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Using the Site

Web Site Summary

Martha's site has lots of fun stuff to do. It also helps kids learn new words, just like the TV show. Martha and her friends teach vocabulary in two ways: by using the words in context, and by telling kids what the words mean. On the Martha Speaks Web site, kids learn by doing. When they hear words, they have to understand them and use them to play the games well. Of course, Martha will make sure they're having fun at the same time!

The goal is to teach oral vocabulary (hearing and speaking words), not reading or writing them. So the kids' site lets kids (and adults) play the games and use the site without reading. This means kids can play on the site without a parent. But don't forget, it's also fun to play with someone else -- a friend, a brother or sister, or Mom, Dad, or other caregiver.

To find out more about each game or area, visit the Site Tour.

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Tips for Using the Site

Turn on your speakers

Martha loves to talk! She talks on her Web site as much as she does on the show. You need to hear the words she says in order to play the games so make sure your speakers are turned on and the room is quiet enough to hear her.

Give your kid the mouse

All the games and videos in the kids' area of the site are made for kids to use on their own. Let your kids be in charge. Help a little if they don't know what to do, but let them choose where to go and how long to stay.

Stay involved

Kids can do everything on the site by themselves, but that doesn't mean they should. Parents, siblings, friends, and anyone else can play too! Watch the videos together, try printables and offline activities, and participate while your kids play the games. Sharing the fun will give you lots to talk about, which is a great chance to use new words.

Play every day

Okay, it doesn't have to be EVERY day. But using the Martha Speaks site a lot is a great way to learn new words and hear them many times which helps kids learn. Repetition is very useful!

Take Martha offline

There's a lot for kids to do and learn on the Web site, but they need your help, too. Notice which words kids hear on the site, and try to use them yourselves. Kids will learn best by saying the words. To get started, here are lots of activities you can do with your kids and their friends.

Got a problem?

If a game won't work or the site doesn't look right, check out our Technical Help. You need the Flash 9 plug-in (or later) on your computer to play all the games.

a lap top computer with martha on the screen
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