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TV Credits

Devon Cody
Head Writer
Ken Scarborough
Executive Producers
Carol Greenwald
Chris Bartleman
Blair Peters
Character Designer
Greg McConnell
Character & Prop Color Artist
Naomi Eunjeong Kim
Location Color Artist
Kellie deVries
Storyboard Supervisor
Jason Horychun
Storyboard Revisionists
Steve Geeves
Lih Liau
Mike West
Online Editor
Tom Harris
Tin Ma
Miran McDaniel
Dave Wong
Key/Pose Artists
Caroline Alaire
Johnny Castuciano
Paul Chui
Kristen Dingman
Steve Geeves
Korik Jones
Ian Milne
Michael Moore
Yoosik Oum
Jeremy Tin
Josiah Vanderham
Dominic Vosser
David Wiebe
Ted Wilson
Production Manager
Jennifer Korba-Gill
Animation Coordinator
Adam Fink
Dallas Parker
Based on the Martha books by
Susan Meddaugh
Art Director
Colleen Holub
Location Designer
Chris Mizzoni
Prop Designers
Ian Bartolo
Mark Robinson
Design Cleanup
Justine Pulles
Layout Supervisor
Phil Caesar
Layout Assistant
Alexandra Jones
Offline Editor
Colleen Holub
Builds Supervisor
Eric Chow
Key/Pose Supervisors
Tin Ma
Craig Roberts
Animation Directors
John Cantlie
Jayron Zolfaghari
Animation Revisionists
Edgar Bridwell
Graeme MacDonald
Simon Streatfeild
Nabie-Ah Yousuf
AFX Artist
Michelle Clement
Maya Artist
Andrew Hogan
Design Coordinator
Brian Hulme
Post Production Coordinator
Jennifer Korba-Gill


Project Director
Karen Barss
Coordinating Producer
Betsy Gartrell
Developed for Television by
Ken Scarborough

Voice Director
Terry Klassen
Featured Voice Performers
Tabitha St. Germain
Brian Drummond
Cedric Payne
Kathleen Barr
Terry Klassen
Nicole Oliver
Eli Gabay
Lee Tockar
Madeleine Peters
Alex Ferris
Michelle Creber
Vanesa Tomasino
Regan Oey
Colin Murdock
Matt Hill
Laara Sadiq
Technical Staff
Alvin Sunga
Niño Sta Ana
Jason Matala
Music & Theme Song by
Daniel Ingram
Theme Song Lyrics by
Ken Scarborough
Theme Song Produced by
Hal Foxton Beckett
Theme Song Performed by
Robert Wilson
Dialogue Recording
Dick & Roger's Sound Studio
Recording Engineer
Adam McGhie
Audio Post Production & Mix
Dick & Roger's Sound Studio
Sound Editors
Todd Araki
Marcel Duperreault
Jason Fredrickson
Kirk Furniss
Adam McGhie
Roger Monk, CAS
Re-Recording Mixers
Marcel Duperreault
Todd Araki
Foley Artists
Ian Mackie
Don Harrison
Foley Recordist
Rick Senechal
Content Director
Rebecca Silverman
Production Coordinator
Caroline Bandolik
Voice Casting & Production
Voicebox Productions Inc.
Production Assistant
Gina Silvestrini
Assist Animation Services Provided by
Top Draw Animation Inc.
Top Draw Animation Directors
Francisco "Isko" Cadalin Rodolfo "Odi" Lopez
Layout Supervisor
Pamboy Meneses
Background Supervisor
Hubert Vitug
Production Management
Othel Salinas
Lanie Manapsal
Mike Nasayao
Mila Delos Santos
Assist Artists
Larry Lopez
Patrick Arguelles
Aries Anonical
Jeffrey Pamplona
Reywen Lumibao
Olive Pasalo
Ronald Dy
Mike Suiza
Jasmin Degayo
Phil Fabros
Simon Givenchy Loredo
Reynante Naño
Teresita Asiatico
Rey Mirabelles
Ryann Sy
Jaeson Jalina
Jun Taupa
Edmundo Orbita
Noriel Castillo
Jay Huerta
Ramil Sim
Leo Divina
Jan Michael Melejor
Michael Gallos
Abraham Roque
Jasteen Calmante
Jaime Castillo Jr
Marlon  Yniguez
Dennis Manalo
Melchor Bañez
Cathy Gamboa
Rey San Juan
Froilan Lumibao
Kevin Raymundo
Jason Batronel
Romy Soria


Vice President
Kirsten Newlands
Production Legal
Sarah Tarry
Director of Marketing
Anthony Jiwa
IT Manager
Zorion Terrell
Head of Production
Chantal Hennessey
Production Finance
Steven Thibault
Production Accountant
Rebecca Guo
Technical Support
Danyul Carmichael
Mark Lin


Executive in Charge
Brigid Sullivan
Creative Producers
Susan Meddaugh
Ken Scarborough
Coordinating Producer
Paul Higgins
Spanish Consultant
Adriana Bauza
Mimi Curran
Walter Gadecki
National Marketing
Jessica Hartzell
Kate Hathaway
Peter Panagopolous
Mike Wood
Legal & Business Affairs
Karen Baseman
Jeff Garmel
Educational Advisors
Andrew Biemiller
Michael Graves
Patricia Kelly
Linda Kucan
Mariela Paez
Catherine Snow
Business Manager
Heidi Hamparian
Station Relations
Toanya Kesse
Amy Zall
Educational Outreach
Deborah Freeman
Mary Haggerty
Cyrisse Jaffee
Megan Smallidge

Based on the Martha books, published by Houghton Mifflin Books for Children.

Martha Speaks s a production of WGBH Boston and Studio B Productions Inc.

Legal Services Provided by
Heenan Blaikie LLP
Carol Horn
Sarah Tarry

Produced with the participation of the Province of British Columbia Film Incentive BC & The Canadian Film or Video Production Tax Credit.

This property is protected under the laws of Canada, the United States and other countries. Any unauthorized reproduction, distribution, or other use of this film in whole or in part including the sound track will result in civil and/or criminal liability.

This is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to places or characters and persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.

© 2019 WGBH Educational Foundation. All rights reserved.

"MARTHA" and all associated characters and underlying materials (including artwork) from the "MARTHA" books are trademarks of and copyrights of Susan Meddaugh and used by permission under license.