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Parents and Families

Help your child learn Spanish with Oh Noah! You'll find a range of ideas and materials here, including:

Here's what you'll find on the Oh Noah! site on PBS KIDS:

Interactive Videos

Oh Noah! is designed as a series of interactive videos featuring Noah’s animated misadventures with embedded games to introduce and reinforce vocabulary learning.

  • To access the interactive videos, click on Games, then select Games in Videos.
  • Each interactive video features two scenes designed for virtual vocabulary exploration. At two points, the video will pause and invite players to take a Match It challenge in which they can learn a set of vocabulary words, then play a Concentration-style matching game involving those words. Players can choose to take the challenge, or return to the video without playing.
  • After players complete each Match It challenge, the animated story continues. At the end of the videos, a menu screen appears that allows kids to choose from the two Match It challenges they’ve already encountered, plus two new games – Word Race and You Catch It, You Keep It – which reinforce the same vocabulary words explored in the Match It games.

The arcade-style action of the games should be familiar to children. Players already will be comfortable with the dynamics of the game, allowing them to focus on the language.

Videos Without Games

To watch the animated Oh Noah! stories without the interactive games, go to the Videos page. (On Flash-enabled browsers, make sure to select the tab labeled “Videos.”)


To play Match It, Word Race, and You Catch It, You Keep It without viewing the videos, you may access stand-alone versions on the Games page, where the games are organized by category/webisode.

Match It
Players first explore a scene with items that Coco pronounces in Spanish when kids rollover them. Next, a row of cards appears. Each card features a picture of one of the items from the previous page. A second row of cards features the Spanish names, pronounced by Coco when kids click on them. Players make a match by first clicking on a rollover item, and then on the correct Spanish name. The goal is to make all five matches as quickly as possible in a race against the clock.

You Catch It, You Keep It
Pequeño is at the bottom of the screen wearing a baseball glove. Using the arrow keys on the computer, the player directs Pequeño’s movements to catch the object falling from the sky that Coco names in Spanish, which also appears in written form. The goal is to catch all the items in a given round before three misses.

Word Race
This game puts the player in the driver’s seat. Players must drive their race car to pick up items on the road that are announced in Spanish. Each item correctly collected earns points. The goal is to pick up as many correct items before time runs out!

Lost and Found

In this immersive language-learning quest game, players join Noah and Nell on an interactive scavenger hunt. Players select from two possible quests – picnic or pool party – and are prompted to help Coco locate objects she lost. The catch is, Coco can only say the objects in Spanish. Players must seek help from friends and neighbors to decipher Spanish words and locate the missing objects. They also encounter a series of fun mini-games along the way.

How Do You Say?
In addition, the website includes an interactive game called How Do You Say…? that introduces common Spanish phrases like “Happy birthday!” and “Nice to meet you.” Four drawings are shown with accompanying Spanish phrases. When players rollover the drawings, they hear the pronunciation. Next, kids are presented with individual drawings and must select the appropriate phrase that matches. After making a series of four correct matches, kids may print out a black and white page of the four illustrations to color, turn into flash cards, or combine with other sheets to create a phrase booklet. (Available only on Flash-enabled browsers.)

Curtain Up!
Curtain Up! is an open-ended introduction to digital storytelling. The player creates a whimsical stage narrative by choosing sets, props, actors, music, and a title that triggers the payoff – an animated sequence with sound.

Noah’s Adventure
“Noah’s Adventure” uses board game conventions as a springboard for a journey to places Noah visits in the videos. While playing different mini-games deep in the jungle or high in the clouds, players learn the Spanish names of objects on word stickers. (Available only on Flash-enabled browsers.)


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