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Meet the Lunch Lab Characters

Professor Fizzy:

 Professor Fizzy Our Host and Hero Meet Professor Fizzy, the Lunch Lab’s funny and fabulous host. Warm, engaging, and just a little bit scatter-brained, Fizzy is an energetic culinary genius who loves to educate kids and families about the importance of nutrition, physical activity, and a good laugh. Professor Fizzy holds doctoral degrees in food science, nutrition, and rocket building. Rumor has it that he minored in telling old jokes.

Fast Food Freddy:

 Fast Food Freddy Grease-monger Fast Food Freddy is Fizzy’s (and every healthy eater’s) nemesis, and the creator of the high-calorie, fast food theme park, Greasy World. This oily-but-I-wouldn’t call-him-slick character always shows up uninvited to try and push his latest sugary, fatty, oily, super-sized creations on the Lunch Lab kids.


Mixie Bot Best.Kitchen.Gadget.Ever. Mixie-Bot is Fizzy’s first-ever invention and trusty (not rusty) sidekick. A supremely organized little helper-bot, Mixie has dozens of kitchen appliances and gadgets built in, always ready to lend a helping hand and make up for Fizzy’s absent-minded lapses.


Sully Anatomy & Physiology Friend Sully the Cell is a personal guide to the anatomy of the human body. With the gusto of a big-city cabdriver, he’s not afraid to give us an up-close-and-personal tour of our organs and other body systems, showing us how they work in harmony to keep us running, playing, and most importantly, laughing.


Corporal Cup Mathematics Toughie Corporal Cup is in charge of the ingredients in the Lunch Lab recipes, and she takes her job seriously – barking out orders to marching utensils, robots, and human helpers like a tough drill sergeant. Corporal Cup also demonstrates simple math principles while helping to create the Lunch Lab’s delicious dishes. (She’s also in charge of clean-up.)


Henry and Avril Fizzy’s Helping Hands Fizzy's friendly children assistants join him everyday after-school to help him test (and taste) his newest recipes. Without their assistance, Fizzy’s recipes wouldn’t be so delicious and kid-friendly.


Freezer Burn Rock n' Roll Reinforcement Get ready to listen to the sweet sounds of the Lunch Lab’s house band, Freezer Burn. Led by the very cool Berry Popsicle, each Freezer Burn song teaches us about rock star foods (like fruits and veggies), where they come from, and the different ways in which you can make healthy choices every day.

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