Halloween is just weeks away and you know what that means, don’t you?  It’s time to start researching ideas for snacks and treats for your child’s class party.  As a former room parent for both of my daughters, I can tell you from experience Halloween parties are a BIG deal for students.  Not only are kids looking for the perfect costume, they look forward to a day of playing games, making crafts, and feasting on Halloween themed snacks and treats.

A legitimate concern for parents is the amount of sugar their children will consume during Halloween and during school parties.  Efforts at providing food that is balanced with not only sugary treats but with healthier options are appreciated.

During last year’s parties I saw individual bagged popcorn, lots of fresh fruit, vegetable trays, cupcakes or cookies, and no candy being served.  Drink options were limited to apple juice or water.  By limiting the treats to a minimum, students were happily eating fruit and vegetables, and I didn’t hear anyone complain.

I searched the web and found some great ideas for both savory and sweet Halloween ideas to inspire you.  I’ve also included two simple recipes which can be made with your elementary aged child.

If you have a Halloween snack or treat I missed, feel free to share it with us in the comment section.  I know parents everywhere will appreciate inspiration and ideas to help them bring their best to this years Halloween party.  If you have other friends who are searching for great ideas for Halloween, don’t forget to share this page with them too!Chocolate Covered Pretzels

Chocolate covered pretzels are a quick and easiest treats to make.  For Halloween I thought it would be great to make ghost themed pretzels by using just white candy coating, pretzel rods, and a black marker (Americolor Gourmet Writer) made specifically for edible designs.

Candy coating is very easy to work with.  The package comes in little bricks which melt very easily in the microwave and stay a smooth consistency for a long time.  Melt the candy coating according to package directions in a microwave safe mug, then dip each pretzel in the melted chocolate.  Lift the pretzel away from the cup and allow any excess to drip off.  Place coated pretzels with chocolate side up in a cup.  Allow 15-20 minutes to dry before drawing funny faces on each one.  Chocolate coating should be dry to touch before applying ink to it.  If you don’t have a marker, you can melt some chocolate chips in the microwave and use a toothpick like a paintbrush to gently draw faces.

Children can dip chocolate as well as draw faces.  This is a fun activity for families to do together.

Monster Mouth Apple Slices

Who said apple slices should always be boring?  They’re not here.  Cut each apple in quarters and cut away the core.  Cut a small wedge on the skin side of the apple.  Dip apples in lemon water or diluted orange juice to help keep the apples from turning brown.  Gently press slivered almonds in to both sides of the wedged apple for scary looking teeth.

Great Halloween Ideas Around the Blogosphere

This spooky black bean hummus recipe from Fat Free Vegan Kitchen is nut-free, gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegetarian.  Kids and grown-ups alike will appreciate a savory option to counterbalance the sweets.

These bread stick mummy hot dogs by Picky Palate probably wouldn’t work to serve during a class Halloween party but certainly would be well received at a home party.  This recipe uses pre-made bread stick dough to make it a simple and fun.

Bakerella’s spooky cake pops are almost too cute to eat.  These Halloween inspired treats would be welcomed and devoured by kids of all ages.
These Halloween themed chocolate covered caramel apples by Distracted Homemaker are extraordinary.  I’ve never seen anything quite like them.  Have you ever seen orange tinted candy corn cookies? Me neither.  Check out this great recipe from Bridgette at Bake at 350.  She is the queen of decorated cookies and also has other great Halloween cookie ideas on her site.

If you have time and love a creative challenge, these Halloween themed cookies from Annie’s Eats would make lovely party favors.

I keep hearing rumors about the cupcake craze being over.  I don’t know about you but with cupcakes as gorgeous as these, I hope the craze lives on forever.  Check out these beautiful Halloween cupcakes with detailed decorating instructions from Tiffin Tales.  She has really great step-by-step photos and directions to help you.

For anyone who prefers a layer cake over cupcakes, this amazing Halloween pumpkin layer cake by I Am Baker comes complete with a candle made of cake inside.  How did she do that?  She shows you how in her beautiful post.

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30 Responses to “Creative Halloween Snacks and Treats”

  1. Joy

    OMG…totally loving all these Halloween ideas! I always say that sometimes, us adults are the ones more excited about playing with food during this spooktacular event. 🙂

  2. smart cookie

    If anyone can write where you can buy some items such as the Americolor gourmet writer???

  3. alice

    Smart Cookie: I bought mine at a cake decorating store but I’ve also seen them being sold at Michaels Crafts. You can also by Wilton brand candy coated wafers in various colors at Michaels too. Hope this helps.

  4. Dessert Darling

    Ahh- These are all so freaking adorable!! What cute and clever ideas 🙂 I’m hosting a Halloween gathering this year, so I’ll totally try one or more (!) of these cute creations 🙂

    I found you thanks to the Picky Palate’s tweet!

  5. Amanda

    Thank you SO much for including my little cake in this amazing group of ideas… you really assembled some talented folks!

    And thanks for getting to word out about this site… I had no idea it was here and my kids are on PBS Kids all day long… I am totally loving it!


  6. Heather

    What fabulous Halloween Treat ideas! Too cute for words! Now to get busy in my own kitchen to re-create some of these.

  7. bridget {bake at 350}

    I LOVE these ideas! Those apple TEETH….too fun! I can’t wait for my kiddo to open his lunch box and see those!

    Thank you so much for including me here! 🙂

  8. Nick Shein

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for including more than just one token “healthy” Halloween treat. My kids are particularly sensitive to refined sugar and food dyes, making many of the typical frosted, candy-decorated Halloween treats off-limits. Looking forward to making the mummy dogs as a Halloween dinner treat!

  9. alice

    Halloween treats have never looked so good!

    Nick: Thank you for your constant support here at Kitchen Explorers – I’ve noticed! It’s funny you mentioned the token “healthy” treat. This is exactly why I wanted to feature a wide variety of snacks and treats!

  10. Lori Welander

    Mummy Dogs are also great as “Baby Moses Dogs” for teaching Sunday School or reading activity with Bible stories. Recipe works well with mini hot dogs to adapt for large #’s.

  11. Julie

    Love it! Definitely doing the pretzel rod ghosts for both my boys’ class parties : o

  12. Alice Currah Alice Currah

    Brook: Thank you for posting the link for Our Best Bites. How did I miss them in my search? I love the link you shared.

  13. LovinLife

    I love the suggestions – so creative and fun! The pretzel ghosts are adorable!

  14. Susan

    I love the hummus idea. It’s nice to see a party buffet item that is festive and not loaded with sugar and fat (there is no shortage of sweets on Halloween, so the cupcakes and cake pops and such *especially the ones with food dyes* are less impressive.