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Meet the Characters


Nature Cat is a cat who fancies himself a dashing, swashbuckling explorer who can’t wait to get outside for a day of backyard nature excursions! A passionate and curious feline, Nature Cat 
is a great friend who would do anything for his pals; he’s always ready to show them an amazing time out in nature.


This slobbery, disheveled, rambunctious family dog plunges headlong through life -- running through puddles, digging up mud, and sniffing things that make Nature Cat shudder! He’s not the deepest thinker but is so optimistic he sees the good in everything.


Squeeks is a daring, fearless nature explorer, moving through the world relying more
on her instincts than her experience and knowledge. This mouse shows kids that no matter your size or age, you can always help out and make a difference.


This is one wired-in rabbit! As a gadget lover, Daisy illustrates how technology can be helpful when out in nature -- recording bird calls to help identify a particular bird or using the compass app to show which direction to go. Daisy asks A LOT of questions, and often weighs the options of anything and everything.


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