I always have at least 3 different kinds of rice on my shelf (and sometimes in my freezer). Whether it’s Jasmine, brown, basmati or wild, we enjoy rice as a side dish at least once a week and often as component of a main dish. It’s such a simple and satisfying grain, and so easy to work with, at least most of the time.

But rice has a dark side for some people…many of you have told me that you have a hard time getting the proportions and timing right for your rice on the stovetop, or your rice boils over while it’s cooking, sticks to the bottom of the pan, or just comes out gummy or watery. That’s exactly why so many people are deeply attached to their rice cookers.

Experienced cooks I know tell me that Zojirushi makes the most reliable, easiest to use rice cookers of all. That’s why I’m delighted to announce that Zojirushi has agreed to let Alice and me give away one of their top of the line rice cookers, the Neuro 5 ½ cup Fuzzy Rice Cooker & Warmer, which retails for nearly $200! Zojirushi rice cookers can help you make perfect white or brown rice every time. They are easy to use and easy to clean. This thing is so clever it can practically set the table for you!

As one of our holiday gifts to you this week (stay tuned Wednesday and Thursday for more exciting gifts) one lucky Kitchen Explorers reader is going to win this Zojirushi rice cooker & warmer.

To be eligible to win, leave a comment below telling us what kind of rice you cook most (white, brown, basmati, wild, etc.). While you’re at it, subscribe to Kitchen Explorers by email (on the left hand column of the site), so you don’t miss any of our fabulous giveaways, recipes and other tasty tips. The contest is open to everyone with a US mailing address.  Entries must be submitted by tonight, December 7th, at 11:59 p.m. PST and will be announced here on December 8th. Good luck and happy rice cooking!


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228 Responses to “Zojirushi Rice Cooker Giveaway”

  1. Beth F

    I usually cook brown basmati, but I I always have a short-grain on hand for risotto and a white basmati as well.

  2. Jill W

    I also use brown basmati the most. I have instant brown rice on hand for those dinners that just didn’t get made on time.

  3. John Hodgson

    Jasmine and basmati rice here, but sometimes we get a hankering for risotto so we bust out the aborio!

  4. Charlynne

    I mostly cook Japanese-style white rice or short grain brown rice.

  5. LifetimeReader

    We tend to have brown basmati with Indian food and the like. But when I am cooking Southern, we cook organic white rice grown in South Carolina near my folks! (I grew up eating rice for at least one meal a day.)

  6. SJ

    We cook short grain brown rice the most, but also white rice sometimes – actually our go to grain is couscous because it cooks so quickly!!

  7. Julie B

    White rice here, although I’m now interested in the brown basmati mentioned here 🙂 We’re trying to eat healthier, but just can’t handle the whole grain pastas and brown rice. I buy instant rice because I can’t cook regular rice to save my life!!! Tried again last night for our stir-fry…part mushy, part crunchy.

  8. Rebecca

    I cook rice all the time. Favorite is basmati; trying more and more brown rice to be healthier! Would love a rice cooker!

  9. heidi

    I’ve been working my way through a 20# bag of Massa Organics brown rice – amazing!

  10. Shannon

    Mostly brown, with wild thrown in every once in awhile. We live out in the country and that is about as exotic as it gets at our grocery store.

  11. Heather H

    We eat brown rice in our home. A lot. I’ve never used a rice cooker but have always been curious. We use brown rice as a side dish at least once a week and we also use it in stirfry and veggie wraps.

  12. Nancy

    We do mostly brown rice or my daughter’s favorite, saffron. But not often enough (and honestly, mostly thanks to Trader Joe’s steam bags. Can I admit that?)

  13. Sean

    My favorite is Thai sticky rice, but it requires a different cooking method. Aside from that, I live brown rice for the flavor.

  14. Micaela

    jasmine is my usual all-purpose rice, tho I love the nutty flavor of brown rice and would have it more often if my husband liked it.

  15. Michael

    Basmati most of the time, but also arborio or carnaroli, especially for risotto

  16. Maria

    Usually it’s brown – short grain for Aviva’s delicious Spanish rice – or long grain. As a treat, especially with curries, it’s white basmati or Carolina extra long grain.

  17. Stephanie

    It used to be simple long grain white rice until I learned (6.5 years after marriage) that he can’t stand the stuff. So now I typically cook Jasmine rice.

  18. Danielle

    I cook mostly brown rice here. When I loose track of time and need something quicker I make quinoa or whole wheat couscous.

  19. Nancy Ooms

    I use brown, wild, white and blastmic< i have a 25 lbs bag of it. we love rice in soups or as a base for veggies. good nutrious filling food. thanks for the chance to win.

  20. Martha Lorantos

    Trader Joe’s has a brown rice medley that is a staple in my house. It’s a blend of long grain brown rice, black barley and daikon radish seeds. I also use my rice cooker to make a lot of one-pot meals. I’d like to get Roger Ebert’s new book about cooking meals in the rice cooker. It would go so well with the Zojirushi…

  21. Julie S

    We primarily cook basmati or brown. We keep both on hand and cook tons. Love having cooked rice on hand to use with curries, beans or in salads.

  22. Nora Lavender

    We usually have brown long grain. I really hope we win! I have a cookbook about using fuzzy logic rice cookers to make lots more than rice and am itching to try out the recipes.

  23. Mara

    We usually cook regular white rice or sushi rice, the sticky nature helps keep the clean up to a minimum with a preschooler and toddler.

  24. Amy A

    We cook mostly white rice, and some brown short grain and some Basmati too. I’m trying to sell the whole family on Brown Rice. I love short grain brown rice, but it still can take twice as long to cook as white rice.

  25. Julie Davis

    I keep a pantry stocked with different rices – I love experimenting in the kitchen. I always have on hand jasmine, basmati, long grain and arborio. I would say I cook Jasmine the most but we really love all rice.

  26. Jennifer

    Mostly short grain brown rice but sometimes sushi rice for fun and MESS.

  27. Jennifer H

    We use brown basmati rice the most. It goes well with nearly everything!

  28. Kaycee Vandenberg

    We eat a ton of brown rice. This would be very useful.

  29. W Moy

    We usually cook long grain white or calrose rice, bit oftwn times jazz it up with either a mix of brown, quinia, or add slices of sweet potatoe!

  30. Lisa

    We do not normally eat rice, it does take longer and a more watchful eye. I was interested to read that you freeze rice – is that cooked – then reheat? and taste, texture is fine?

  31. Cindy

    Jasmine rice is our favorite right now. Beans and rice are a staple at my house. Love, love, love any shape, kind or form of rice!!

  32. Karen Riggins

    I usually have white rice and brown rice around, as I do not know a lot about rice. I am still learning. I would love to learn more and expand my experience and this cooker would be a GREAT way to do so!!

  33. Patricia Paul

    I steam long grain white rice that I have rinsed about five times. For variety, I toss in a handful of wild rice and they steam together. I prefer the brown rice for health, nutrition and nutty flavor, but my current rice cooker does not produce the results I enjoy. Thank you for the opportunity to enter your contest!

  34. Tricia

    we cook a lot of brown rice but on ocassion I will get some basmati rice and take 1/4 of it (precooked) and put food coloring in it, the kids love to see “rainbow rice” and it changes things up so dinner is not so boring.

  35. W Moy

    We usually cook long grain white or calrose rice, but often jazz it up with a mix of brown or quinoa or ad slices of sweet potatoe!

  36. Megan

    We love about any kind of rice – but jasmine is probably the most used in our house.

  37. Todd Moser

    We cook rice in our house about every way, kind, or size depending on whats being eaten on top or the side of it.
    Choosing one over another isn’t very hard because we all agree the brown sticky rice is the best, but white, sticky, fried, brown, wild, basmati, coconut, small, medium, or large grain either way its still a great grain.

  38. Liza Dore

    I usually make long grain rice in a pot… no fun. I would definitely make brown rice more often if I win this machine.. this rice cooker is sweeet!!

  39. W Moy

    We usually cook long grain white or calrose rice, but often jazz it up with a mix of brown rice or quinoa or slices of sweet potatoes!

  40. Jan Johnson

    We love rice with just about everymeal, including breakfast. I use white long grain, brown and jasmine. For us, a meal isn’t compete without rice.

  41. christene

    i cook basmati most frequently in the rice cooker, but i also make jasmine fairly often as well.

  42. Janessa Hall

    We usually cook a medium grain brown rice, although sometimes we use white basmati for dishes we need to cook more quickly. Occasionally we use wild rice.

  43. Susanna

    We mostly cook organic basmati brown rice. But every Christmas Eve I make a rice pudding and usually use long grain white rice or rice pearls.

  44. Jessica

    We have an excellent vendor at the West Side Market in Cleveland called Urban Herbs. I buy my rice from them – most recently red rice. This rice is so delicious – it has become the staple in our house instead of brown. It’s great for breakfast with poached eggs.

  45. Angela hill

    I love to make wild rice, however since children their preference seems to be white only.

  46. wendy

    We love Jasmine Rice! The sweet flavor mixes well with all our dishes and stands alone quite nice. I have not tried a of rice cooker, opting for the traditional method on the stove…but always open to trying new things. Thank you for the opportunity 🙂

  47. tbumbaugh

    Unfortunatley we only cook white rice… from a bag 🙁
    I’m the worlds worst rice cooker!!

  48. josie Jackman

    Wild rice..but would like to try more…i have difficulty cooking it.

  49. melissa mcgahen

    my mom is korean so we used to cook a lot of white medium grain rice but she was recentley dx with type 2 diabetes so we have switched to brown rice. Sometimes we throw some beans in it too!

  50. melissa brown

    We mostly cook brown rice and barley. We have an old rice cooker with no bells and whistles, and I’ve been wanting to upgrade to a fancier rice cooker for awhile now.

  51. Amy

    White usually and only because the times I’ve tried to cook brown it turns out really soggy/gummy =\ I’m curious to try the other types of rice mentioned by other commentors 🙂

  52. Evan D.

    More often than not I make basmati rice because it’s so versatile. Just tried brown basmati which is delicious and has the great basmati flavor beyond the brown rice.

  53. Sunny Miller

    I mostly cook Japanese-style white rice or short grain brown rice. I also like to steam my veggies!

  54. Carolyn

    I cook white and brown rice for my family, but it never comes out great. I used to live in Japan many years ago and covet a good rice cooker since I don’t have one now. This one sounds like a dream!

  55. Sarah JU

    Mostly jasmine. Whole foods has an awesome frozen rice. I suck at making rice so its good in a pinch!

  56. Monique DiCarlo

    Usually brown, but often Basmati as well, since it has such nice flavor with Thai dishes. My friend has a rice cooker and it looks so easy to cook rice that way, would love to try it!

  57. Sara P.

    I mostly cook white to appease the tastes of my family, but I would cook wild rice everyday if it were just me.

  58. Elizabeth

    We cook brown rice mostly. The husband loves wild rice, so he gets that with certain meals.

  59. Lisa Harper

    I used to cook only plain white rice. Tried brown rice for awhile but DD just won’t eat it. Now I cook jasmine rice. I love wild rice but hardly ever think to buy it – go figure.

  60. heather speaks

    i mainly cook white rice. but, i’ve looking to branch out to wild rice and basmati.

  61. janel

    I mostly cook brown basmati rice. My rice always comes out mushy but I bet it wouldn’t with a rice cooker!

  62. PY Leow

    I’ve tried the brown rice but my little one says it’s lack the fragrant of white rice. So, on daily basis white rice is the choice. Our family also enjoys rice porridge on a cold day.

  63. Jennifer R. Marsh

    I loove jasmine rice…especially with salmon and baby bok choy. The fragrance of the rice is soooo good!

  64. Jennifer M

    We cook only brown rice in our house. We seem to only get it right about half the time, which is why a rice cooker would be awesome!

  65. Mary

    Usually just brown instant rice here. Would love to try all the different types being mentioned though!

  66. Angela

    We mostly cook Jasmine rice, has a great nutty flavor that goes well with pretty much anything. We do however, like to experiment with the flavors and add things like saffron and cardamom, all sorts of spanish flavor, etc.

  67. Jacqui

    In my house, it is primarily jasmine rice. I find that it goes with everything…Asian, Italian, French, Chinese…and my family loves the aroma and texture. Recently discovered a black rice at our local organic market, 4th Generation Organic Market here in Boca Raton, and it is wonderful by itself or mixed with the jasmine (which is a lovely alternative to the standard wild rice mixture). Since we eat rice almost every day, having this wonderful cooker would be such a blesing for us!

  68. Heather Gragg

    I mostly cook white but if I won this I would be sure to experiment with many other kinds! Thanks for the chance to win!

  69. Aisling

    I love Basmati rice, but I’ve discovered that you can also do quinoa in the rice cooker which is great…

  70. Nick Shein

    Brown rice. We always have a batch of brown rice in the fridge; my 4yo daughter would eat nothing else if we let her. I eat it often as well. Sometimes we have brown basmati or jasmine rice, but usually it’s the plain ol’ brown kind. Yum!

  71. LeeAnn P.

    I mostly cook brown rice since it’s healthier for the kids. My fave however, is short grained japanese style white rice!

  72. Aisling

    I love basmati rice and sticky rice but I love that you can also substitute quinoa for rice in many recipes..

  73. Cynthia Lehner

    We mostly use instant (or those precooked bags from TJ’s) brown rice…because I can’t cook rice to save my life! So a rice cooker would be a godsend to me.

  74. Sarah H

    With two picky eaters in the house, I try to sneak veggies etc. into various kinds of rice…since they actually like rice!

  75. donna islas

    our family loves jasmine rice. sometimes we cook basmati and top it with bernaise. im so glad my 3 boys love rice, it is something i can cook and be sure they will eat.

  76. jennifer d

    I cook mostly white rice, but my family will eat all types as long as mother cooks it.

  77. Alyssa

    I finally learned how to cook brown rice so it actually tastes good! That’s my favorite (though sticky rice with Chinese food is a guilty pleasure)

  78. Angela

    We try to use brown rice more often, but my love for basmati gets in the way. Trader Joe’s makes a brown basmati, so that was a good compromise!

  79. JLaw

    I grew up eating Kokuho extra fancy, and Loooove that, but now that I’m getting a little bit older and have my husband’s and daughter’s health to consider, I try to use brown rice wherever I can. Sometimes, though, you just have to have that lovely glutenous sticky rice 😀

  80. Lindsay Record

    I cook both white and brown rice. I have been cooking more brown than white rice.

  81. Lindsay Record

    I cook mostly brown rice now but I do still cook white rice.

  82. Lindsay Record

    I cook mostly brown rice but still do cookwhite rice as well.

  83. Lindsay Record

    I cook both white an brown rice, depending on what I am cooking!

  84. Erin

    White is the most common in our house but I’ve recently discovered a wild rice blend that we love.

  85. mary

    about 50/50 either organic white or organic brown. we LOVE rice!

  86. mary

    we cook either organic brown or organic white each about equally

  87. Maria

    I cook white rice, brown rice, jasmine white rice and jasmine brown rice. I hope I win! Would be great for this homeschool, part-time retail sales mom and grandmom!

  88. Bonnie Doberstein

    At our house we use whatever organic rice I can find. Sometimes is can be difficult to find an organic rice so we are not fussy about what kind, color, etc. We eat rice 2-3 times a week if not more. My kids are not huge fans of potatoes so rice it is!

  89. Suzanna F.

    I try and cook brown, but my family doesn’t like the nutty taste, so I cook a lot of jasmine or jasmine/brown mix. If you mix and want to hide (tone it down) some of the nutty flavor, use 2/3 jasmine 1/3 brown.

  90. Sandra Simmons

    Brown. 🙂 And it’s hit or miss getting it right on the stove for me. We also love Basmati and Jasmine. White is great too. OK, I guess we like all rice! lol. I’ve heard about this machine that you’re giving away and I would love to have it!

  91. Nicole Eggerts

    I love rice. All kinds. And I have often messed it up. Would love a rice cooker,

  92. Stacey

    We cook SO much rice in our house. I usually cook organic, long-grain, brown rice (in fact we are having fried rice tonight). When we make Indian food, we use organic basmati rice (yum!).

    I would love to have this nice rice cooker to help me prepare the best rice! Thanks for the opportunity.

  93. Amy

    I have to admit I use white minute rice the most. I do use brown rice for brown rice burgers (yum!) and long grain white for some recipes. I am not the best at cooking rice so a rice cooker would be so nice.

  94. Rachel

    I love jasmine rice. My family hosted an exchange student from Thailand about ten years ago and he introduced us to it. It has been our staple rice ever since!

  95. Zahra Duffy

    I usually cook basmati rice because that’s the kind I grew up with. I do keep white and brown rice in my pantry at all times as well!

  96. Adrianne

    The kids like short grain sweet brown rice. It is a little sticky and holds together for “rice balls”….just rolled into 2 inch balls and covered in sesame seeds and seasoning. They are fun to dip and easy to pack in lunches.

  97. Alana McNiel

    We recently tried Red Himalayan Rice, super yummy!! So nutty and flavorful.

  98. Diana Gervits

    we live on Brown Basmati rice. We buy it by the sackfuls.

  99. Hsiao-Ching

    I keep several rices on hand: short-grain Japanese, jasmine, basmati, arborio, and bomba. Rice is not rice is not rice.

  100. Donna

    I cook all kinds of rice. Our family favorite is basmati, although brown, white, wild and jasmine are favorites too! I like to use rice in alot of dishes and have always wanted a rice cooker. Some days my rice comes out perfect and other times like paste. Dont know how or why since I cook it the same all the time and it seems different all the time…

  101. M Johnson

    I make either brown or white basmati rice. I prefer the brown, but sometimes my husband wants just plain old white rice! Also the white rice makes for a great Scandinavian dessert dish!

  102. Megan Burger

    I almost always use a short grain brown rice….. 🙂

  103. Amy

    I always cook with brown rice (most nutritional for my kiddos) but we love ALL kinds of rice! 🙂

  104. Tracey M

    I really like Jasmati rice by Rice Select; a wonderful combination of my two favorites Jasmine and Basmati rice. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  105. Vicki T.

    I cook jasmine rice. Sometimes I will also mix jasmine with short grain sweet rice to make it “sticky”.

  106. Amy

    My family lives on rice! Thai white rice, brown, and arborrio are my personal favorites. My partner likes straight up white rice. Both kids will eat any way it’s served for any meal – sometimes as a main dish: white with soy sauce and parmesan cheese; brown with butter and honey; pilaf; risotto; paella.

  107. Zoe V

    I mostly cook white rice for my dishes. I just love the texture and the simplistic flavor.

  108. Stacy Keller

    I usually cook quick-cooking brown rice, or long grain white rice on my stove top. Once in a while I cook Basmati rice, too.

  109. Seattlejo

    We cook a lot of long grain rice, and then a 12 grain rice mix. Yum.

  110. Megan

    It’s usually basmati or jasmine here, but I also have brown and sushi rice that we use occasionally, too. We love rice!

  111. Monica L.

    I used to cook white basmati but now have switched to brown basmati. Now I just need to find brown sushi rice! 🙂

  112. Alicia

    I mostly cook with brown rice, and will usually cook other types of rice when trying out new recipes that call for other types such as basmati, jasmine,white,etc.!

  113. Tasha

    While our absolute favorite rices are a wild rice blend or jasmine rice, the rice that is cooked the most often in our house is brown.

  114. Kandace

    White and jasmine. We love rice w all kinds of meals.

  115. Jennifer I

    We live our white rice. Sometimes we’ll jazz it up with a little bit of wild rice mixed in.

  116. Vasu

    I cook all types of rice. My biggest challenge is brown rice

  117. Robin

    We mostly make Nishiki sushi rice. My 4 yr old especially loves it because it is sticky and easy to eat. I have wanted to try some recipies where you cook the whole dish in the rice cooker at once, but my rice cooker is not up to the task.

  118. KarenP

    I mostly cook with calrose rice – it’s my husband’s favorite and goes so well with Asian-inspired dishes.

  119. HeatherA

    Wow, this would be perfect! I usually cook brown and/or wild rice for regular meals, but we love making calrose for our homemade sushi and other Asian dishes.

  120. Yariana

    Mostly white rice, sometimes Basmati. But we love making paella.

  121. Sheilah Miller

    I cook white rice and if I can afford it I splurge for the Asian white rice.

  122. April May

    Our family enjoys every kind of rice, but nothing is as good as perfectly cooked sticky rice!

  123. Jennifer Edwards

    I cook brown rice the most, but also cook quinoa in the rice cooker!

  124. Christy

    I always cook brown rice (except when I add in some wild rice) and I use it a lot. The rice cooker has saved me as a mom plenty of times, like when I need to make dinner but the kids want to go to the playground, or when I realize at midnight that I forgot to plan the next day’s school lunch… Just throw it in the rice cooker and walk away. Voila!

  125. Marjorie L.

    I cook brown rice the most but I usually have jasmine and wild on hand with the occasional white thrown in to satisfy the kids.

  126. Larry

    Usually Japanese short grain but also basmati, arborio, and brown.

  127. Juli P

    I cook whatever rice I have in the cupboard…usually brown or basamati, sometimes we even have brown basamati!

  128. Kimberly

    We usually make either jasmin or basmati rice. They both smell and taste so good!

  129. Anna

    I usually cook brown or basmati rice, and could definitely use a rice cooker to make more space on the stovetop.

  130. Maryhelen Tapio

    I quit cooking rice because no one would eat it. Maybe a rice cooker would be a better method!

  131. Louise

    Mainly short grained sushi-style rice, but I love basmati and jasmine rice, too.

  132. Venia

    Oh, I have my fingers crossed…I have been lusting after this cooker for two years now! We eat a variety of rices…brown, brown basmati and jasmine. But, honestly I can’t cook rice right to save my life. I usually end up with mush or undercooked.

  133. allyson

    Brown jasmine rice is what I cook most often these days.

  134. eatquestnyc

    i use cannaroli sometimes as a “regular” rice instead of for risotto, jasmine, red and basmati. but mostly cooking rice scares me. and i can cook. thanks for the offer here!

  135. Elina

    Mostly brown, basmati, white. But sometimes we even go for instant… 😀

  136. Laura

    Right now I have in basmati, jasmine, sushi, and converted white rices. Sometimes I also make yellow rice from a mix, but it is so salty that it has to be a sometimes food.

  137. Elizabeth Terry

    White jasmine or brown basmati, depending what it’s to be served with.

  138. Erin O'Keefe

    Plain and simple white rice. Great with salmon. Yummers!

  139. Jessica

    We mostly cook white or brown rice, but I’m awful at cooking it so we don’t have it very often. I’d love this rice cooker to make my rice perfect every time!

  140. Rachael

    We cook all varieties of rice but use a lot of short grain brown as it is very versatile and we can add it to so many dishes. We eat rice at least 4 times a week so I would definitely utilize this rice cooker.

  141. Meghan

    I’m partial to jasmine rice but have been trying to eat more brown

  142. Kaname650

    White rice, usually Kokuko Rose cuz that’s what I grew up eating. We used to get 80 pound sacks when I was a kid!!!

  143. Nobuko Oshima

    I cook plain white rice for sushi and cook multi-grain rice for my daily meal.
    I also cook curry, stew and bake cheesecake. Wish there would be another name for ricecooker. Ricecooker is no longer one of the cooking tool just to cook rice. It’s multi-tasking operator.

  144. Tracie

    Jasmine’s my favorite, but I grew up eating Japanese calrose rice, so that’s what I make for the family. It’s easier to eat with chopsticks too.

  145. dawn

    For goodness sake, I’m from South Carolina, so I cook long grain white rice at least twice a day!

  146. Yuri

    I cook white rice with almost every meal but I’m really trying to go brown rice only.

  147. kwan park

    I can’t wait to get my hands on a Zojirushi someday, whether it be a prize or self-procured. My old man always said, it’s not a meal without rice, specifically, white rice. It’s what I cook & eat most often.

  148. Audrey Horn

    I typically make white rice to go with my SEA dishes. Occasionally I like to make flavored rice such as cilantro lime, biryani, yellow rice or paella. All can easily be done in a rice cooker. Having a Zojirushi would be a treat to have in the kitchen 😉

  149. Camila

    I make mostly jasmine rice, because that’s what my family loves, and we eat it with almost every meal.

  150. Ali

    We eat tons of brown rice in our house. My son is gluten free.

  151. Janet

    We are trying to eat lots of brown basmati….trying to get more whole grains in the kids’ diet. Would LOVE a rice cooker – what a lifesaver that would be.

  152. MK

    we eat rice almost everyday and would love a new rice cooker!

  153. Teresa

    I would say we cook jasmine rice the most, followed very closely by basmati and brown rice. We love ALL rice and have it at least 3 times a week. And, oh yes, we would LOVE a rice cooker! 🙂

  154. Allison

    I love white or brown rice 🙂 I would love a rice cooker for my family to eat better!!

  155. Mary Mom

    Basmati and brown. I would be the happiest cook of all if I won this cooker.

  156. Joanne K-J

    I love medium grain brown rice. But I don’t have a rice cooker and I just can’t make it edible on the stove. So I make a large batch in the oven using a technique I learned from Cook’s Illustrated Magazine and I freeze the extra.

  157. Michelle R

    Basmati in our house, but we always try other varieties.

  158. Sharlene M

    The kids love white rice!!! Rice with chicken nuggets! And sometimes just plain rice! We cook rice 3 times a week….love sticky rice with mangoes, short grain in sushi, basmati for simple Indian dishes…most recently, love the Forbidden black rice served with grilled salmon, curry sauce. rice cooker only makes life easier!!!

  159. Cookie_mom

    Bad white rice mostly!!! I want to win so my vegetarian daughter will eat my rice and my husband can stop talking about how bad it is!! Somebody help me!!

  160. Terra

    I love brown rice. We have brown rice at least 2 times a week.

  161. Jo

    I try to foist brown rice onto my family, but they prefer white rice. I love basmati and jasmine, but will dive headfirst into a nice bowl of sticky white rice for a special treat.

  162. Jo

    We love white rice as a family, but I also enjoy brown as well as the harvest blend from Costco.

  163. Amanda

    I cook brown rice or wild rice for my family. I am still trying to make perfect rice.

  164. Camila

    I won! How do I claim it? I’m really excited, I’ve never won anything before!

  165. Rachael L

    I love moist, white rice. I love all rice actually, but I could eat plain white seasoned with butter or soy sauce or garlic or just plain for every meal.

  166. Rachael L

    * and I know its closed I was just sharing my love of white rice 😉

  167. Teresa Maclaren

    I love to eat plain white rice with butter and salt on top…………….mmmm