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Makin' Tracks With Paint


Have children make their own tracks to compare with friends, your pet, or one of the Nature Cat gang! Using paint, crayons or play dough, they can make nature tracks to create an artistic masterpiece.



Non-toxic, washable paint (e.g. washable finger paint)
Shallow containers
Colored paper pieces, or roll of paper (if you want to make a path of tracks)

1. Lay your paper on a flat surface on the ground and place something, such as a rock, on each of the four corners.
2. Dip your feet into the paint and walk, skipp or hop across the paper.
3. Wash off your feet!
4. Add your handprints to the paper.

Makin' Tracks With Playdough


Play dough
Rolling pin
Washable paint and paintbrush (optional)


1. Make two balls of play dough.
2. Roll out each dough ball on a flat surfice until it is a little bit bigger than your foot.
3. Press your hand into one piece of the dough.
4. Repeat with a food (or a patient pet).
5. Let it dry and add some color with paint.

Makin' Tracks With Crayons
Crayons or markers
Colored paper pieces
Poster board (if you want to make a collage of tracks)
Safety scissors
Tape or glue


1. Trace your hand with the crayon.
2. Switch places and trace your foot.
3. Color in the tracks.
4. Add Nature Cat, Squeeks, Hal and Daisy's footprints to your masterpiece.

Talk About It

All tracks are unique. Have your child take a closer look at the tracks they just made. Compare with a friend's, family member's, or a pet's -- how are the tracks similar? How are they different?

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