With Halloween just days away I know parents are looking for great food ideas aside from sugar laden treats we all know will be present at school and later on in the evening at neighborhood parties (before and after trick-or-treating). Staying within a holiday themed meal can be challenging if you’ve been tasked to bring something savory.

My quick and easy party food this year will be these Ghostly Mini Pita Pizzas. Easily made in about ten minutes, this kid-friendly food doubles as a fun culinary project most young kids can make on their own with little adult supervision.


Using store bought mini wheat pitas, marinara sauce, sliced mozzarella cheese, and olives, assembling these little pizzas only takes around five minutes. Since the pitas are already baked, actual baking time is reduced to about 4-5 minutes – just long enough for the cheese to melt. My daughter Mimi loves cutting the cheese into ghostly shapes, always being mindful to use any leftover pieces to make arms and in some cases patching the pieces together to make a new ghost on a new pita.

These pizzas make a great snack, meal, or party platter contribution. Kids and grown-ups alike will love this fun food. The only thing ghostly about these pizzas are how fast they will disappear from the table! Enjoy!


Recipe: Ghostly Mini Pita Pizza Recipe

  • Prep Time: 6 min(s)
  • Cook Time: 4 min(s)
  • Total Time: 10 min(s)
  • Servings: 12 mini pizzas

A quick and easy mini pita pizza recipe kids love and is perfect for Halloween parties. Using cheese slices cut in shapes of ghosts and chopped olives for the eyes and mouth, these mini pizzas are healthy and make a great savory snack.


    1 12-pack package wheat mini pitas
    1 cup prepared marinara sauce
    8 (sandwich) mozzarella slices
    2 tablespoons sliced olives


    Preheat the oven to 450 degrees F.
    Arrange pitas in a single layer on two baking sheets.
    Spread a layer using approximately one tablespoon of marinara sauce on top of each pita.
    Cut or tear cheese slices into various ghostly shapes. Any scraps can be used to make ghost arms.
    Cut the sliced olives into smaller pieces to make ghost eyes and mouths.
    Place the olives on each pita to make a ghost face.
    Bake the pitas in the oven for 4-5 minutes until the cheese is melted and bubbly.
    Serve warm or at room temperature.

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