My cookbook collection over the past year has grown out of control with no signs of slowing down.  I love reading through each one, finding inspiration, and drooling over beautiful food photos to help me prepare dishes my family and I will eat.  One of my favorite pastimes is sitting down on my couch with cup of coffee and a pile of cookbooks and folding the corners of every recipe I would like to make in the near future.  You just can’t do that with an electronic E-reader.   I know I’m not the only one that loves the feel of flipping through pages and imagining what each recipe taste like.  Right?

Today on Kitchen Explorers I am excited to announce a special giveaway.  What we have for you is not one, not two, not even three… but a collection of six wonderful cookbooks by well known food writers and bloggers including our very own Aviva Goldfarb!  Most people would be happy to win one cookbook, but for one lucky Kitchen Explorers reader you will be receiving a copy of all six cookbooks!

Here’s a summary of each cookbook:

SOS! The Six O’Clock Scramble to the Rescue by Aviva GoldfarbOur very own Kitchen Explorer Contributor helps take the stress out of mealtime by providing weekly meal plans, recipes, and grocery shopping tips encouraging readers to eat seasonally and healthier while leaving a lighter environmental impact.

Cake Pops by Bakerella (Angie Dudley) Recreate 40 irresistible cake pops on a stick.  These mini treats have become an international sensation and New York Times best-selling author Bakerella shows you just how easy it is to make them from your home.

The Pioneer Woman Cooks by Ree Drummond Wildly popular blogger and New York Times best-selling author The Pioneer Woman shares her family recipes from her Oklahoma ranch.  Readers will appreciate her warm and friendly voice and approachable recipes, which are accompanied by detailed step-by-step photos of the entire process.

Perfect One-Dish Dinners by Pam Anderson In her latest New York Times best-selling cookbook, Pam shows you how to feed family and friends amazing dinners in one satisfying dish.  Her recipes are perfect for any occasional guaranteed to “wow” guests and have fewer dishes to wash by the end of the night.  Recipes also include suggested wine pairing and instant alternatives.

High Flavor, Low Labor by J.M. Hirsch – Associated Press food editor J.M. Hirsch shows us how to cook 150 bold tasting recipes using intensely flavored ingredients.  We can spend less time in the kitchen by allowing the ingredients do most of the work.  His recipes were created with families and their busy schedules in mind.

* Read our interview with J. M. Hirsch here.*

Nonna Tell Me a Story by Lidia Bastianich Popular PBS cooking celebrity and New York best-selling author Lidia Bastianich shares her Christmas traditions in her first children’s book inspired by her grandchildren.  This book is filled with a wonderful message on why family traditions are important.   Several recipes are also included..

*Read our interview with Lidia here.*

To be eligible to win, leave a comment below telling us about your favorite cookbook and why you love it.   One entry per person. While you’re at it, subscribe to Kitchen Explorers by email (on the left hand column of the site), so you don’t miss any of our fabulous giveaways, recipes and other tasty tips. The contest is open to everyone with a US mailing address.  Entries must be submitted by tonight, December 8th, at 11:59 p.m. PST and will be announced here on December 9th. Good luck!  Contest is now closed. Congratulations to Melinda Kim from Maryland!

PS:  Make sure you come back tomorrow for another amazing giveaway!

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242 Responses to “A Collection of Six Cookbooks Giveaway”

  1. Nina

    I love Ree’s cookbook! the step by step pictures are a huge help!

    • Jina

      I love the America’s Test Kitchen Family Baking Book. It is filled with kitchen tested recipes that would be great for anyone wanting to learn the art of baking.

  2. Jeff S.

    I usually find the majority of my recipes online, but would love to have Ree’s cookbook.

  3. pam

    I love Nigella Lawson’s “How to Be a Domestic Goddess: Baking and the Art of Comfort Cooking.” It’s such a fun read and it makes you want to bake/cook everything.

  4. Brandy

    My favorite cookbook is Hungry Girl 200 under 200. It is my favorite because I love that it contains healthy recipes that taste amazing!

  5. Ellie

    I confess, my most used cookbook is a Martha Stewart Cookie special magazine edition. I love trying new things and often turn to the internet for inspiration for meals, mostly because I just can’t pick one or two cookbooks to buy.

  6. Ann Garza

    I love Ina ‘s Back to Basics cookbook! It’s helped and encourged to build basic/solid recipes of my own or find recipes that have helped me make the dish
    my very own.

  7. Shari Binion

    Wierdly enough, my favorite cookbook is my Better Homes & Gargen cookbook that my mother gave to me when I got engaged. It is the traditional engagement gift for women in our family for generations, and while on a daily basis I use my more contemporary cookbooks and the internet, it has never failed me and is filled with recipes from my childhood. The book is as almost as comforting to me as the food that I cook with it.

  8. happycao

    Hi I love Flatbreads and Flavors, I forgot the authors names, but it was their journey around the world trying different breads and exploring their cultures. Their storytelling makes me feel like I could taste it in that country.

  9. Debbie W.

    I just love cake pops. I’ve only had a chance to glance at the book but would LOVE to have a copy of my own!

  10. Susan Lawrence

    My grandmother gave me her Betty Crocker cookbook when I was in high school and took time to cook together to write down all the recipes she had no recipes written down for. Within a few years she was struggling severely with Alzheimer’s and no longer cooked. I still use the book and cards we wrote down together. Seeing the notes she wrote in the margins and on the cards helps me feel close to her and those times together in her kitchen, over 25 years ago. The best gift ever from her!

  11. Jen Larson

    I go to my Betty Crocker Cooking Basics because of it’s simple, classic recipes. But my favorite cookbok to browse is Nigella Feasts by Nigella Lawson. It is a beautiful book.

  12. Mom24@4evermom

    I find my favorite cookbook changes, but right now, it’s any of my Barefoot Contessa’s. She’s amazing and I love that her recipes are often not difficult, but you end up feeling like you’ve done something special. Plus, the flavors really work for my family.

  13. Heather

    I love to make bread and my favorite bread cookbook ever is Peter Reinhart’s “The Bread Baker’s Apprentice.” Each recipe is outstanding and the book is incredibly educational.

  14. Tasha

    Sadly, my collection is pretty small, but I’m working on it. The two that get the most use in our house are Webber’s Real Grilling, by my husband, and Better Homes and Gardens, which I consult frequently for its reference charts.

  15. Alise

    Tried & true, my go to is the NY Times Cookbook. After that Nigella is my lady and then a blogging, I will go. I think it’s great to have access the entire world of food and it’s traditions.

  16. MK

    One of my favorite is from Hawaii- the Ohana Family cookbook, a compilation from several of the island’s best chefs. Everything I’ve made turns out well. I would LOVE to have Ree’s, Pam’s and Bakerella’s cookbooks!

  17. JessicaKW

    I love my copy of Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book. It never fails me when I need a recipe for something. But I love Ree’s and Pam Anderson’s websites and would love the rest of these cookbooks as well!

  18. Barb

    I love so many different cookbooks, but the one which I use the most is my Betty Crocker Cookbook.

  19. Diana Gervits

    My favorite cookbook is called “The Underground Gourmet Cookbook” by Milton Glaser and Jerome Snyder. It gives recipes for home from ethnic restaurants in New York City. This book is from the 70’s and most of these places are closed now, but the recipes are genuine and simple and tasty. My favorite is the clam sauce recipe.

  20. KSchuk

    Our newest fav is Bean Appetite – makes cooking fun for me and the kids! But I’m always looking for more cookbooks to add to my shelf.

  21. TJS

    My favorite cookbook is The Silver Palate Cookbook! I own SO many cookbooks, but that is one of the ones that I use most often!

  22. Danielle

    I always turn to the Joy of Cooking for its reliability and range of recipes, but am loving Sky High for the great cakes on every page!

  23. Amanda

    I LOVE my Betty Crocker cookbook. I got it as a wedding present 5 years ago and use it daily. I enjoy cookbooks and cooking magazines. I own several.

  24. Dee

    I enjoy the old fashioned Better Homes & Garden cookbook, with the red and white cover. It is great for the “basics,” and then I like to tweek what I find!

  25. Tonya van Tol

    Love anything by Cook’s Illustrated. Their Family cookbook is my favorite.

  26. Emily

    My favorite cookbook is Betty Crocker’s Diabetic Cookbook. It has such healthy, delicious, EASY recipes! It still comes as a shock to me that a Diabetic cookbook could be my favorite, but I discovered it when my husband was diagnosed a few years ago. Now our whole family enjoys the healthy, delicious meals.

  27. Candy

    My favorite cookbook would have to be Paula Deen’s The Lady and Sons Savannah Country Cookbook…. though we don’t cook from it often around here due to the heart attack on a plate factor 😉

  28. Andi Winslow

    So very many favorites, and I enjoy to sit and look thru them all. They seem to change after awhile. My favorite would be the Colorado Creme de Cookbook, any from the Jr. League’s always find something.

  29. Tracey M

    My all-time favorite cookbook is one I inherited from my mom that she contributed to through our church called Sharing Our Gifts. I use a lot too.

  30. Johanna

    My favorite cookbook is a classic go to my mom
    passes down to me when I got married. My son knows all about it I love it for everything & it’s a great directive text to teach his following directions. But would love some new cookbooks to spice up the kitchen
    Sultans mom at gmail dot com

  31. Deanna

    My recent favorite cookbook is the first Every Day Food Cookbook. It has wonderful color photos of all the recipes. Also, most of the ingredients are the ones I have on hand.

  32. Cindy D.

    My favorite cookbook is the one my MOPS group put together a couple of years ago – real recipes that I can use everyday. I also find a lot of recipes online, especially Pioneer Woman’s website. My family loves her recipes!


  33. lisa

    My favorite cookbook is my mom’s old Betty Crocker cookbook. It where a lot of her best recipes came from.

  34. Curt Brown

    I like The Star Wars cookbook. The pictures are funny, and really, where else can you find a recipe for Wookie Cookies.

  35. Nancy Ooms

    My favorite is the old betty crocker. it has all the old recipes that my mother made and i can always find them when i need some of moms cooking.

  36. Susanna

    My favorite cookbook is Kitchen of Light by Andreas Viestad. It has wonderful recipes and beautiful pictures of Norway!

  37. matt m


    My favorite cookbook is a little different – “Ratio: The simple codes behind the craft of everyday cooking”. I enjoyed reading it as an enlightening and interesting book, and it allowed me to dare to experiment and try things i wouldn’t have otherwise..

  38. Rachee

    Of the ones listed I LOVE Cake Pops. Cake on a stick! How neat (pun intended). The one I use and love is the Betty Crocker Slow Cooker cookbook. My slow cooker is my new best friend.

  39. Erin

    My favorite cookbook is The New St Bonifce Cookbook. It was done decades ago in Lime Ridge, WI and has contributions from local women ‘of the kitchen’. The cookbook has immortalized my grandmother’s wonderful pie crust and yeast pancakes. I especially love how most of the women’s names are listed as ‘Mrs. John Doe’ instead of their actual name. It just makes me smile everytime I look through that yellow binder.

  40. Christine

    My favorite cookbook is all of them! No, but really, I love all the Williams Sonoma cookbooks and I have a ton of them! I get lots of my recipes off the internet these days and I LOVE The Pioneer Woman so I would love to winher cookbook!

  41. Andrea

    To be honest my favorite cookbook is made from a collection at a local hospital. All of my favorite comfort foods growing up all in one book! 🙂

  42. souda banchongchith

    the only cookbook i have is julia childs cookbook…not my favorite..wish i had pitures..but i honestly sit behind the computer and read cooking blogs! “savory sweet life, cooking canuck, momofuku for 2” and so on!

  43. Anissa

    Bittman’s How to Cook Everything, is our favorite book and our go to gift for wedding showers!

  44. Margaret

    My favorite cookbook is a Taste of Home collection that I picked up somewhere. The recipes are easy enough that my daughter can help.

  45. Jennifer K

    My most used cookbook is a toss up between my grandmother’s recipe card box and an everyday cooking cookbook from Cook’s Illustrated.

  46. Lisa

    Fav right now are the Food Made Fast series by Williams Sonoma – fast, fresh ingredients – not too difficult – perfect for a fast paced family.

  47. Margaret

    My favorite cookbook (that I actually use) is a Taste of Home collection that I picked up somewhere.

  48. Lisa

    I love confetti cakes for kids. 🙂 Best chocolate cake recipe I have tried.

  49. Kim

    Betty Crocker is my go to cookbook when I need a basic recipe or technical info. But I love all cookbooks and they are often my bedside reading material

  50. Chrissy

    My favorite is the taste of home comfort food diet cookbook b/c the recipes are all very tasty homey foods that my family likes to eat, but it helps me keep an eye on my calorie intake!

  51. Rachel F

    I love\vegetarian family cookbook\ by Nava Atlas. Although not a vegetarian family, we love the recipes and adapt tjem for our family needs.

  52. DM barnes

    This is going to sound like ABC after school special but… my favorite cookbook is one that our church made years ago with ladies sending in their fave recipes- some of those ladies are gone now but we can still remember them & have their treats at gatherings because we have their recipes.

  53. Alicia

    I have SO many. I have Maida Hatter’s book of great cookies. I just love the story with each recipe and I always use a recipe out of it for Christmas. I also love to look at some of the chuch or jr. league cookbooks I have. I love to look at what they cook in their homes. I use my Joy of Cooking when I’m at a loss for basics.

  54. Peggy Blanchard

    I love Alton Brown’s Good Eats: the Early Years and I’m Only Here for the Food. I especially like his explanations of how techniques work, as that understanding strengthens my overall approach to cooking (which needs it!) When I can’t find a recipe, I look at his site online first, and then find other recipes and compare them. If I were to win the cookbooks, I’d give them to my spouse, for whom I haven’t been able to buy a present this year (you’ve heard about the economy?)

  55. Carol Lozano

    My favorite is my old Betty Crocker cookbook that I got as a wedding present over 30 years ago.

  56. Amy

    My favorite is the Joy of Cooking – my mom used to have it and the pages were so ratty because she used it so much. She bought me one when I turned 21 and I still have it (18 years later)

  57. MA

    I love Tyler Florence’s Real Kitchen…everything is awesome in this book.

  58. Alana McNiel

    My favorite cookbook is Canadian Livings very first cookbook, it was their first and my first, over 20 years later I still use it from time to time.

  59. Jenni K

    The Cake Pops are so cute! I would love to learn to make those. My family also could benefit from the Six O’Clock Scramble because we are having a hard time getting into a habit of cooking dinner.

  60. Bowmama

    I don’t even know what the title of the cookbook was, as the cover fell off years ago. It was handed down from my grandmother to my mother to me. Typed on a typewriter, and while it doesn’t look pretty, it has the best recipes in it!!

  61. Kathryn

    I love the Joy of Cooking, but I also enjoy The New Best Recipe from Cook’s Illustrated and all of Rachael Ray’s stuff.

  62. Brandy

    I love my family cookbook from 15 years ago! Lots of good old recipes in there but also, I am a big Betty Crocker girl!

  63. Erin

    Joy of Cooking as it takes me back to meals my mom would make!

  64. Laura

    My favorite cookbook right now is America’s Test Kitchen~ Family Cookbook. It is filled with hundreds of basic recipes for my kids. I love it because it gives me reminders of how to change up our menu with a variety of basic meals and it has ideas about how to tweak recipes to make them a a little different than usual!

  65. Carrie S.

    My newest favorite cookbook is Rachael Ray’s Look & Cook. Love the photos to help along the way!

  66. Megan

    I LOVE these cookbooks! I also sit with a cup of coffee and go through my cookbooks. It’s one of my favorite things to do!

  67. Lisa Harper

    I love cookbooks!!!! I would own every cookbook under the sun if I had the money to buy them and the space to put them all. 😉

    Of all the cookbooks that I have owned over the years, I still use my Better Homes and Gardens cookbook the most.

  68. heather

    Fannie Farmer has been my go-to cookbook all these years. She has an answer for everything!



  69. Shawna Crossman

    My all time favorite cookbook is one that was handed down to me by my mom- a VERY old edition of a Pillsbury baking cookbook… Besides all the memories I have of cooking with my mom using those recipes, I am vegan and love to try altering all the recipes to be vegan! I think the best part about it is that it doesn’t use too many ingredients per recipe, so they are simple and quick, but still very tasty!

  70. Julie B

    It’s too difficult to choose my fav cookbook…I only own two. I’m a late bloomer in the cookbook world so winning this collection would be a great way to get it going!!!!

  71. LifetimeReader

    My favorite is the handwritten notes from my husband’s grandmother, made in the 1940s. Her babka recipe is amazing.

  72. DawnK

    I love the Six O’ Clock Scramble, because it has quick, easy-to-prepare recipes that are quite tasty. When I have to work past the dinner hour, my kids love picking recipes from there, to make for supper.

  73. Rosie

    It’s a tie between the Six OClock Scramble and the Southern Living Slow Cooker. Easy and quick prep with little to no processed food ingredients are my requirements. Love them both.

  74. Ellen

    I have to pick just one? For recipes or for reading? I love Laurie Colwin’s Home Cooking: A Writer in the Kitchen for a bit of both. Otherwise, my current favorite is usually the newest. But of the oldies, Mark Bittman’s original How to Cook Anything.

  75. Deanna S-D

    My current favorite is The Flavor Bible which isn’t a cookbook per se but a guide to what foods pair best with other foods. A must have when you are tinkering away in the kitchen. I’m a big fan of all these cookbook authors you’ve featured – as well as Kitchen Explorers – keep up the great work!

  76. Sarah Tracy

    I am always drawn in by cookbooks with beautiful photos. However, the cookbook I refer to again and again is The Best Recipe. I love that they have tested so many different options and explain the results they achieved with various options.

  77. Rachel

    My favorite cookbook is probably one of my taste of home cookbooks. They’re well rounded and always give me something new and fun to try…. plus some yearly favorites.

  78. Amanda

    Oh my gosh! These all look FABULOUS. You know, I don’t have a very extensive cookbook collection yet. I do love Julia’s classic, Mastering the Art of French Cooking.

  79. Karen

    Those cookbooks look so inspiring! Although I’m a Cooking Light subscriber, I’ve really enjoyed Rachel Rays 30 MInute Meals 2. Fast, simple, family-friendly and mmmm mmmm good.

  80. Micaela

    my favorite cookbook is “Pomp and Sustenance: Twenty-Five Centuries of Sicilian Food” by Mary Taylor Simeti. I’ve had it for years, cooked from it, curled up with it on the sofa just to enjoy reading some great stories, and given it as a present to friends who also love to cook.

  81. Michael Ambrose

    Essentially all of them. The one that is my most favorite is the one that kicked off family cooking and one our children’s desire to grow up to be a chef. It’s Pillsbury’s Kids Cookbook (Food Fun for Boys and Girls).

    That’s the book that prompted us to start gathering in the kitchen and start preparing meals, snacks, etc. as a family. Now, the cookbook doesn’t even have to be child-oriented, we cook together often using whatever receipes we can dig out of our modest collection.

    Thank you.

  82. Amy

    I LOVE “How to Cook Without a Book” by Pam Anderson. It really helped me become a more independent cook.

  83. merry jennifer

    Hmm…favorite cookbook…It changes by the month, I’d say. Right now I’m enjoying Dorie Greenspan’s latest book, Around My French Table.

  84. Erin Friedman

    My copy of The Silver Palate Good Times Cookbook is stained, worn and falling apart. And every recipe in it is scrumptious.

  85. Lisa

    this probably sounds strange, but i often consult Amy Sedaris’ “I Like You: Entertaining Under the Influence” – she has some great, simple, home cooking recipes. and the stories are FUNNY 🙂

  86. Janis

    My favorite cookbook is anything from Paula Wolfert or Rick Bayless. Then again I love Pure Simple Cooking: Effortless Meals Every Day by Diana Henry. There are too many that I love to really choose.

  87. Grace @eatdinner

    I love Mark Bittman’s How to Cook Everything. It is my “go to” book on the basics, and it’s not intimidating for first time cooks. I want to inspire more people to cook for themselves and have family dinner together, and this is a great place to start!

  88. denise

    `The Philippine Cookbook’ by Reynaldo Alejandro is my favorite cookbook. I grew up with it, and still reference it.

  89. Kristin P

    I have so many that I enjoy! My great resource is The Joy of Cooking, but my new favorite is The Family Dinner by Laurie David.

  90. Chris at The Peche

    We just love Pam’s Perfect One-Dish Dinners. It’s our favorite (read, most-used) cookbook of the year. Pages marked and stained from cooking with it, a sign of a great cookbook.

  91. Candice

    Ree’s is my favorite, by far. I flip through it a few times a week, just to re-read everything and plan new meals. If I win this, I’ll give the copy of her book to one of my friends to spread the love.

  92. Becca

    I am addicted to finding recipes online, but one of my fave cookbooks is Trisha Yearwood’s Georgia Cooking in an Oklahoma Kitchen.

  93. Michelene Irving

    My absolute favorite cookbook is Baking With Julia. I love to bake and this book makes it easy for ANYONE to do it.

  94. Demetria

    PDubs cookbook is the best but that is the only one of the six that I have. Would love to win the others!

  95. adrienne

    I love America’s Test Kitchen Family Cookbook. However, I make a ton of PW’s recipes from her site… These look great!

  96. Natalie

    My favorite cookbook would be the simple BHG cookbook! Since I’m a beginner cook, its perfect and full of basic recipes!

  97. Megan B

    I actually don’t really own any cookbooks, but would love to start my collection with these!

  98. Lauri J

    My favorite cookbook is the new Southern Plate cookbook by Christy Jordan

  99. Mary C.

    I checked out Good to the Grain at the library and really, really enjoyed it! I probably need to just buy it.

  100. Stephanie

    I kind of inherited a whole bunch of favorite recipes from the ladies in my husband’s family in the form of a cookbook. I love it because the recipes are delicious and classic, but mostly because I feel like an official family member when I use it, haha!

  101. Chuck

    I absolutely LOVE the Pioneer Woman’s Cookbook (this one I own) AND Bakerella’s cookbook. Both offer step by step (with pictures) instructions–both make cooking easy and fun!

  102. Ryan @ Ryan's Baking Blog

    My favorite cookbook is one I found at a thrift shop called “Vegetarian Cookery 4”, it’s ratty and old and doesn’t have any pictures. I really like pictures in cookbooks to accompany the food, but this book somehow makes it okay.

  103. Amanda

    My favorite all time cookbook is Joy of Cooking for both the simplicity and the complexity of the recipes. I’d love to play with the One Dish cookbook by Pam Anderson. Love the concept!

  104. Kerry

    Barefoot Contessa Back to Basics is my favorite cookbook. Everything in it is foolproof and elegant enough to serve to company.

  105. Jill

    I love Ree’s cookbook. I made her mocha brownies for thanksgiving and there were NONE left over afterwards. My entire family demolished them

  106. Stacey

    My favorite cookbook is \Fresh from the Vegetarian Slow Cooker: 200 Recipes for Healthy and Hearty One-Pot Meals That Are Ready When You Are\ by Robin Robertson. While working during the week, I love to use my slow cooker to prepare for dinner. There are a variety of recipes in the book that keep things interesting.

  107. Amy

    I have too many favorite cookbooks to name, but my newest favorite is Claire Robinson’s 5 Ingredient Fix cookbook. I love her recipes because they (obviously) have only 5 ingredients, but they’re still delicious and impressive. And I love her cooking philosophy and personality!

  108. Erin

    My current favorite cookbook is One Plate at a Time by Rick Bayless. Both Ree’s and Angie’s books are on my Christmas wishlist, but I’d love to win them all instead!

    • Jewel

      My favorite cookbook is my 500 five ingredient cookbook by Better Homes. I love it because all of the recipes are quick and easy to make

  109. Courtney D

    I typically use online recipes but my sister and I have loved every Pioneer Woman meal we have made! And who wouldn’t love Bakerella’s desserts!?! YUM!

  110. Reyna

    While I have a fairly good-sized collection of cookbooks, my favorite has got to be, by and large, the notebook of favorites I have jotted down myself. I have taken the most successful & beloved of my family, and I have put them into a notebook where I can easily access the one I’m looking for without having to look through a bunch of recipe books to find the one I need.

  111. Jennifer D

    What an awesome giveaway! All books I’ve been wanting to cook from, too! My personal favorite is actually a very beat up copy of a National Forest Service Women’s Association cookbook. All tried and tested recipes from Forest Service employees throughout the Intermountain West. My go-to cookbook. I also love Trattoria Grappolo by Leonardo Curti. Amazing, simple Italian.

  112. Jacinta S.

    I most often refer to my Cooking Light cookbook but am always searching on the internet for new recipes and new ideas.

  113. Stacy

    I love Joy of cooking because no matter what ingredients I have on hand they have a recipe for it!

  114. Randi

    My favorite cookbook right now is At Home with Magnolia. I checked it out at the library and have to keep renewing it!

  115. Emily B

    My favorite cookbook currently is the Cakemix Bible – there are so many creative ways to use a store-bought cake mix. Its amazing!

  116. Chelley Black

    Oh, I’d love to have these! I don’t really have a favorite cookbook. I’d like to find one.

  117. Kari

    My favorite cookbook is the compilation cookbook my husband’s home church put out about 10 years ago. My MIL gave us one as a wedding present and it’s become a staple in my kitchen.

  118. Erica Bright

    My favorite cookbook is The Joy of Cooking. It has been a wonderful resource. It contains just about any recipe you could need.

  119. Tina

    Sadly, I don’t have a favorite cookbook! I’ve never cooked before (horrible to admit, I’ve never turned my oven on), but I just got married in October and now need to learn. These cookbooks would come in SUPER handy!

  120. Monica

    my favorite cookbook is from when I was a kid. I got it through my scholastic book club and loved it! I hope my grandma still has it!!

  121. Lilli

    I am not a vegan or even a vegetarian, but my favorite cookbook is The Veganomicon by Isa Chandra Moskowitz and Terry Hope Romero. Good healthy food with TONS of flavor. A close second is Barefoot in Paris by Ina Garten 🙂

  122. amber

    My favorite cookbook is a little one handwritten by my MIL who passed away before I got married. I too have a love affair with cookbooks!

  123. Anna Khatutsky

    My favorite is the Martha Stewart Cooking Basics—- it goes through all the little things I never learned before I started to cook!~

  124. TaraBarn

    I love Bakerella’s book. She is the cake pop queen!

  125. Mrs. Jen B

    My favorite is the old classic \Mastering The Art of French Cooking\! Got it last year for Christmas and read it cover-to-cover.

  126. Sandy

    can’t really say that i have a favorite one…but i do love all of my old church lady cookbooks. the recipes have such funny names.

  127. Kaitlyn

    My favorite cookbook is my own compilation of my family’s recipes. Over the years I’ve pieced together my Grandma’s recipes – the kind that have no measurements because she has made them a million times! It’s my personal kitchen treasure.

  128. Alanna J Mc Dermott

    I have to say I LOOOOVE Chocolate: Cooking with the World’s Best Ingredient
    by Christine McFadden/ Christine France. That and BAKE by Rachel Allen are my two go-to baking books!! 🙂

  129. chefpandita

    I am obsessed with Joanne Chang’s Flour bakery cookbook. The Bon Appetit desserts book is also quite impressive, haven’t made anything from it yet but I think I am intimidated by its size!

  130. Teri

    My favorite is a very old 3 ring binder Betty Crocker. I’ve been using it for ages. It belonged to my mom and she gave it to me when I got married. I bought Ree’s last year for me but my mom liked it so much I gave it to her! Need a replacement. lol

  131. Jacquee Wilson

    My 2 favorite cookbooks are my Betty Crocker and Taste of Home cookbooks because they have great sections about kitchen basics and ingredient substitutions in addition to great recipes. I also like my Bon Appetit cookbook for new spins on classic recipes and a wide variety of adventurous recipes that I enjoy making.

  132. Juliann

    Does count? Because it’s amazing. If I had to pick one cookbook it’d be The New Best Recipe cookbook by Cooks Illustrated. I love that they try all sorts of methods and discuss which is best.

  133. Amelia

    I don’t have nearly enough cookbooks – which is exactly why I would love to own these. I only own two and I don’t love either of them, but a friend has a Giada Cookbook that is wonderful so I steal recipes from her.

  134. Jessica

    I love The Pioneer Woman’s cookbook! Ree uses photos for each step to really tell a story about how the recipe is created. She also tells you what not to do and keeps us entertained in the process. She makes cooking fun again!

  135. Jaime

    Would LOVE to read Cake Pops! Love the idea in theory would love to try it!

  136. UrMomCooks

    I “heart” Cake Pops! My daughters and all their friends love to make them! (Didn’t know this is where you write! Luv this site!)

  137. Laurel

    My Favorite is “How to Cook Everything”…its like the modern day Joy of Cooking but easier for complete beginners to understand!

  138. Steph

    I have recently found myself scouring the internet looking for new ideas to add to the menu. I am so sick of always eating the same old stuff! I only own 1 cookbook (Betty Crocker) so this collection would be a fabulous jumpstart to my collection as I move my family and I into healthier eating habits and a discovery of flavor beyond salt and garlic!

  139. Annette

    Cake Pops, inspirational designs I would love to attempt 😉

  140. Krystal

    I’ve only heard of Cake Pops by Bakerella and it’s such a cute book filled with awesome ideas, but I don’t own it… yet 😉

  141. Jo

    My favorite is _Mother Wonderful’s Cheesecakes and Other Goodies_. Classic Philly local cookbook from the 80s. When I was going through my divorce, we actually fought over who got it, and I was crushed when the judge gave it to my ex-husband. But a librarian friend searched the used book market and found me a copy–of the EXPANDED SECOND EDITION–bwah hah hah! I got even MORE fabulous cheesecake recipes–and his current wife DOESN’T bake! Cooking well is the best revenge!

  142. Kathryn

    Bakerella is my hero! Her pops are amazing. I’d love to own her book!

  143. Elizabeth Mattson

    I love many of the Junior League cookbooks. They seem to be a sure thing with a regional twist.

  144. Joy C.

    I love my Better Homes and Gardens New Cookbook. Its full of simple, classic recipes.

  145. LisaL

    I use the High Performance cookbook alot but I tend to use recipes as a guide and tweak them to our taste. I also use the internet a ton!

  146. Ana Clara

    My favorite cookbook would have to be Martha Stewart’s Cupcakes. It’s just so gorgeous to look at, beautifully designed with amazing pictures.

  147. kelley {mountain mama cooks}

    My favorite cookbook(s) are anything by Americas Test Kitchen. I love the science behind everything!

  148. hallie

    bakerella’s cake pop’s is a beautiful, colorful book with a new “cute!” exclamation as each page is turned. it evokes happy thoughts and tummy rumblings. and inspires much kitchen time.

  149. Julie Kirkland

    I love pioneer woman’s cookbook. I love the step by step instructions and pictures. It really helps me cook with confidence.

  150. Courtney T

    I love my christmas cookie cookbook, it gives the origin of the cookie, how long they keep, and if they are good to ship! I need new books to play with in my kitchen.

  151. Pam

    My favorite is The American Country Inn Bed and Breakfast Cookbook. I received it early in my marriage and after more than 20 years still use it more often than any other cookbook I own.

  152. Anne

    I have many favorites but a memorable cookbook was one my Aunt gave me as a young child. It was a special cookbook for children. It had recipes like ants on a log and english muffin pizzas. :o)

  153. Patsy

    I love The Best Light Recipe Cookbook. I know I can trust the test kitchen approved recipes!

  154. Alexandra Cooper

    I have really been loving “Cook Yourself Thin” lately. I am trying to eat more healthfully and was pleasantly surprised to like many of these recipes! I also love “Family Dinner Cookbook” for delicious week night dinner ideas! 🙂

  155. Lauren Jewel

    Currently my favorite cook book is Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World. I’m not even vegan but these cupcakes are so healthy and even more deliscious! The banana split cupcake is literally the best thing I have ever eaten.

  156. Little Z.

    cake pops and PW ! step by step photos,i love them…

  157. Paulina

    My favourite is our cookbook full of family recipes and recipes that have been added by friends. Its fun baking or cooking something you know is loved by those you love! 🙂

  158. Little Z.

    cake pops and PW ! step by step photos,i love them..

  159. Julie Nicole

    My favorite cookbook is a cookbook my mom made of her favorite recipes that she made for all her daughters before she passed away from breast cancer. My love of cooking came directly from her.

  160. melissa

    I love the Pioneer Woman’s cookbook. The pictures and stories are wonderful and not to mention all the delicious recipes!

  161. Judi

    My favorite is probably Baking with Julia – I am all about dessert! This collection includes several I’ve been wanting to buy and that are on my Christmas list….

  162. Anne B.

    My favorite is The Joy of Cooking… taught me all the basics on everything food!

  163. Kristie O.

    My favorite is Pioneer Woman Cooks! I love her blog!!! And her recipes are right up my alley 🙂

  164. Alisha J.

    My favorite cook book is a family one that my mom had been working on since I was 2 years old and she gave to me as a wedding present. It has family recipes from relatives that are no longer with us – such a treasure. I would also LOVE the PW cook book – I don’t own it but it would be a quick favorite.

  165. KarenP

    I don’t have just one favorite! A couple that I am using a lot right now are “Not Your Mother’s Slow Cooker Cookbook” and “San Juan Classics”.

  166. Daniella

    My favorite cookbook is “Better Homes & Gardens: So Good Meals” because the recipes are easy to follow & the photos are beautiful! I would LOVE to win this Kitchen Explorers cookbook collection giveaway! The “Six O’Clock Scramble” looks like a wonderful cookbook to use with plenty of tips that I would put to great use! Also, Lydia’s cookbook looks great! I love watching “Lydia’s Italy” on PBS & my mouth is always watering while watching her cook her extravagant Italian meals! 🙂

  167. Lauren

    I also mostly look online because I love reading reviews but I often reference the Joy of Cooking for the basics!

  168. Bridee Schrier

    I love Pioneer Woman’s cookbook. The cinnamon rolls are “TO DIE FOR”!!!

  169. jennifer C.

    One of my favourites is the Better homes and gardens has everything in it with great step by step instructions! 🙂

  170. Michelle

    I really like Rees cookbook. I like the pictures and stories, the recipes are all great too!!

  171. Julie

    I don’t have a favorite book. They are all so good, but I will grab the family style cookbook first.

  172. CarrieMJ

    I love my husband’s mom’s old cookbook from the 1940/50s.

  173. Krystal Devine

    America Test Kitchen is my favorite right now. Love how they tested everything until they got it perfect. I dont have time to experiment when its the holidays!

  174. Kristin F

    my favorite has gotta be “cake pops” by bakerella. i love her blog and my friends enjoy all the cute things i make based on her recipes(:

  175. Amy Wiese

    I have to admit I love me Food & Family magazines. But, if I have to pick an actual cookbook, it would have to be my Betty Crocker Cookbook.

  176. kim

    my favorite is definitely dorie greenspan’s baking: from my home to yours. i’ve never tried a bad recipe from the book and am completely in love with it. i mean, it’s gotta be a good book to have a “tuesdays with dorie” following, right?

  177. Diane {}

    I have a cookbook called American Food, A Celebration. It is so beautiful to look at. It’s a collection of recipes from all across the U.S. and it gives great information on each are and where what influences the food in each area. I bought it 15 years ago and it’s still my favorite.

  178. Sam

    I love Pioneer Woman’s website because she isn’t afraid of heavy cream, and I’m sure her cookbook is even better!

  179. Candis

    High Flavor, Low Labor is great. I do not like spending a lot of time in the kitchen, but I love to eat and lots of flavor is a must!! The rich corn chowder recipe is awesome. My daughter loves fresh corn and I love yukon potatoes! You absolutely have to check out this recipe!

  180. Terra

    I like my Martha Stewart cupcake cookbook. The strawberry buttercream is amazing! I’ve had my eye on a couple of these cookbooks in the giveaway. I hope I win!

  181. Sarah

    I love Holly Clegg’s Trim & Terrific Cookbook. She wrote it with the American Diabetes Association so the recipes are health conscious. They are also delicious! My other favorite aspect of the book is none of the meals take more than an hour to cook

  182. Crystal Goostree

    New York Times Cookbook from my grandmother on my wedding day, 15 years ago.

  183. Janice Carter

    I’ve always loved the Better Homes & Gardens cookbook because when I was a little girl we always had my grandmother’s old dog-eared and splattered copy in our kitchen. To this day, seeing the familiar red and white cover makes me smile.

  184. Alexandria H

    My favorite cook book has to be a Company’s Coming Diabetic Dinners one my mom got me a couple of years ago! I have diabetes and its got great recipes that my family loves as much as I do! I also use Ree’s cookbook alot!

  185. Pamela J-S

    To pick only one would be hard. I love my Better Homes and Garden and my Martha Stewart, but I would have to say out of all the ones on my shelf I use regularly, my favorite is my Cookie Bible.

  186. gingela5

    I love, LOVE the Pioneer Woman’s cookbook. She makes cooking pretty fool-proof with her directions and pictures!

  187. Christa Nolan

    I REALLY want Ree’s cookbook! My favorite cookbook is Baked by Matt Lewis and Renato Poliafito. I met them at Disney’s Food and Wine festival and fell in love with their baked goods! Everything I have tried from the book has tasted very yummy!

  188. Philly

    I love Barefoot Contessa cookbooks! I own two and they are my go to cookbooks for guests.

    All of these are on my list of future cookbooks to buy!

  189. emily s

    “The Art and Soul of Baking” – love it!
    And it’s my birthday so this would be a great birthday present! ))

  190. Rashda

    My two all-time favorites: The Joy of Cooking and an old church cookbook. Other than that i love collecting cookbooks and would love to add these to my shelves. 🙂

  191. Susan J

    I really like my Joy of Cooking. It’s kind of my inspiration book. I just go from there.

  192. Rachael L

    I love Rachael Ray’s cookbooks. The 30 minute meal series has made my life much easier on many a late working night!

  193. sara

    I love the school cookbook my sons preschool made 3 years ago! It is my go to cookbook~

  194. Kate

    My new favorite is Perfect One-Dish Dinners by Pam Anderson. I have all of her cookbooks and I am LOVING this one – maybe because of all of the additional great ideas (drinks, cocktails, desserts) with each recipe – maybe because all of the recipes are so do-able – or maybe because of the mouth-watering pictures. I’d love to win this prize and give a copy to my mom! 🙂

  195. Helene Mahnken

    I get a lot of my recipes over the internet, but one of my favorites is my mom’s ridiculously old Good Housekeeping Illustrated Cookbook. It has the best recipe for from-scratch anything, but my favorite is pineapple upside-down cake. 🙂

  196. Jenn

    I love the old church cookbooks my mom handed me down – the ones that were bound and are typed on a typewriter!!

  197. casey

    i love the pioneer woman! & the joy of cooking, of course.

  198. Denise

    Right now I’d have to say my favorite cookbook is Martha Stewarts Cupcakes. The pictures are beautiful and the recipes yummy!

  199. Carissa

    My default cookbook is one my aunt put together of all our family recipes that have been handed down. I also absolutely love my subscriptions to cooking light magazine to add variety to my regulars! There is nothing like thumbing through a new cookbook for inspiration.

  200. Sumin

    My all time favorite cookbook has to be The Joy of Cooking. Very informative for the home cook.

  201. Elizabeth

    Favorites tend to be church cookbooks … Real recipes from real people!

  202. Christina Atencio

    My favorite cookbook is the Betty Crocker cookbook that my husbands grandmother passed down me. It has to be from the sixties or something, it’s just neat to see all the older illustrations and older dishes that I’ve never heard of!

  203. Kristin D.

    I love the SOS Six O Clock Scramble to the Rescue! All of her recipes taste amazing, they are easy, vegetarian friendly, picky-kid friendly. I love her approach to cooking, as well as her tips in the cookbook.

  204. Amira

    I love my better homes and gardens cookbook because it is a binder so instead of lugging the whole thing around, I can take out individual recipes!

  205. Emma

    I just discovered the 6 o clock scramble book and website and it has already made feeding my busy vegetarian family so much easier! I can’t pick just one favorite cookbook, like many others I like to read through them and mark countless pages and recipes, and now I do the same thing with cooking blogs- thank goodnes for online bookmarks!

  206. Caley

    Better Homes and Gardens’ The Ultimate Cookie Book, as well as EVERYTHING from The Pioneer Woman. 🙂

  207. Rachelle

    I love The Whole Foods Market Cookbook. You learn to cook all the things they make there.

  208. Stacey

    My favorite cookbook is my grandmothers copy of Good Housekeeping illustrated cookbook that she gave me when I first moved out on my own.

  209. SeattleMommy

    I love old church cookbooks – good dependable recipes that aren’t overly fancy!

  210. Kerstin

    My favorite cookbook is my grandmothers. It’s so special and something I will always cherish.

  211. irene

    My favorite cookbook is Mrs. Field’s Cookie book because I have a sweet tooth and the fillings to prove it.

  212. Barbi

    my favorite is my betty crocker cookbook. mostly because it was one of my first ones I ever got and it was from my grandmother. used it a lot in my early days of cooking and still use it occasionally as a reference.

  213. betsy

    I love my Gourmet cookbook. I keep finding great recipes that have become favorites

  214. EileenQ

    The Better Homes & Gardens cookbook is always my standby…plus my own personal cookbook with my favorite recipes!

  215. Sarah

    I can use all the help I can get… and I’m always looking for new recipes. But, the cookbook I pull out more than any is a Betty Crocker one I got about 10 years ago. Pretty basic stuff, which is what I need.

  216. Becki

    I don’t have a favorite. Use the internet and my Betty Crocker. My daughter has newly discovered allergies to wheat, gluten, and milk fat. She’s only 12. Finding recipes that are tasty to her is a job. So I’m trying to modify existing recipes that already taste good. New cookbooks would be amazing to try converting them for her! Lots of options!!