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"¡Puedo!: I Can!”


In the video “Making a Splash” Noah tries to take swimming lessons, but ends up water skiing instead! When Brisa invites Noah and Nell to join her at “la piscina” or pool on a hot day, Noah gets nervous because he can’t swim. He asks the pool manager where to get swimming lessons, but the manager only speaks Spanish and doesn’t understand what Noah asks. He sends Noah to the dock, where he ends up joining a group of water skiers on open water! Good thing he learned the Spanish words for “I can swim” and “I can’t swim” to get him out of his mess. In this activity, children will play a fun “¡Puedo!: I can!” game and do other hands-on activities to learn new Spanish vocabulary.




¡Puedo!: I can!” Activity

In this group activity, you and your children (or your child and his/her friends) will play a game to review various Spanish verbs and the phrases “puedo” (I can) and “no puedo” (I can’t) from the video “Making a Splash.”

Using the Spanish verb flashcards, go over what each word means. Have the children use the pictures as a clue to the words’ meaning. Also review the terms “puedo” and “no puedo.”

Place the cards in a container or hat. The leader of the activity should pick a card and say “¡Puedo [insert verb]!” to the children. If children need help remembering the meaning of the verb, show the pictures as a clue.

Then children should act out the action verb until the leader says “¡No puedo [insert verb]!” at which point they fall “abajo” (down) to the floor.

I Can: Writing and Drawing Activity


In this activity, you and your child will do a writing and drawing activity to learn Spanish verbs and review the phrases “puedo” (I can) and “no puedo” (I can’t) from the video “Making a Splash.”

Have a discussion with your child about something he/she can do and something he/she cannot yet do but want to learn. For instance, your child might be able to jump or skip but not yet swim or ski.
Print the “¡Puedo!: I can!” handout and have your child complete the simple sentence “Puedo _____.” and “No puedo ______.” with Spanish verbs. Then, he/she can illustrate the sentences.
Use the verb flashcards and translators or dictionaries to look up the Spanish verbs needed to complete your child’s sentences.

Take It Further:

  • Musical Writing. Watch the new Oh Noah! “I Can Swim” music video. Have your children write different lyrics to the song with new action verbs. Use the lyrics handout below as a guide. Then sing and act out their new lyrics like Noah and Nell do in the music video.
  • Freeze Dance. Play the freeze dance game using the Oh Noah! “I Can Swim” music video. Instead of dancing, have your child pretend to swim (“nadar") like Noah. You can also have your child sing his/her new lyrics and move like the different verbs he/she chose until the music stops!
  • Finger Puppets. Have your child cut and color the Oh Noah! finger puppets. Then, have your child act out what he/she can/cannot do yet with the finger puppets. You can also use the finger puppets to act out what happens in the “Making a Splash” webisode or create your own stories with them.
  • Feelings Talk. Have a discussion with your child about how Noah felt when his friends asked him to go to the pool when he couldn’t swim and how he felt after he learned to swim. Talk about how it makes your child feel when he/she can and can’t do something. What can help him/her learn how to do a new thing?

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