cottage-cheesecakeIf the thought of making a homemade cheesecake makes you nervous, you’re going to like this very simple and delicious recipe I’m going to share with you. You will never be intimidated again by this popular dessert. People are afraid to make cheesecake from scratch after they hear the stories of tops cracking or browning, or the need to bake the cheesecake in a water bath. I won’t lie – cracking and browning can and do happen. However, they happen very rarely.

Today I’m sharing an Italian cheesecake recipe made with cottage cheese and Greek yogurt instead of ricotta and cream cheese. Cottage cheese, when blended, makes a great substitute in most recipes calling for ricotta. It looks the same and has a bit more tang. Greek yogurt adds a nice creamy richness to the cheesecake making this recipe lighter in calories and lower in fat. Especially compared to a New York style cheesecake most people are accustomed to, which calls for cream cheese, sour cream, and heavy cream.

Do not let these ingredients derail you from trying this rich, dense, and delicious dessert that tastes as good as one made with cream cheese. It is made in a 9×13 dish and does not need a water bath.

In this recipe the cheesecake filling can be made in a blender (great opportunity for your kids to help). The way I like to make my cheesecake filling is by adding the ingredients to a blender, blending until the filling is smooth. I then pour it into the baking dish that my crust has already been pre-baked. Then just bake and cool – no water bath. You can serve the cheesecake as is or top it off with a dollop of Greek yogurt that has been lightly sweetened and some fresh fruit.

Once you make a homemade cheesecake there is no going back to store-bought.



Recipe: Easy Italian Cheesecake Recipe

  • Prep Time: 10 min(s)
  • Cook Time: 45 min(s)
  • Total Time: 55 min(s)
  • Servings: 15

Made with cottage cheese and Greek yogurt, this cheesecake is rich, dense, and creamy with less calories and fat than traditional cheesecake.



    1 ½ cups crushed graham cracker crumbs

    6 tablespoons melted butter or coconut oil

    ¼ cup sugar



    3 cups low-fat 2% cottage cheese

    2 cups non-fat plain Greek yogurt

    4 eggs

    1 ¼ cup sugar

    ¼ cup flour

    Zest from one lemon

    2-3 teaspoons fresh lemon juice

    2 teaspoons vanilla extract



    Spray a 9x13 casserole dish with non-stick spray. Bake for 8 minutes in a 350 degrees F. preheated oven. Allow the crust to cool on the counter while making the cheesecake filling.


    Add the cottage cheese, yogurt, eggs, and sugar to a blender or food processor. Blend or pulsate until the filling is smooth like cake batter. Add the flour, zest, lemon juice, and vanilla extract. Blend again until smooth.

    Pour the filling into the prepared dish and bake for 60 minutes or until the center of the cheesecake is not jiggly. Carefully touch the center of the cheesecake. The texture should feel soft but firm to touch. If the center feels like liquid, continue to cook the cheesecake for 10 more minutes and check again.

    Allow the cheesecake to cool completely on the counter and refrigerator for at least 6 hours or overnight before serving.

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4 Responses to “Easy Italian Cheesecake Recipe”

  1. Quenta Lopez

    i have 9 years old (seriously) and this is a great pick for that i can use it in masterchef junior next month, or will it? thank you

  2. Diane

    This does sound easy and is very similar to the Great Dinners from Life recipe that I’ve followed for about 50 years–one pound each of cottage cheese, cream cheese, and sour cream. Your recipe doesn’t have instructions for crushing the crackers and lining the pan for new bakers.

  3. Karin Przybilski

    This is the greatest cheesecake in the world. I cooked up some frozen strawberries and made a sauce for the topping. The taste is awesome!!! <3 🙂

  4. Susan Kozloff

    I used walkers shortbread cookies for the crust and cut down butter to about 4 tbls. Didn’t add lemon juice and added an extra tsp of vanilla instead. Served with strawberries and blueberries. Amazing!