more.” I couldn’t agree more!  My own kids will eat vegetables from our small little garden bed but will not eat the same vegetables when I buy them from the store and even farmers markets.  There is something about growing your own food children understand, respect, and appreciate.

So I ask you, what are your kids’ favorite healthy snacks and meals?  Do your kids eat similar to mine?  Or, are they more adventurous like Chelsie’s kids?  If you have a vegetable garden with your kids, have you noticed they eat more vegetables like Heather?  Chime in below, I would love to hear what you’re eating in your home and any tips you have for eating healthy snacks.

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16 Responses to “What Are Your Kids’ Favorite Healthy Snacks?”

  1. Aviva Goldfarb Aviva Goldfarb

    Alice, my kids love smoothies made with kefir, bananas and frozen berries or mango. Also fresh popped popcorn.

  2. Aimee @ Simple Bites

    Eggplant would be a stretch for my kids, but they love green vegetables, oddly enough. Cucumber rounds disappear fast, as do celery sticks with cream cheese and cold, steamed green beans.

  3. Matt G.

    Steamed sugarsnap peas are my go-to snack for my 2 year old son. He loves squeezing the peas out of the pod one by one. Edamame works too. He also loves black beans… I give him two bowls and he transfers them back and forth, practicing his fine motor and counting skills at the same time. It’s kind of messy, but eventually, they end up in his tummy (most of them, anyhow).

  4. Amber

    Well, my 3 year old sons lunch yesterday consisted of: pinepapple, apple, orange, cucumber, tomato, red pepper, and avocado (a new one for him). The best way to get him to try new fruit or veggie is to sit him on the counter by me and let him watch/help with the prep. Sometimes it also works to put new foods on a kabob stick along with other foods he loves. Yesterday he also had his favorite “puzzle” which is a tortilla (this one was a sundried tomato one) with shapes or letters cut out of it!

  5. Nicole

    My 3 yo son loves apples, popcorn and cheese sticks for snack. He’s a pretty basic guy.

  6. Chef Danielle

    My daughter devours carrot sticks with homemade ranch dressing. It’s been a great way to get her to eat her veggies.

  7. Merina

    My kids love my homemade kefir soaked crackers, with hummus or other bean based dip. Berries, apples, whatever fruit is in season. Homemade yogurt with cocoa powder and stevia, my daughter’s is made with coconut milk due to allergies (also the reason for all the cooking from scratch). My son loves popcorn popped in coconut oil topped with nutritional yeast.

    • Jessica

      I actually want to ask Merina if she would mind giving me her coconut milk recipe as my son is dairy allergic also. Thanks so much.

  8. alice

    So many of you feed your kids with great healthy snacks. I’m so impressed.

    Jessica: My daughter is also allergic to milk and the way I read Merina’s response is that she does a lot of scratch cooking because of allergies but I didn’t read her comment to mean she makes her own coconut milk. There are some great options right now for dairy alternatives including coconut, almond, and rice milk available in the dairy case.

  9. Kelly (Two Kids Cooking)

    My 11 year old son, Alex, loves berries of any kind. My 7 year old daughter, Sophia, likes cucumbers with ranch, cheese sticks. We also love making strawberry banana smoothies. Oh and popcorn with various seasonings is also another favorite, especially when it’s movie night 😀

  10. Colleen (Picture Me Cooking)

    My daughter loves apples, especially Honey Crisp Apples!! Both my daughter and my son love to come home from school and eat a hard boiled egg as well. Guess they crave the protein after a hard day lol!

  11. Nurit - 1 family. friendly. food.

    I can barely make my son go out to the vegetable garden 🙂 But they do get excited about picking tomatoes, blueberries, and strawberries and eating them right off the vine. Sadly the bounty this year was very, very slim.

  12. Marcia

    My daughter is 2 she favorites are apples slices with cheese, purple yams and frozen grapes. We have a small garden and she loves to pick her own veggies. She is an adventurous eater and we haven’t found any food she doesn’t like

  13. LovinLife

    My 19 month old likes cucumbers. we also give him healthy cereals to dip in plain yogurt.