Food processors are amazing kitchen appliances.  Initially you might think they are a luxury, but after you start using one regularly it becomes a necessity you wonder how you ever lived without one in the first place.

I own a mini 4 cup food processor and I use it daily.  When I need to chop an onion to make salsa, I throw it in the food processor and just like that, I have chopped onions without shedding a single tear.  I also use my food processor to make pie crust, scones, and to chop nuts.  It is one of my most used and loved kitchen appliances.

Today is the last day of our 3-Days of Holiday giveaways and we’re finishing it off strong.  What we have for you is this beautiful Cuisinart Elite Collection™ 12-Cup Food Processor.  Isn’t she beautiful?  Imagine everything you could make using this food processor.

Here is a product description from the Cuisinart website:

Cuisinart Elite Collection™ 12-Cup Die Cast Metal Food Processor (model no. FP-12DC), everyday retail price: $249

Combining the Cuisinart® tradition of culinary excellence with groundbreaking innovation, the Cuisinart Elite Collection™ 12-Cup Food Processor sets the bar for the next generation of kitchen appliances. With a 4-cup work bowl nested inside the big bowl, plus the adjustable 6-position slicing disc and reversible shredding disc, it provides home chefs with multiple food processors in one! The exclusive SealTight™ Advantage System is designed to deliver maximum bowl capacity and clean processing and pouring. It is truly the finest food prep appliance available for today’s modern kitchen.

To be eligible to win, leave a comment below telling us your least favorite ingredient to chop.   One entry per person.  Don’t forget to subscribe to Kitchen Explorers by email (on the left hand column of the site), so you don’t miss any of our fabulous giveaways, recipes and other tasty tips. The contest is open to everyone with a US mailing address.  Entries must be submitted by tonight, December 9th, at 11:59 p.m. PST and will be announced here on December 10th. Good luck!  Contest is now closed. Congrats to “Carolina girl”!

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205 Responses to “Cuisinart Elite Collection 12-Cup Food Processor Giveaway”

    • Minnie

      we use garlic and onions a lot in my house, they are both my least favorite to chop!

    • Melinda

      my least favorite thing to chop, veggies, when i am making any type of soup i have to make sure that they are small enough so the kids dont notice them… uhhh not a good experience i have gotten cut more then once..

    • Andrea

      NUTS!!!! They are rolling, and flying and it’s always a mess…

    • Jina

      I can’t decide whether nuts or chocolate is my least favorite! I think it’s a tie!

  1. Susie Durham

    My least favorite food to chop is POTATOES. LOL we use sliced or shredded potatoes so often that I am always chop chop chopping or shredding on a hand shredder. 🙂 Time consuming to say the least!

  2. Esther lee

    I am not a fan of chopping in general but I especially dislike chopping onions.

  3. Liz Henry

    Garlic because I can’t get the smell out of my hands, and herbs because they’re tedious.

  4. Marisa

    What a great giveaway! I’ve had that food processor on my “someday” list for a long time.

    My least favorite thing to chop is tomatoes. So messy!

  5. Candi

    The one thing I dislike very much to chop is chocolate. Love chocolate but trying to chop it up is a mess:(

    Looking forward to seeing who wins. Thanks!

  6. Kirsten

    My least favorite thing to chop is nuts. They get everywhere when I use a knife.

  7. Laura

    I hate chopping peppers!! My hands burned for hours!! Not to mention everything I rubbed or scratched LOL

  8. Shari Binion

    I’m with most of the others here… onions! I chop up a bunch and then freeze them in baggies to add to recipes so I’m not chopping them as often!!

  9. Michelle Marie

    Have you ever used gloves to avoid chopping tomatoes? Well I certainly have. I LOVE to chop almost anything, except these ruby wonders.

  10. Shari Brown

    Last favorite thing to chop is garlic. Onions are a close second!

  11. Stephanie McMillin

    Macadamia nuts. They love to roll around the cutting board and shoot across the room.

  12. peggy

    Onions are the worst, my eyes sting and tear so bad I have to get someone else to finish.

  13. Donna L

    Onions! Onions! Onions! I cry before I even cut them.

  14. Lisa Koop

    Onions! Watery eyes, sniffling nose, and then I can’t read the recipe!

  15. chelsea

    my least fav thing to chop in the kitchen is zucchini. it’s easy enough to slice it, but all my slices turn out different.

  16. JessicaKW

    Onions are definitely my least favorite thing to chop. Especially because no one in my family will knowingly eat them so I have to mince them until their almost invisible when I want to put them in something.

  17. Christina

    Onions & garlic especially! I really don’t enjoy the prep work of cooking! I have always wanted one of these!

  18. Steph

    My least favorite ingredient to chop is candy canes. LOL there is only 1 kind of christmas cookie my children like, and it is covered with chunks of candy cane. No matter what I do, I cannot seem to pulverize those suckers without making a huge mess! I end up putting them in baggies and bashing them with a hammer, which puts holes in the bags and minty powder all over my counter (not to mention a literal AND figurative headache!)

  19. Jackie O

    Any type of hot pepper. I always end up with some of the oil in & around my eye and then it’s red and painful for the rest of the day. Ugh.

  20. Jess

    Definitely onions…my hands smell like them constantly!

  21. Julie Davis

    Peppers – like jalapeno and habanero – I always end up touching my face it burns!

  22. Stefanie

    I strangely like to chop onions, I like dicing them up with a good knife, but I hate the tears, so a food processor would be awesome.
    Chopping nuts is a pain too because they fly all over the place, but I love them in my baked goods! And chocolate I can never finishing chopping cuz it melts!

  23. Amy

    I would have to agree, onions! But I really don’t enjoy chopping anything! My knifes are not good quality and very dull. It makes it hard to chop!

  24. Deseree Cox

    Ahh, so hard. I dislike chopping so much. Potatos, nuts and onions would top my list!

  25. Amber Hawkins

    My least favorite item to chop up would def have to be onion. I hate the smell and the watery eyes. It would be very nice to just be able to drop them in the food processor and be done with it.

  26. Terry

    Carrots–trying to cut them to somewhat uniform size is hard when you are dealing with regular carrots, and the baby cut ones roll and shoot all over (got hit in the eye once with a hunk of baby carrot–dispelled the idea of carrots being good for the eyes! lol)

  27. T.M.

    I epically fail at slicing anything thin. Nuts and herbs are also another thing I dislike chopping. The weirdo in me actually likes chopping onions and garlic.

  28. Andrea

    I actually enjoying chopping fruits and veggies. However, I don’t always have the time to enjoy it and need to get it done in a hurry. Onions and peppers are my least favorite. Just because they can slow me down in the long run. Watery eyes and burning body parts. I love to eat potatoes but I agree they are a pain to chop.

  29. Diana Gervits

    onions of course, cause I hate tearing up. thanks.

  30. Kim

    My least favorite thing to chop is seafood. I can’t get the smell off my hands!

  31. JAn johnson

    I have to say white onions hands down. The are the stongest and I love to use them in just a about every dish!

  32. Katherine

    Onions and chilies — and wet herbs like basil. We’re pesto fiends here. ; )

  33. Sarah Mullin

    Onions are my least favorite thing to chop. They make my eyes water and sting so bad I usually have my husband finish!

  34. Kate

    I hate chopping garlic. Onions really don’t thrill me either!

  35. Danielle

    I hate to chop large quantities of veg (think double batch of chili: 8 onions and 4 peppers – ugh!) I also have a tough time very, thinly slicing veg (cabbage, potatoes)

  36. kewkew

    Oh, onions are the worst vegetable for me to chop. I can not stand the burning and stinging of the eyes. And if I chop by hand I can’t stand the smell on my hand.

  37. Holly

    It’s a tossup….onions and hot peppers….I cook with both a lot and if I’m not crying from the onions my fingers are burning for hours from the peppers….so they are my least favorite…

  38. Alison

    I actually like to chop by hand, but onion is the one veggie that I toss into a chopper – I can never get a good enough grip on it and often end up wiping tears with my onion juice-stained fingers…aww…

  39. Rosamond

    Until I learned to freeze onions before chopping they were a total nightmare. Now my son’s beloved sweet potatoes wear me out!

  40. LeaAnna

    Nuts and veggies! When I make my pecan pie this time of year I use pecan chips but they are soo much more expensive so I just buy the bigger ones and chop them up by hand (I’m the processor LOL)!

  41. cathryn

    Do you chop tomatoes or is it dicing, my absolute least thing to chop/dice is tomatoes… I never get it right for salads or taco nights… They slip, the slide, they make a mess on my chopping board. They are never the right size, they are never all the same size…. Tomatoes the worst, but I do love to take a salt shaker and tomato outside on a hot summer day and bite right in to it.. Merry Christmas Happy Holidays everyone!!

  42. mollie

    My least favorite things to chop are garlic and onions!

  43. Rachelle

    I hate chopping onions. I try to make my husband do it.

  44. Jennifer Harrell

    My least favorite thing to chop would be nuts. I don’t use onions, or I’d pick that. It seems I can’t chop nuts without them shooting across the room!

  45. Patricia Paul

    There is nothing that I do not enjoy chopping. I savor the smell of onions. I purchase different chopping boards, have my favorite knife. But I guess the most awkward are potatoes when I add them to a soup or stew. A Cuisinart would allow me to chop larger quantities and I might experiment with new recipes! Thank you!

  46. Lillian

    I am not a big fun of chopping pecans and other nuts. They’re a triple threat – they fly everywhere when the knife hits them, it’s next to impossible to get them a consistant size, and they are hard! I love to top a lot of foods with chopped nuts and I like to put pecans bits in my pie crusts, and a food processor would definitely help make that job a lot easier.

  47. Ali Asher

    Carrots for a salad. I don’t have a mandolin so I have to chop by hand, and pieces always fly around the kitchen!

  48. Joey

    Hands down, my favorite ingredient to chop is zucchini. Growing up, watching “Yan Can Cook” I was always marveled at how he didn’t lose a finger with his rapid knife skills. Maybe it’s the texture, maybe it’s the size of it, maybe it is just luck but zucchini is where I can channel my inner “Yan.”

  49. wendy

    As much as I love the taste and smell of onions…I have to agree onions are my least favorite to chop.
    I don’t have a Cuisinart, does that help? I’m assuming so! Good luck to us all and thank you for your generosity! Happy Holidays

  50. Amber

    I have to jump on the onion bandwagon. The tearing, burning, and not being able to use my bamboo cutting board because the odors seep in are my biggest issues with chopping onions.

  51. Heather

    Cranberries! I made cranberry relish for Thanksgiving at my parents’ home. I did not realize they didn’t have a food processor. If I win, I will be giving this to them!

  52. Cookin' Canuck

    Without a doubt, my least favorite item to chop is onions. The sight of mascara running down my cheeks as I do the “onion weep” is not pretty.

  53. Tasha

    I don’t really mind chopping anything, but I’d say the two that are the biggest nuisances would be garlic and carrots- both of which I use almost daily!

  54. Sarah H

    I hate mixing ground beef or ground turkey with my hands for meat loaf, burgers etc. I love using a food processor to do this but my small one is too small for our growing family. That’s why a 12 cup food processor is at the top of my Christmas list!

  55. Stacy D

    I don’t like chopping hot peppers, I always forget and touch my eyes…ouch!

  56. Marie Rossiter

    I’m not fond of chopping much of anything, because my knives are terrible and I always make such a mess of things! LOL. Maybe a food processor might help me out!

  57. Eileen Paterson

    Carrots are tough to chop. And, with a dull blade knife there is nothing worse!

  58. Aaron Greenberg

    Parsley…I usually don’t have a sharp enough knife

  59. Rachel

    Onions – but only if I forget to chill them before cutting. My eyes can’t handle it.

  60. Marie

    My least favorite thing to chop is carrots for carrot cake. It take FOREVER! This would help so much!

  61. Megan

    I don’t use our food processor enough – it’s ancient. Would LOVE a new one :)!!!!

  62. Sena Walsh

    I loath chopping jalapeños! My hands burn and I usually end up with the juice in my eyes and nose.

  63. Edith Loose

    I know that it may be silly, but my least favoris is cabbage. My kids won’t eat it if it isn’t shredded, and it’s a pain to get it uniform!

  64. Katie D

    parsnip. It’s difficult to grasp while it’s trying to nip my fingers.

  65. elena

    What a wonderful giveaway! Chopping onions is, hands down, my most unfavorite item to chop. I just can’t stand it! AND I use them almost daily in my cooking!

  66. Kristy

    Onions and garlic are my least favorite things to chop…mostly because I can still smell them on my hands hours later!

  67. Bob

    Walnuts for sure. I’d love to have the rapid fire action that you see on the Food Channels but cannot wield a knife like that without doing myself bodily harm. Since I bear no resemblance to Angelina Jolie in Mr and Mrs Smith, a Cuisinart is probably the best (and safest) alternative.


    My least favorite to chop is garlic, the smell stays in my hands for a long time.

  69. Karen

    I must say that my least favorite item to chop is chocolate!

  70. Nicole

    Onions, they make me cry every time. No matter how sweet and mild they are supposed to be.

  71. Jeff

    I am not too good with a knife … I don’t like chopping onions.

  72. ann mackenzie

    Cheese! Sticks to the knife :(. Also olives- I buy them cut and it’s such a waste of money!!

  73. teri

    Nuts and onions, just like lots of other folks.
    Pick me before I put someone’s eye out chopping nuts for the holidays!

  74. Shawna Crossman

    Seeing this, especially at the holiday season, reminds me of how much I hate to chop nuts and (strange as it is) candy canes! Love both for toppings on cookies and cupcakes but HATE to chop them.

  75. Christa Nolan

    My least favorite ingredient to chop is onions because I always cry! I pretty much hate cutting anything though! I’ve been wanting a food processor SO bad because there are so many great recipes that call for one! It makes life so much easier!

  76. Melody

    Carrots! They roll and are hard, so I always feel like they’re going to slip and I’ll cut myself.

  77. Terra

    Carrots for sure. They always fly off the cutting board. There’s just no way to chop them quickly without having carrots shooting allover the kitchen

  78. Dave Tyler

    My least favorite thing to chop are chives. I always seem to have a problem getting my knife to cut well.

  79. KarenP

    My least favorite thing to chop is fresh thyme – I hate stripping all those tiny leaves off the stems.

  80. Lindsay

    Herbs! I like them fine, but especially after you’ve washed them, it can be so hard to keep them from sticking to your knife

  81. Kia

    My least favorite ingredient to chop has to be tomatoes. I have some physical issues with my left hand (no joint in my left thumb so I can’t truly grasp things safely) which make holding things difficult, but tomatoes are the worst as they are small, difficult to hold onto the more you cut and the softness makes them harder to hold.

  82. Sharon

    I least favorite food to chop, would like most be onions, I always cry, and at times when wiping my ryes have gotten juice in them!! Ouch…you would think I would learn.

  83. Heather

    Garlic–though mostly for the peeling, not the chopping.

  84. Micaela

    LOL, my least favorite thing to chop is organ meats… I feed my dog raw food and she dislikes the texture of liver and/or kidney, so I grind them up in a processor to make them more palatable for her. *sigh*

  85. rachel

    My least favorite things to chop are garlic, cilantro, and potatoes.

  86. Rosie

    Pepper. It always ends up in my eye and burns forever. Yuck!

  87. Sarah C.

    Onions! Even cilantro doesn’t give me problems, not like onions do.

  88. Megan

    Onions! My eyes start watering and stinging instantly then my mascara runs into my eyes. I become a blind woman wielding a large knife!

  89. Erin OConnor Olson

    Graham crackers/ginger snaps for cheesecake crust!! It’s the worst…it takes forever and your arms get tired. If you put it in a bag to smash ..the bag or wrap winds up splitting.

  90. Karen Meyer

    Onions, I’ve never found a way to do it that doesn’t include Kleenex 🙂

  91. JLaw

    I think almonds are my favorite food to have chopped non-manually XD Too much potential for slippage and finger sliceage!

  92. notblueatall

    Butternut Squash! And I’m just dying to make some sweet Butternut pancakes…this would answer all of my prayers! <3

  93. Panya

    Almonds/peanuts! They jump all over the place & I end up with chunks & a bunch of powder.

  94. Elizabeth

    Carrots. I’ve nicked my fingers a few times doing those.

  95. Mariam

    My least favorite thing to chop is garlic. I love the flavor but not on my hands!

  96. Kristen

    Garlic is my least favorite thing to chop…and as a SAHM who cooks every meal for my family, I have to chop a ton of garlic. argh!! 🙂

  97. Anne

    Onions, for sure. I end up with little pieces everywhere! And carrots – they are too hard to chop with a knife.

  98. Dawnn

    Onions & Herbs! Onions because they go straight for my eyes…I’ve tried everything to stop the tearing up. And herbs because I am NOT skilled with a chef knife. I try to mince, and it comes out like a serious rough chop, everytime!

  99. dwan

    I don’t like chopping at all my knife skills aren’t that great and it annoys me when my pieces are not consistent in size 🙁

  100. bneill

    I hate chopping the ingredients for pico de gallo! Onions , peppers and cilantro!
    and my last processor died at the hands of pesto!

  101. Rachael L

    If I have to cut more than one of anything it becomes my least favorite to chop. My pieces start out all nice and uniform, then by the time I am done I have all shapes and sizes!!

  102. Lisa Bourassa

    Onions!! I hate chopping onions! My eyes burn and tear up :(.

  103. melanie

    least favorite item to chop? everything that goes into making salsa. i like to just throw it all in and hit go!

    actually i’d love to use this to make baby food for my little one. my food processor died and so i’ve been using an immersion blender. an interesting task for it!

  104. Barbi

    onions of course. mostly cause they leave my hands smelling oniony for several days.

  105. SuzyQ

    The deliciously sweet sun-dried tomato is my least favorite ingredient to chop. I love them, but dread having to chop them; they stick all over my knife, then I have to pull them off and separate them, making my fingers sticky and I have sun-dried tomato goo all over my knife!