White Chicken Pizza
In this house I know that anytime I make a pizza, it’s guaranteed that it will get eaten. Even if I screw it up, the mantra seems to be that there is no such thing as a bad pie. Only the “this is pretty darn good pizza, pass another slice please” pizza, the “thank you soooo much for making pizza mommy” pizza (trust me, dinner compliments from the six and under crowd are a rare treat, so this is the sign of a job well done), and the “Get your hand off that last slice, I called dibs and I’ll fight ya for it if I have to” kickin’ awesome pizza.

This pizza is of the third distinction. It’s a tomato free pizza loaded with chicken, fresh basil and fresh spinach. Trust me, you won’t miss the tomatoes. I’ve made it twice for my kids now and both times they gobbled it up like it was candy (it could also be that I bribed them with candy if they would eat a piece, but I would never (did I just say never?) do such a thing so we’ll pretend I didn’t just type that).

I made my own crust (my recipe’s here), but you can also use a pre-bought dough or pizza crust and it will still work just perfectly.



Julie Mastbrook runs an upbeat, witty food blog filled with recipes fit for all levels and all tastes. Her kids try everything she cooks, regardless of how crazy the end result, and they let her know whether it’s worthy of sharing on the Internet. Julie has a degree from the University of Wisconsin (go Badgers!) in Zoology and a master’s in Environmental Studies from the University of Colorado.

She loves, loves, loves to cook, eat and write, which makes food blogging a perfect outlet. Her recipes are a true representation of what her family eats on a weekly basis; real meals for real families with real taste-pleasing ingredients.

Recipe: White Chicken Pizza

  • Cook Time: 9 min(s)
  • Try this terrific tomato-free pizza loaded with chicken, fresh basil and fresh spinach.


    • 2 Small Chicken Breasts, Chopped Small
    • 2 Shallots, Chopped
    • 5 Cloves of Garlic, Minced
    • 2 Tbsp of Olive Oil
    • 1 Large Bunch of Basil, Chopped
    • 1 Large Handful (~ 1 Cup) of Fresh Spinach, Chopped
    • A Few Good Shakes of Salt and Pepper
    • 6-8 Oz. of the Pizza Cheese of your Choice (I used a fontina, parmesan, asiago, provolone mix)
    • 1 ball of homemade pizza dough (or a pkg. of store bought dough or pre-cooked crust)


    1. Throw your chicken, shallots, salt/pepper, and garlic in a skillet and cook them up on medium heat.
    2. Once they're cooked through, remove them from the heat. Roll out your dough and brush the olive oil across the top of your crust.
    3. After putting on the oil, grab your chicken mixture and spread it evenly across the top of the pizza. Pop the basil on top of that.
    4. Next up, the spinach.
    5. Finally you'll sprinkle your cheese across the top. Add as much or as little suits your fancy.
    6. Pop your finished pie into the oven set at 475 for about 9 minutes or until the cheese is bubbly and golden brown around the edges.
    7. Pull it out and give it a minute or two to set up. Serve it up with a little parmesan, oregano, and red pepper for sprinkling.

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    4 Responses to “White Chicken Pizza”

    1. 田辺先生

      Unsure why “:tomato-free” is a good thing…? One can easily smash ’em up or use tomoato paste if kids prefer not to have tomato chunks…! Tomato would add MUCH in the way of taste and nutrition… Chicken goes well with tomato, garlic, spinach and basil. Without garlic and tomato, this seems a bit blah. Tomato paste offers high nutrition. I’d never make white chili, white pizza, etc.

      • Joe Hay

        I’m sure people who can’t have tomato in their diets will appreciate this.

      • ctroutman

        it’s a white pizza..thanks for posting though. tomato is the odd man out on a spinach pie

    2. Kelley

      Tomato-free is a good thing because right now I cannot eat anything with high acidity, tomatoes included. Pizza also tastes better without tomato to me. Different strokes for different folks.